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Found 7 results

  1. The new Mortal Realms magazine will be released next week and I thought it deserves a thread despite being available UK and Spain only. More details: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/11/20/enter-the-mortal-realms-in-2020/ https://www.warhammermortalrealms.com/ Did anybody subscribe to the regular or premium subscription yet? Or do you order individual issues via Forbidden Planet? How long do you think single issues will be available? Only the week they are released?
  2. Continuing on from my last post the next unit from the Mortal Realms magazine has been completed: Castigators provide ranged support in a Sacrosanct army, very much counterparts to the Judicators in a strike chamber. That said the opinion of their performance on the battlefield according to the internet is lukewarm at best.... Still, the units was good fun to paint with alot of detail on the models allowing for a bit of variation from the scheme I used for the Sequitors. Being as these are the easy to build miniatures that I got through multiple copies of the magazine there's a fair amount of repetition on the poses. The latest issue though contains some multipart Castigators I think, so once I get round to assembling the 4 of them I should add some variety that way whilst also rounding out the unit to 12 in total. Realistically I can't see myself fielding more that 1 unit of 6 in my future lists, possibly as part of a hailstorm battery but it's nice to have the option if I ever do decide to go infantry heavy! Anyway, with these 8 completed this brings the tally up to: Mortal Realms - Stormcast Tally of Completion! 6 x Sequitors - COMPLETED 8 x Castigators - COMPLETED 1 x Gryphound - ASSEMBLED & UNDERCOATED 1 x Knight Incantor - ASSEMBLED & UNDERCOATED 1 x Celestar Ballista - ASSEMBLED & UNDERCOATED 1 x Knight Questor - ON SPRUE I need to revisit this tally business at some point, perhaps tracking completion against what I should have from the magazine as opposed to what I actually have. If only to make myself believe I'm keeping up with release schedule a bit! In anycase, after painting all that infantry (I know it's only 14 models but that's alot for me!) I figure I'll reward myself by painting a character next to lead my erstwhile band: This is my as yet unamed Knight-Incantor with some base colours on so far. Hopefully if i can keep up the progress here and there as I did with the Castigators I'll have her done by the end of June, that's the aim anyway.....
  3. Mortal Realms - Progress 4 - Castigators Progress continues to be made in clearing the back log of Stormcast from the mortal realms magazine. The next delivery lands any day now so it's all hands to the pump so to speak. I've pretty much put the base colours on the collection of Castigators I've got. Now the eagle eyed amongst you will have picked up on the fact that by issue 10 (the issue I'm currently up to on deliveries), I should only have 5 Castigators, whereas I have 8. Either way the extra ones dont help too much as the units are taken in multiples of 3 in matched play anyway. More so I remember going forward the base colours on these are as follows: Armour - Screamer Pink Robes - Wraithbone Tabbards - Caliban Green Greatbows - Boltgun metal, Retributor gold and Abbadon black Armour trim - Retributor Gold Its onto the washes next, which I've already started on the robes using Agrax Earthshade. These are also the colours used on the Sequitors I completed the other day and I'll make a full list once the Castigators are done. Again, mainly so I don't forget in the future in case I get distracted by some other project! There's another 2 Castigators to come in a later issue of Mortal Realms (Issue 15?), so if I can get two copies of that I'll have an even 12 Castigators, enough for two units of 6 which appeals to the collector in me even if they're not in a great place rules wise about now. Here's a photo of the progress on the 8 of them so far, with the backdrop provided by the Amazon box I'm currently using to store them and all the paints for them:
  4. So I've completed my first unit of Sequitors with Stormsmite mauls and a couple of great maces to lay the smackdown on the bigger gribblies out there. I've got no real backstory for these guys except that they're Astral Templars, so probably hunting something. As members of the Sacrosanct chamber that might take the form of a troublesome endless spell, or maybe even an escaped Stormcast soul from Azyr! Who knows, I need to do some reading up on these guys at some point so maybe I'll get some ideas then. .. In anycase next I've got 7 Castigators primed and ready to go now for painting, to provide some ranged competition for these guys!
  5. So the first delivery of the Mortal realms magazine has come. I'm splitting this with a friend and will be painting the Stormcast half whilst he has the Nighthaunt. Between us we actually got two copies of the first 3 issues so that gives me 6 Sequitors, 6 castigators and 2 Gryphounds to paint. The aim is to try and stay on top of the deliveries by painting what comes before the next one arrives. At my usual pace of painting that's going to be hard. In any case, here's the progress so far: These are being painted as Astral Templars, Stormcast hailing from the Realm of Ghurr (Beasts). Still got a few stages to go on these before they're done. I've also since got a few more of these and need to vary up the poses a bit otherwise I'll have an army of clones! Then it's onto the Castigators.
  6. I think it would be really cool if everyone built a kind of database for all the mortal realms including everything we can think of: so novels, battletomes, even a few made up ones...(shhh) So here're my examples: Name Realm Description Uzalith Ulgu Tzeentch library-city, known location of El'an'zeth, The Ninefold Promise The Crawling City Ghur City situated on the back of a giant worm The Sky-Roads Chamon Multiple roads of metal in the sky, home of the Olwyr Alfrostun Flamescar Plateau Aqshy Fire-ridden plain, known whereabouts of Khorgus Khul Any more ideas please post!!!
  7. You've found your entry in the Mortal Realms podcast! Listen to it here in the forums or find it at mortalrealms.podbean.com, iTunes, RSS, and your favorite podcast app. You can Watch us at YouTube.com/c/MortalRealms Each episode we take a trip through a Realmgate and land in one of the 9 realms (8 mortal, 1 chaos) to bring you stories, battle plans and hobby from that realm. We have been following the journey through the novels in sequence so even if you are just getting into Age of Sigmar you can start with our first episodes and get up to speed in no time. In the Community Phase we highlight news and events that are significant to the AoS community. In the Story Phase we delve into the stories, characters, creatures and environments of the 9 Realms. In the Hero Phase we turn our attention to forging new players who want to get started in the Age of Sigmar. In the Hobby Phase we stoke the flame of creativity for hobbyists and find shortcuts and easy entry points for new gamers. In the Campaign Phase we explore how the plastic hits the table. Rules, scenarios. new tactics and narrative campaigns. Hosts from across the realms: Eric (@StoneMonkGamer) Davy (@Red_Zeke) Aaron (@ABohler) Paul (@PJSchard) Mal - Episodes 001-005 Episode Guide: Episode 001: Age of Sigmar Introduction - Community Phase Episode 002: Starter Box Review Episode 003: War Storm (part 1) - Story Phase - Aqshy, Hammers of Sigmar, Khorne Episode 004: War Storm (part 2) - Story Phase - Ghyran, Hallowed Knights, Nurgle Episode 005: Ghal Maraz - Story Phase - Chamon, Celestial Vindicators, Tzeentch Episode 006: Prisoner of the Black Sun, Sands of Blood, Lords of Helstone, Bridge of Seven Sorrows - Story Phase - Shyish, Hallowed Knights, Khorne, Undead Episode 007: Battletome: Everchosen - Story Phase - All-Gates, Archaon Episode 008: Wardens of the Everqueen - Story Phase - Ghyran, Hallowed Knights, Nurgle Episode 009: Warbeast - Story Phase - Ghur, Celestial Vindicators, Knights Excelsior, Free People, Skaven, Nurgle Episode 010: Godbeast - Story Phase - Aqshy, Ghyran, Ghur, Chamon Episode 011: 1 Year Review - Community Phase Episode 012: Holy Havoc 2016 - Campaign Phase Episode 013: All-Gates - Story Phase - Realmgate Wars Finale Episode 014: City of Secrets - Story Phase - Ghur, Adventuring Party; Witch Hunter, Free People, Stormcast, Acolytes of Tzeentch Episode 015: Coalescence Global Narrative Event - Campaign Phase Episode 016: Plague Garden - Story Phase - Realm of Nurgle, Hallowed Knights Episode 017: Renown & Ruin - Campaign Phase - Homebrew Skirmish Campaign Episode 018: Spear of Shadows - Story Phase - Ghur, Adventuring Party; Ironweld, Free People, Devoted, Fyreslayer, Vampire, Overlords, Khorne, Tzeentch, Skaven, Spiderfang Grots Episode 019: Warhammer Heroes - Community Phase Episode 020: Hammerhal - Story Phas - Ghyran, Hallowed Knights, Adventuring Party. Minisode 001: Waaaghpaca 2016 - Event Coverage - Campaign Phase Minisode 002: Season of War - GW Global Campaign - Campaign Phase Minisode 003: Kidshammer w/ Stephen Duall - Hero Phase
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