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Found 15 results

  1. Just thought I'd set up a page for the Shardsfall Ruleset. So you can post up warbands, let me know what you think of the rules which were very inspired the Hinterlands rules by bottle, and the Mordheim rules of old. Im currently working on an expanded exploration chart, as well as warbands like the old Mordheim warbands (mainly due to the massive changes to Warhammer/AoS) though these may not neccessarily be needed. Hope you all enjoy the rules, let me know if you have any suggestions! Useful Links My thanks to bottle for the Shardsfall Banner
  2. Hi everyone, I am retiring Hinterlands for the time being now that we have not only the fantastic AoS Skirmish but also lots of exciting fan made content being made for it too. I would like to thank everyone who supported this project, helped it grow and gave feedback along the way. The AoS community is really one of the best things about this game and why I love this hobby so much . Who knows if Hinterlands will ever come back, but for the moment I am going to keep it on the down-low. Doesn't mean you won't still be seeing me around here though . Cheers, bottle.
  3. Hey guys! For the past year, like many others I've been working intensely on bringing over the much beloved Mordheim game over to the Age of Sigmar system. Thanks to the release of the new AoS skirmish game in this month's White Dwarf, I've had to make a few adjustments on how how convert hire costs to the latest renown system. With that however, I finally decided to compile everything I have and start to make warscrolls of Mordheim units that can't be found in AoS. So far I'm posting two Amazonian units, I'd love to get a gut check on how I did in terms of the stats and conversion of mechanics. Normally warscrolls don't display point values so I'll put them here. The Champion is weighted at 80 points, while the Warriors are weighted at 130 points per unit of 10. Thanks for reading!
  4. Hello alltogether, I am reading a lot in TGA forum, but I have not commented to much. I am a nearly 20 year Mordheim veteran and I really love the new AoS rules. So I am working to make the Skirmish rules work to give the players a little bit the Mordheim flavor. I really liked Hinterlands and AoS28 rules, I took what I liked from both sets, tested them in a lot of games and tweaked the rules. Finally I came to the outcome, that heroes and models with a lot of wounds are too dominant. So in my variant there are only models with 2 wounds and max 20 points cost ( exception 25 points for the leader) allowed. I took the levelup rules from Mordheim and tweaked those and of course I also used the injury tables. I also loved the Skirmish rules of the malign sorcery set and I introduced command skills for the new type of heroes. I took over the skill rules of AoS 28, because I liked them. The battle plans I took from AoS28 and Hinterlands, I also are working on taking over the Mordheim scenarios. I wrote those rules for the AoS campaign in our club. Dammstadt is a city in Ghur, which was destroyed during the necroquake. A new realmgate to shyish appeared and the ruins are searched by warbands to find realm stone I do not have a nice layout, but I like to share the rules with you and look forward to you input. If someone can share with me, how to generate a nice layout, I would be happy. I also attach the maps from the campaign and the Dammstadt ruins. The last one is a modified map of a Mordheim map I found in the net ( not the one from Mordheim skirmish game) https://c.web.de/@337566454176029657/bAJ-Y-JLRwmjvywXhtUkAQ
  5. Version 4.1.


    This is the Mordheim rules adaptation for Age of Sigmar I made for our gaming group. Feedback is appreciated! Enjoy!
  6. Let's try one of these plog things. Mainly because I have 13 weeks to paint myself an entire Stormcast Eternals army - the magic number being 43 models for the list I plan to use - from scratch, to use in an upcoming tournament. I've had the models and bits for it lying around for a while, since, well... when the game launched, everyone sort of bought the box and I had this really awesome conversion idea for them. But then I did something else instead, and they started gathering dust, until just this week. My core idea is to make an army based on two things - the classic Sisters of Sigmar from Mordheim (I'm sure in some pocket realm or other, Bertha Bestraufrung is wreaking havoc upon Sigmar's enemies) updated to look like the crusader from Diablo. You know, this here crafty ol' gal: SO I set out looking for bits to make it possible, and it's not really such a big burden once you let go from the mind to sculpt a tabard onto every single one. With flails from the Chaos Marauders and Deathwing Terminators, Heroic Scale heads from Statuesque Miniatures and a healthy amount of jewellery chain, plastic rod, thin wire and greenstuff, it was a surprisingly easy procedure. First, fill in the chain loincloth with putty, greenstuff, liquid greenstuff, a file, sandpaper, a combination of several of these things, you name it - the trick is to make it smooth like cloth. Then fill the "head hole" up at the top with greenstuff, smoothen it and pin in place the head. Then swap the weapon heads, and that's pretty much it. The result looks a little bit like this here: The reason they're on square bases is purely for the sake of painting - they will find there way, once painted, onto these here babies: The new snow texture paint from Citadel Texture is the craft of Sigmar's Godlike hands, by the way. The plan for this weekend is to model up and prime as much as possible of ten Paladin Protectors, and two Dracoth babes. Then over the next week, to get painting on this unit, and have them done by the end of the week. Will it succeed? Who knows, but I'll try and keep this thing updated as much as possible in an attempt to force myself to work at a steady pa(y)ce. And remember, purity through castigation is the purest of purities. Blessed be Sigmar.
  7. Inspired by Bosch and other medieval paintings that's my project for a demons warband. I would name everyone
  8. Giuseppe gdb

    Dreg addiction

    Deformed body, disturbed mind, rat eaters and pestilence bearer, that’s a dreg, a reject in the streets of Mordheim, city of the damned. I always love the original and rare model of Mordheim dreg, so I decided tu sculpt my own band of these miserable creatures. Green stuff and a bunch of spare parts are all I need for my little freaky world. To create my Mordheim dreg #1 I used a gnoblar body from Citadel Ogre bulls box set, the head is full sculpted using greenstuff as well as the rat in his hand. I added a few books, a candle, a skull and copper sheet for paper and letter.
  9. Greetings everyone, I have something to share with you all today which is very special to me as I have put a lot of work into this. I present my gaming supplement for Age of Sigmar titled: Hinterlands: Skirmish Campaigns in the Mortal Realms - Version 1 Here are some screenshots of what to expect: This is a supplement to play narrative skirmish games in Age of Sigmar, and I've tried to make it look like the real deal. Enclosed you will find not one, but two campaign systems outlined. The first (titled 'The Hinterlands Campaign') is akin to Mordheim or Frostgrave. Players can create a Warband of a dozen models and battle it out for treasure, gaining skills and experience but also running the risk of injury and death on the way. The rules for the Hinterlands Campaign are 4 pages long. Just like the core rules. This is not meant to be Mordheim transplanted into AoS, but a skirmish system that embraces everything I love about Age of Sigmar. You'll find Battletraits, Artefacts, and Time of War rules all have a place in the system. On top of that, the book also introduces a second way to play; the Realm Master Campaign. The Realm Master Campaign is an additional 2 pages of rules (plus a custom battleplan to set your imagination off) and details how to run an RPG set in the Mortal Realms. It is akin to D&D or Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, but is a simple system set firmly in Age of Sigmar at the same time. I would love to know your feedback and thoughts on the rules contained. And if you want to use them, please do! This is what they are here for! I plan to work on this book further by adding in a hobby section with example Warbands and also a Warband Roster to help manage your games. If you have any more ideas please let me know. Here's the download link: Hinterlands: Skirmish Campaigns in the Mortal Realms - by Sam James <- Download Link Enjoy!
  10. Giuseppe gdb


    For this weird creature I was inspired by a japanese "jorogumo", a spider with human head from folk tales.
  11. Giuseppe gdb

    Der Golem

    I've always been fascinated by the Golem character of the silent movie directed and starring by Paul Wegener in 1920. The Golem is a clay colossal "monster" created by a Rabbi to defend the jewish community in a 16th century Prague. This magical and sinister creature, in my opinion, is a perfect character for my city of the damned, Mordheim. I started to sculpt body in polymer clay using a ogre head and green stuf for details as gloves, boots and his hilarious hair. For the star shaped amulet I used a metal pendant.
  12. This is what I put together for our gaming group and i thought I would share Enjoy! Feedback appreciated! http://unofficialaos.tk/Mordheim-Rules/
  13. Soulsmith

    Old model, new spin

    An old model I bought a while back for an orc mordheim crew. Gave it a new spin by removing the old, less savage looking sword and shield for newer plastic parts. Best I could do with a limited, ageing bunch of paints but just splashed on a large stock ready for new ironjawz, watch this space.
  14. So I'm playing my first game this Saturday and obviously that means writing a list. My end goal is to have a unit I can just add to my AoS games I'm looking for about 10 models total. As uploaded in other posts I'm using the PestiGor models which came out in 2003. these are mostly mono-pose with only a couple of sculpts. I own 5 PestiGor & the command models. In Mordheim I will be using the Champion model as my Beastman Chief, Musician as my Sorcerer and will paint the standard to match for the unit in AoS. I'm then using the Pestigor as a unit of Gor initially & an old Minotaur and Centigor for some fun in the game. In theory these will also just be part of the unit for AoS as it will give the unit some more variety if a slightly too large footprint. So, because Mordheim is more story driven than its older friend Warhammer Fantasy, here is my Warband so far... Beastman Brayherd Chief & Unit Champion BorGor Han-An Beastman Brayherd Sorcerer and Unit Musician Hatat Nan Beastman Brayherd Centigor & Unit Filler Urootman Kas More to come soon, please post comments, questions or just general internet advice(abuse) - tomlandy
  15. A Mordheim warband is pretty simple to put together and because I have this small number of models that I'm not modifying it really makes my choice easy... Chief, Sorcerer(using the musician from the unit) 5 PestiGor and a Centigor. Not much to paint and nothing to modify. The biggest issue I've had was to stick them to round bases, which was pretty easy! Priming with Rust-Oleum Surface Primer Matt Grey I'm specifically going to base these the same as my Skaven I brought to SCGT 2016 Basing with Cork & Vallejo Black Lava
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