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  1. Jamopower

    Oh god this article...

    Which they had tried to get, but as said in the article, they won't speak to press, but prefer to communicate only through their own medias.
  2. Jamopower

    Oh god this article...

    I found this article to be very good. In fact I would say that it is the best I have ever read from a "mainstream" media and one of the better ones in overall from any source. It has really good quotes in fun way and it is written by a guy who clearly knows what he is talking about. i loved this part:
  3. If they just would ever update the Warhammer Legends to be a full set of armylists, there would be less problems (and I would be very happy), but it doesn't look like it is going to ever happen.
  4. Jamopower

    Low Points Games...Who's Playing Them?

    I have tried 2000 points once. Didn't add too much to the experience, just more models and overlapping bonuses to keep track on. I play a lot of different games and have settled to armies of about 40 models to be the sweet spot for me, which in AoS fits the 1000 to 1500 point mark. Depending a bit on the army of course. Although have to say that the new Middle Earth SBG has mostly taken my time recently as it so much better game in that scale. Oh and as a note, 1000 points is better plyed ln 4x4 board.
  5. Jamopower

    GW is asking for advice on GHB 2019

    I'd like to see more of points increases than drops. Some of the stuff is already very low cost and still not worth taking in a big picture (stuff like freeguild guard for example). By always decreasing and decreasing, you'll be finally in a place where common grot costs one point per model.
  6. Wargames foundry sells many "ex gw" models like ninjas, norsemen and such. They have bought the moulds for those models that have drop out from fluff.
  7. Having played both for quite much I'd say both have plenty of tactics, but Infinity is much more difficult game. Thus the good player has much more advantage as there are much larger skill differences because learning the tricks is so hard as you have to remember million things. Also the differences between the lists are much smaller, so it's a combination of different things. I have to say that I like playing AoS more, as it's so much more laid back as a game. Losing games because of model looks slightly to wrong direction gets bit tiring at some point Good spread of different stuff in the top and congrats to winners. Are there some photos of the best armies somewhere?
  8. Jamopower

    Discussion : Point Reduction for Non-BT Armies

    Easy solution would be that when using non generic allegiance with allegiances older than the newest style of battletomes you get N number of points and with allegiances older than say Ironjawz, you would get 2*N and without any sort of allegiance, you'd get 3N. Where N is the evaluated cost of the allegiance abilities, spell lores, command traits, etc. that the newer stuff have in addition to the stuff that the older factions have. Of course there might be some outliers that would break this, like the phoenix temple seems to be, but otherwise it should be quite solid way to "quick fix" the older factions that are currently in pretty bad situation. Though I have to say that I don't like points fixing as the solution for game inbalances as the problems are not often the points, but the abilities.
  9. I'd say that this kind of books start to be required to keep the game together, as the "codex creep" has been huge in past few books. There's just so much stuff in the new books thst playing against them with an older army is like playing a different game.
  10. Just out of general interest. How many players there were?
  11. Jamopower

    The Rumour Thread

    At least the current version is an upgrade from the Juan Diaz daemonettes. Preparing to battle means usually gluing at least 10 arms back in to the models.
  12. Jamopower

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm sure there will be new models. It just might be that most of the models come later and there will be a "teaser" first.
  13. Jamopower

    What is "narrative gaming"

    I would say that Narrative gaming covers everything from the "classic" version of wargaming to the narrative tournaments. With classic wargaming I mean the style that was the norm around in 3rd or 4th edition Warhammer and still in historical games. So you have an umpire, custom made scenario and forces and the game is about telling the story, not so much about settling who wins. It also covers campaigns, where the games are related to each other by some means. This happens to be my favourite style of gaming. Then on the lighter end you have the "narrative tournaments" that are more or less regular tournaments where people are encouraged to bring fluffy armies and there might be some custom made / more special scenarios.
  14. Jamopower

    The Rumour Thread

    Based on the artwork, the Realm of Chaos box set could very well be similar to Blightwar. Christmas bundle with bunch of existing models and new characters, including those Khorne models from the old starter that are not anymore available from anywhere else, with some preview of Slaanesh allegiance abilities (that we have already had two versions of) and then the main release would be later. Let's see.
  15. Jamopower

    The Rumour Thread

    It's not a night goblin warmachine. Night goblins have only short bows for shooting.