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  1. Zen

    [TCG] Age of Sigmar: Champions

    Yeah, this is pretty cool. I've been playing Hearthstone for a while, but haven't bought into the new expansions and haven't preordered the Witchwood one. Might jump over to this game if it gains a playerbase and the gameplay is solid. Probably will pick up the core set or whatever is released regardless. Huge + for me that it can be played both physically and digitally. I prefer to play with and collect. physical cards but that's not always an option.
  2. Zen

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    The Exalted GUO is not mandatory no, just wondering whether he's worth it over the batallion. Seems like the consensus is that the batallion is not worth it?
  3. Zen

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    So, in a list with 3 GuO models (1 FW and 2 new boys) which of the following would you guys recommend: 3 Regular GUOs in a Thricefold Befoulment formation 2 Regular GUOS and 1 E.GUO 2 Regular GUOS and 1 E.GUO in a Thricefold Befoulment formation (unsure if this is allowed, but RAW it should be?) Something else.
  4. Shadespire and Silver Tower are fundamentally two very different games, which is something to keep in mind. Shadespire will be a relatively quick and intensive 1v1 competitive game. Silver Tower is a semi-narrative "dungeon crawl" where the players cooperate. Silver Tower might be better for beginners to the hobby?
  5. Haven't played around with acolytes myself, as they're a bit overshadowed by all the other goodness in the Tzeentch book. Absolutely love the models though, and would really like to field them. I'm thinking they could possibly be more effective in multiple smaller units? Especially if you're running them in the Pyrofane Cult. In units of ten you could more easily split them onto different objectives and/or use one unit as chaff.
  6. Zen

    Stormcast competitive list with Stardrake ?

    You'd have to replace the Vanguard-Hunters with Liberators as well, as they're not battleline without an Aquilor.
  7. Not necessarily true: the Shadowstrike specifies within 3" because the Tenebreal Shard specifically must be set up within 3" (ie. in combat).
  8. Zen

    The Rumour Thread

    160 which to me seems quite cheap
  9. Zen

    Happy Holidays from Mengel Miniatures!

    Just wanted to pop in and say that I've really enjoyed your blog this year. From showcases and reviews to painting tutorials, you've got some really good quality content on your blog. Happy christmas, can't wait to see what you've got in store for 2017
  10. Zen

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    What's people's opinion on going 5 + 10 paladins with the warrior Brotherhood, 2 x 100 pts heroes (2x Azyros or 1 x azyros and 1 x celestant) and adding a Celestant-Prime out of formation. Not worth it perhaps? I understand that most people don't rate the Prime very high at his cost, but I absolutely love the model and would like to use him even in a competitive setting.
  11. Crypt Shield: You can add 1 to save rolls for a unit carrying Crypt Shields against attacks that have a rend of ' - '. The rule does not specify that it only works in the combat phase, or that it only affects melee attacks - so it would work against ranged attacks as well.
  12. Zen

    Sisters of Sigmar - REBORN!

    Really unique look, I love it. Having seen your work on facebook I went ahead and ordered some of the heads myself, they really are of the perfect size - good find. You've obviously got some judicators coming up, but what comes next after that? I think a Lord-Veritant could look really cool in your style.
  13. Zen

    Starting a new army: Stormcast!

    The Battleforce for Stormcast Eternals, Sigmars Vengeance is an absolutely amazing deal, giving you £ 208 worth of models for £ 100. It's a 1100 - 1200 pts force depending on how you assemble your models, and it looks like you'll get all the options you'll need for kitting out your Liberators with special weapons as well as starsoul maces for your Paladins - which is not the case for the starter set.
  14. Zen

    How Large Is Your Collection?

    Got the AoS starter set in january this year which sparked a probably unhealthy obsession with the game. Went from having no fantasy models whatsoever, to: 4 620 pts of Sylvaneth 7 620 pts of Stormcast Eternals 1 500 pts of Khorne (starter set + some boxes to round out the force). mostly painted, army for guests and introductory games. 1 500 pts Nurgle, mostly Pestilens (mostly painted) ??? pts Tzeentch - mostly Tzeentch daemons and 2 boxes of Silver Tower, and some Tzaangors.