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The Painting Contract - October 2018


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Hello folks and welcome to the Painting Contract for October 2018!

If you don't know the rules they are:

Each month you post an amount of models that you agree to try to paint/build/convert/sculpt. This can be terrain, models, Warhammer Quest Silver Tower/ Shadows Over Hammerhal, Blood Bowl, Blood Bowl Blitz or Warhammer Underworlds as well as AoS. 

On the 28th of the month the contract closes and you can then post your progress images so that they can be critiqued, shared and boasted about. It is a great way to get involved in the community and to get inspiration.

 I'm looking forward to seeing everyone share their progress!


 @Mohojoe &  @TheOtherJosh

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Well then, october is going to be a big contract. I‘m going to have a week without wife, kid and work and i‘m trying to use that week to get a huge chunk of my models painted. Btw Morathi is finished?

so here are my goals:

finish my snaky DoK parts: 10 Stalkers and 5 Blood sisters

30 Witch Aelves

6 Spirit hosts

Crawlocke and his gang

5 Hexwraiths


Stretch Goals

start another 30 Witch Aelves.


well then, let‘s wait and see what i will get done by the 28th.



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20 minutes ago, Rick_AoS said:

After a slow summer (painting wise)...

For Orktober:

5 Evocators

Khorne Skull Cannon

Suffocating Gravetide 


5 Sequitors

Krogskull's Boyz

Gork (and possibly Mork) May be disappointed in your lack of treating Orktober with full seriousness and prioritizing Greenskinz ) B| ... (though Sneaking them in as ‘Stretch Goalz’ May suffice ... maybe... hmm is that a brutally kunning ploy ... designed to throw the enemies off balance ... Waaaaaaugh! ? )

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I skipped the last month, but I did finally manage to complete 2 units of Drakespawn Knights! 

So, I think this month:

A hydra and beastmasters


Finish last 5 Knights, who are partially complete

Help son get a unit of Stormcast done


I run a school club and just got them Kill Team, so that's consuming some hobby time assembling Primaris Wolves, Ultramarines, Chaos and Cultists, GSC and Skitaari! Obviously not for these forums mind... 

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Well my holidays will start soon, and so I will probably try to paint up 9-10bestigors, 20Gors, 3Tzanngor enlightenment, 1bray shaman, and a a Tzaangor shaman this month.

(or at least try to finish them)

I’ll also will be continuing painting my clanrats and Stormvermins.

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Build- Zombie Dragon, Crypt Haunter Courtier, Crypt Infernal Courtier

Paint- Umbral Spell Portal,  Aforementioned Zombie Dragons and Courtiers

Rebase- Nagash + 20 Direwolves (Silly old FAQ need them off the rectangles now) 

At the bare minimum Umbral/Dire Wolves/Nagash!

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After the complete detour that was last month Im hoping to continue working on my Slyvaneth with the goal of getting a good chunk for a large game planned on the 21st.

At the minimum I want to finish;

Alarielle (see my Athel Mirai thread for pics of the finished Wardroth)

Repainting my Branchwych to bring in her track with the new colour scheme

Finish building my Wyldwood


Stretch goal;

Paint wyldwood (minus foliage)

Paint 2 more Kurnoth Hunters

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