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  1. Looking at Tyler Mengels posts on facebooks, skeletons/zombies on 25mm for sure and death characters on 40mm. From box pictures, Skeleton leaderman 32mm, Vagskyryryr 50mm, Bats 25mm, rats 32mm, 3 wolfpires 32mm, heroes 32mm except the ogor at 40
  2. This still counts as Gargant related right? A lovely little plushie gargant I've had made as a tournament companion ❀️ He has functional dice pouches on his belt and a little cage / pouch to put a model in if you stuff it in yer sack πŸ˜›
  3. Im pretty happy with these FAQ's every question I submitted was answered ❀️ Now we truly know what we have to play around with with endless spell access and the such without mercing in an archregent
  4. Everyone enjoys different aspects of the hobby, and sometimes you don't have the chance to get everything painted before your game, especially when we're still pretty new faction wise. The paint aint gonna change the tactical value of the video, also I went back and the majority of their videos have painted armies, so this is an outlier. You're entitled to your own opinion too of course, but what's the point of trying to hobby shame them we're all pushing plastic round the table end of the day. Was a good report to watch, glad to see how the 1 and 9 setup worked and had wondered ab
  5. Been discussed a few times, most people seem to agree RAW it cant. Waiting on FAQ's really, everyone should submit all the questions to the FAQ team to make sure we clear things up.
  6. Yup, I might grab a Gatebreaker and Kraken Eater piece they seem okay, tis a shame my phone isn't any models cause the cases look good Gotta rep the gragants at tournies 100%! Already have a custom Mega-Gargant Hoodie too
  7. https://merch.warhammer.com/collections/sons-of-behemat?fbclid=IwAR1llc-Br9MgnSlmYf4-FNNrYAs0M1giM8L8w4hM2qtAvr3RknqeaydEpzY#utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=FB_sons_of_behemat_23_10_2020 We have official Gargant Merchandise now Shame it's mostly feet.
  8. MIGHTIER MAKES RIGHTIER Mega-gargants and their followers are so immense that it takes many lesser creatures to drive them from the lands they have claimed. When determining control of an objective, each friendly Mancrusher Gargant model counts as 10 models instead of 1, and each friendly MegaGargant counts as 20 models instead of 1. Designer’s Note: If the battleplan being played does not follow the normal rules for controlling objectives, you can pick whether to use this battle trait or to follow the rules from the battleplan each time control of the objective is determined. When using t
  9. Sacrosanct Stormcast and Tzeentch also. But yes, point is taken but +1 to hit over the majority of the board is good, but many combos to try still.
  10. Must be the Gargant Gods manipulating the dice for everyone to get Focal as their first game
  11. I dont know what happened with the spam post making it appear three times. But I can use it to evaluate! without making one post too long. Rend -2 and -3 really hurt, whilst uncommon that they'll be run, those morghast where super dangerous and I couldnt do anything to stop them. Catapults are very scary at a flat 5 damage a piece, fortunately it's rend 0, but if you run the catapult spam list, you could be seeing an early removal of giants. We are...deceptively fast with decent charge rolls I had no problem covering the map turn 1. I was questioned on the use of a second loa
  12. Game Plan was randomly rolled and was...Focal Points opposite points score move when held together, Behemoths score +1vp. Majorly good plan for us, for obvious reasons. Set up was as below (We work in a rescue centre, so bowls are terrain...and we forget to bring real stuff ) Enemy was Petrifex Elite. To TLDR it Gave up T1 to them They slowly advanced, catapult did 10 wounds to Kraken Eater (They score 3 +1 from Crawler on objective). I go and held back Aleguzzlers, the Gatebreaker general (Painted) to secure objectives T1, moving the kraken hunter to the middle to secure tha
  13. I have returned from the game! It was a crushing Victory to the Sons, 41vp to 7vp. Will be making a little post up to describe shortly.
  14. Not knowing the list I'm against i'm hesitant, I can at least guarantee a 6" run for the Kraken T1 to try get to middle objectives to kick back, as well as keeping a CP stashed in case the Mancrushers have -bravery around them to stop a run if one dies, or to reroll a charge.
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