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  1. Yoshiya

    Awareness of the Old World?

    Nothing in the lore states thag explictly that as far as I'm aware, just that they died long ago in a lost age (which could be the old world but not confirmed or even particularly rumoured). They were just beings who had already died before they were collected by Sigmar rather than those that were collected as they were about to die.
  2. Yoshiya

    Awareness of the Old World?

    The newly created Aelves (ie. Daughters of Khaine and Idoneth Deepkin) are but only because they're leaders told them about it. Daughters were told by Morathi so that she can hijack their worship of a (mostly) dead god to increase her own powers. Idoneth were told by Teclis when he made them, and they also worship an old god (Mathlann) due to this. The charges of eel mounted warriors are also their attempts to recreate the glorious cav charges they were told about. As for the other species I can't say for sure, they would likely have to be told by their gods. That said, Archaon is known as the Marshall of the Apocalypse due to his actions in the old world so presumably there is some knowledge. Stormcast equipment is also made out of the core of the old world so the people of Azyr may be more familiar with it.
  3. Yoshiya

    The resurrection selection...

    A lot of the current spells are just throw backs to older spells with th effects modified for AoS. The most famous is the Purple Sun of Shyish which used to be the Purple Sun of Xereus. They even included a little description about Xereus in the lore about the purple sun as a throwback to older gamers.
  4. Yoshiya

    YouTube Channels for Battle Reports

    Yea, I've found the same problems with rules errors. Ive completely given up on Miniwargaming because it felt like they almost playing a different game at times with all the errors! I'd also like to add my voice to Rerolling ones, they're not necessarily the best at the game but they make the videos enjoyable and they have a lot of armies you don't really see much (Warherd before the battletome, Devoted of Sigmar etc.)
  5. Yoshiya

    Making Soup

    Malereon has his own set of aelves that are the true master of Ulgu. They are hinted at being draconic in some manner in what little lore we've had so far.
  6. There was a guy at my previous store that I liked generally but he used to really annoy me by never measuring distances and just generally playing ~too~ quickly. Now I get that I'm on the slower side but this guy would just roll dice after dice to charges and then just move everything at once by eyeballing the distances. I'd have little time to work out what dice roll belonged to what unit and no time to object to charges I wasn't sure we're right. Like I get that sometimes a distance is obvious. If you're clearly standing close to something and roll a 10" charge I understand not measuring it out. But when you're rolling 6" charges and you're only around 6" away i don't want to just trust you because you used to play 'guess the range'.
  7. Yoshiya

    The resurrection selection...

    Id also like the hero customisation options to come back. Never played the old editions due to money but I remember looking through the Vampire Counts army book making up little back stories for Vampire Lords with the huge variation of options they could have. You could take the same hero and make it fulfill so many different roles based on how you chose to build them. Now it's just a case of slapping the same artefacts on one or two heroes and calling it a day which is really boring when it comes to trying to make your dudes feel like your own. I know some will abuse the system for that extra bit of advantage and maybe find some broken combo but that's the price to pay for adding some character back to generic heroes.
  8. Yoshiya

    The Rumour Thread

    People seem to be reading into the bug way too much. If you look at the spites that come with the Kurnoth Hunters etc it is actually really similar to one of those with the scythes and long appearence, just painted to look more realistic. I think it's probably just a wizard based on the Tree-Revenant look. Either as an alternative Branchwych like the Stormcast/Grot one, a unique one off like the Nighthaunt one, or a sign of a later faction expansion. I hope it's the latter, especially since the bow Revenant and the 2-handed Revenant (which most people have just assumed is a Protector Glaive despite the different aesthetic, and the fact that the glaive is a leader only weapon and this guy isn't the leader, the guy with the sword is) both are new units. An expension of differently armed Tree-Revenants could be awesome in my opinion, especially since they are the main warriors of Slyvaneth in the lore (Dryads only having taken their current form in response to constant attacks on their forests).
  9. Yoshiya

    AoS 2 - Free Cities (Firestorm) Discussion

    For this interested, I'm making a thread about my ongoing Living City army at the following link. It's all Slyvaneth for now but I'll be slowly adding aelves, duardin and Stormcast in the following months. Sneak peak of Alarielle, my most recent model.
  10. Yoshiya

    The Forest of Athel Mirai

    Finally finished Alarielle. Had this model for a year and a half so it's a great feeling to finally get it done. Planning on using her in her first game fully painted this week. Once again, c&c welcome and wanted. The Blossom Mother Alarielle is worshipped by all who have a close link to nature and life, be it in her most common form of the Everqueen or any one of her aspects as diverse in number as the species she has given the breath of life. For the inhabitants of Athel Mirai she is the Blossom Mother, the founder of their forest home and She Who Brings Life To Death. Long ago, in the lost annals of the Age of Myth, Alarielle wandered the realm of Ghyran, hoping to better know the world she was linked to, as well as to experience all the life it held in its wilderness. Whilst exploring the far edges of the realm, where the magics of life were so strong as to even test her abilities to control them, she encountered a small collection of pools. Unlike all the teeming life around her, the pools were unnaturally calm, and no life called their depths home. To the normal eye, these pools were merely anomalies in a realm otherwise overrun in life, but to one so linked to the magics of the realm, Alarielle could see the pools were a maelstrom of magic, all being pulled into the pools surface. Intrigued, Alarielle stepped into the largest of the pools. Approaching the centre she suddenly found herself falling, though as she fell into the pool, she found her feet suddenly pulled in the opposite direction and once again she was standing. She no longer looked upon the teeming jungles of Ghyran however. Instead, just outside the pools lay a vast, open land of desolation, hung over by purple skies. Alarielle recognised the realm as that of Shyish, a place anathema to her powers. On other visits to this realm of death, she had found her body rebel against itself, and the air had crackled as her own jade magic had violently reacted with the amethyst magic that hung in the air. This time however, it was not the air around herself that crackled, but that just outside of the pools, where the magic that had been sucked into the pools pushed out into the realm before being violently neutralised by the native magics. Where the magic flowed, Alarielle spotted some small flowers and grass growing, and looking around she saw a small tree that was attempting to grow in the middle of the pools where the Jade magics flowed strongest. Stepping out towards the tree, she took her first step onto the land. Where her foot touched, flowers suddenly burst out of the ground, her own magics strengthening those of the pools and allowing plant life to gain a proper foothold. She took another step forward and more flowers sprouted, carpeting the ground in colour, as small insects started to flit between the now opened buds, feasting on the pollen inside. Seeing how even a small increase in magic shifted the balance in lifes favour, Alarielle felt joy. Here was her chance to bring life to even the most hostile of environments. Walking now with more purpose, she strode over towards the struggling tree, leaving a trail of blossoms and life in her wake. Reaching the tree, she noticed it starting to grow small leaves, though the energy needed to sustain it was much greater than that required by the flowers and despite her presence it did not grow any taller. Recognising she would need more power if she were to take advantage of this opportunity, Alarielle stepped back through the pool to Ghyran, and set about collecting the realmstone that formed naturally so close to the edge of the realm. After a few hours, she decided she had enough and headed back to the tree. Reaching the tree once more, she set about placing the realmstone around the tree, burying some in the roots below, and placing some on the branches that steadily grew in size with each piece placed. By the time she had finished the tree had grown to be many times her own size, and it now teemed with life that jumped between its pink blossoms. Some bright blue spites had even started to appear, chasing each other through the branches. Looking around, Alarielle smiled as she saw the glade around her slowly filling with grass, flower, and even other, smaller, trees. Most significantly however, the crackling air that marked the boundary of life was slowly expanding, the jade magics building up to levels that the naturally occurring death magic could not hold back any longer. Alarielle knew however that the magics of life were cyclical, their powers waxing and waning. In this hostile land, such waning would likely prove lethal to these new sprouted plants, and so Alarielle reached to the soul amphorae that hung on her back. She knew this land would need guardians to nurture it, and so she reached out, placing the soul amphorae into a large crevice in the tree. Instantly, the bark reshaped, growing around the amphorae until it encased it, showing only the glowing crest to the world. Immediately, glowing soul pods started to appear on the ends of the largest branches, like strange fruit that would one day flower into Slyvaneth. Alarielle heard the singing spirits of each of these new beings within her as soon as the pods appeared, and she reached out with her own song, informing her new children of their duty to this land, as well as their mission to ensure that there was always a steady supply of realmstone to keep the forest expanding. Satisfied they understood her intent, Alarielle stepped back to the pools, sad she could not see this land grow herself but knowing how important it was to spread similar blessings across all the realms, so that they could all know the glories of Ghyran. Over the long ages of Myth and Chaos, those Alarielle gave life have watched over the forest of Athel Mirai, never once playing host to the one they called the Blossom Mother. All heard of the song she sung that day from the buddings that came before, and all pass it on to those that come after. However, with the wake of the Necroquake, and the importance Shyish has to play in the ongoing Soul Wars, Alarielle has once again returned to Athel Mirai. Hoping to have used it as a staging point to wage war against the forces of Nagash, she instead emerged into a place of desolation and loss, fighting to reclaim what was once theirs. Now, she leads the united forces of Slyvaneth, Aelves, Duardin and Stormcast into battle, the full fury of the forest crashing into her foes as she unleashes her wrath at those who would see death and chaos prevail.
  11. Yoshiya

    I’m feeling stuck with Deathrattle.

    Ok, first thing, you've played 4 games with a brand new army against one army and youre expecting results. Just don't. Especially since you're coming from two armies that play differently. It takes time to learn an army and expecting results immediately just means you're setting yourself up for disappointment. As for the list you're having troubles has a lot of minus to hit. Slaanesh stuff is pretty fragile so they're relying on that hit debuff. As such, you wanna run things that don't need to roll to hit. I'm not too familiar with death but I know they have decent magic (even outside of Nagash) and I'm sure you have other units with abilities that out out mortals without rolling to hit. Use your skeletons as an anvil to absorb what will be a devastating charge with that many cav and then move in the mortal wound dealers. Don't be tempted by hard hitters as they won't land the hits to do the damage. Also, I'd say drop Death march against this army. He has a clear movement advantage so spending points to try and close the gap in such a minor way is just a waste of money. Instead you want zone control through chaff so he can't use the mobility over you.
  12. Oh yea, I'd love for every army to have multiple viable lists like Daughters. It's honestly a pain because I believe Daughters are a bit too strong because they can do that at the moment but ultimately that's what I want every army to be able to do. Kind of leaves me torn because for the sake of balance it's easier to just knock Daughters down a bit but for the sake of the game I feel like the longer and more painful process of bringing everyone else up is better.
  13. Eh, if anything I'd say three different Daughters list shows the opposite, ie.the whole faction is overperforming compared to even the best units from other factions. At this point I'd say it's more of a case of what they'll nerf rather than if they'll nerf. Admittedly the lack of Hag Queens in the top list is pretty interesting. Also, Nagash isn't exactly the best touchstone for "balanced" lists at the moment... Anyway, glad to see outside of that it was still overall pretty varied and congrats to all the people that made it to the top ten. I know this game is more than just strong lists and good play and hard work make up just as much of a placing
  14. Yoshiya

    The Rumour Thread

    Spites are the little fairy things that accompany Slyvaneth. They have tons of forms ranging from small bug things to the giant Wardroth Beetle that Alarielle rides.
  15. Those skeletons are amazing, the glow looks great!