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  1. Hysh because I like the logical nature behind it that gives rise to landscapes very different to our own. Ghyran would be my second because I like nature themes and enjoy the ideas they’ve managed to invent in it so far.
  2. Ideally I’d like to get the following; - Ungor vs ghoul - Great Bray Shaman vs Necromancer - Bestigors vs Aberrants but ghouls and Ungors is the main one as I’m more worried about making things too small than too large.
  3. Thanks for the advice. However, I don’t want my Ungors to be the typical sleek slaangors but rather wretched looking things that are clearly broken. My backstory is that they are the twisted remains of kidnapped Aelves and humans from the nearby villages, taken to be toys for a trio of sisters that dedicated themselves to slaanesh a long time ago. Broken and discarded, they now do anything to get back the attention of the ones that gave them such pleasure and pain, hoping to be invited to join in one of the feasts, where the overflowing energies of chaos transfer them into hulking Bestigors. as such, I wanted to make a very ragtag, broken looking unit, with the bodies of ghouls with green stuff patches of fur, the heads of Ungors, and broken spears and shields taken from a variety of ranges. The Bestigors would then be based on the genestealer abherants to keep the bent over and broken image. My great bray shaman will then probably be based on a necromancer with a head swap. my main concern was with sizing though as I wanna make a lot of them and don’t want to commit to buying the bitz if the idea won’t work.
  4. Hey all, not sure if this is the right place to ask but I reckoned if anyone can help it would be you guys. Im looking to make a converted mixed-beast/daemon army for Slaanesh and I have what I hope will be a cool idea for some Slaanesh themed Ungors. i need to check the size of the models to make sure they won’t be too different though so I was wondering if anyone had a size comparison picture? if possible, a comparison picture between Ungors and ghouls would be best but otherwise it would be great to compare them to a liberator.
  5. As others have pointed out, AoS doesn't really have an army that shuts down their opponent nor do I really imagine they ever will outside of rare abilities like Moonclan. The issue is that it isn't really fun to play against. AoS is about planning synergies that are fun to play around into your list and to have your opponent turn around and say you can't use them just turns your models quite literally into a bunch of numbers which are either better than your opponents numbers or not. Again, as others have pointed out, your best bet is to go with a debuffs get army, of which I believe the best is probably Legions of Nagash in the realms, followed by Moonclan and Nurgle.
  6. Yea, how to deal with woods is the tactical choices rather than just saying they take it away. Also, as others have said, there should be now way to place 12 woods on the board, especially since they all need to be placed within 1" of each other and thus cant be deployed as a line but rather need to be clumped up. I often find even for the allegiance abilities woods I can only place down two bases where I actually want them. If you're having these problems then you need to seriously look into placing more terrain down in your games. Personally I think peoples issues with woods is born more out of the lack of true terrain rules in the game as opposed to the woods themselves being an issue. People have gotten used to terrain being a benign thing that blocks your movement and sight maybe but otherwise can be ignored. If more terrain had interesting rules that brought more questions about how to play around it is feel like the woods would just be seen as one more thing to deal with. In that line of thought, I wouldn't be surprised if complaints about woods die down as others terrain with powerful rules becomes the standard. Having to think about things like a -1 save from a herdstone that increases in range is a pretty big deal too after all but I hear no complaints about that.
  7. I feel like Stormcast discussions like these always break down due to the fact that Stormcast has one of the largest gaps in performance between tournament play and casual play. That and when there is armies out there that are weaker and have no choice in units it just feels like a spoilt child crying for more (not saying I think this but others clearly do). Liberators are indeed on the weaker side for tournament play (though far from the hyperbolic 'useless' people like to throw around) but at casual play they are very solid. A Stardrake is a wall that can be removed with the right tournament lists but in casual play is an unmovable object that is unfun to play against. Given this, the question of how to fix the poor internal balance of the army becomes contentious. Do you raise the weaker units up to tournament viability or do you lower the units that make casual play unfun?
  8. I really really hope stormhosts never progress last sub armies in the book. Maybe a few special characters to reinforce their fighting style and that's it. I never felt that space marines felt different enough in the first place to justify all the armies. I understand for example Blood Angels and Ultramarines favour different tactics but you can make a melee focused army using the space marine book anyway and just tag on the blood angels faction rules. They don't need to be different factions and that's only emphasised by the fact most of the range is the same but painted red instead of blue on the box. Stormcast will have this issue even worse in my opinion as at its core AoS is combat focused, with shooting and magic generally being a support element than a core of the army. I mean look at sacrosanct, it's the magic focused chamber and yet it's still very much a combat chamber with the magic showing in rules like lightening after hitting in melee. As for Idoneth in Order, I feel like most people that argue this either haven't read the battletome or just want them to have different lore to what they have. The book goes into detail in the dual nature of them wanting to avoid conflict but being forced to. They make sure to leave buildings behind and it makes reference to them only going after adults and leaving children behind. They want civilization to thrive but their very nature goes against that and I think that makes them perfect for order.
  9. Oh right, when I calculated the points I didn't spot that he had Drycha and it all fit in. In that case yea, the list he is using is illegal. He's likely confused about the points for Gnarlroot and how it goes on to of the household rather than being a seperate modified version of a household (I was confused about this myself when I initially started playing).
  10. He's using Gnarlroot which swaps the Treelord in the household for a Treelord Ancient. It's a pretty common base for Slyvaneth though most avoid it at 1000pts as it uses a lot of points up.
  11. Dude literally changes his story half way through and people are taking this as potentially true? He starts off saying that his friends were play testers and were talking about it but then half way through he says he saw a unit roster in enough detail to realise that cavalry wasnt in the game? As for magic not being in the base game, even he says it's chaos focused and who is one of the chaos gods? Oh yea, the god of MAGIC. Who knows, maybe I'll be surprised and this will pan out to be true but when the guy can't even keep his story straight in a single post then I think I'm justified in ignoring him for now.
  12. I think for me it would be: 1) Wishlist Exactly the same as you. I'd love to see everything in the game covered with a battletome. Additionally, I'd like everything battletome to have a proper Japanese version (I live in Japan). A lot of people at my local store want to play with factions but since they have no Japanese rules give up and just stick with what they already know (reducing army variety). People don't mind working their way slowly through and translating one book but more than one and they don't have the time. The new books have all be in Japanese too so i hope this continues. 2) dislike The limbo of support many units still exist in. I'm currently thinking of picking up some of the older models for a living city but given that they seemingly have no support and given gitmobz recent removal from the game I'm not sure I want to drop the money on them. A simple announcement of which models they are planning continued support for even if that support doesn't come for another 5 years or so would be great. Also, a bit related to that the sheer number of models still boxes with square bases. It's been long enough since fantasy battle ended and I honestly think it's incredibly insulting for them to continue selling boxes with the wrong parts that they expect us to pay extra for. Even if it's simply a case of "when you buy a box with square bases you get a bag of the correct number of round bases" I'd be happy. 3) Like Like you I loved Malign Portents short stories. I was so sad when they ended and would love to get something similar back. I'm also loving the conversion ideas they have had on Warhammer TV a s white dwarf recently. As someone with little conversion experience they are great for giving me ideas (I'd had never though of using the head of an axe as the crest on a helmet for tzeentchian knights for example)
  13. Yea, I much prefer the nuanced approach to faction building the grand alliances promote. I really hate the standard race based alliances you see in other games as it often mixes two entirely different world views and pits them against factions they actually have more in common with that each other. I mentioned it earlier for example but what exactly do DoK and IDK have in common in regards to world views for example? DoK kill indiscriminately to gain more power, IDK kill when needed to sustain themselves and hide the rest of the time. DoK worship a god of blood they believe still lives, IDK venerate a god of the sea they know is dead. DoK focuses on emotion and feeling in battle, IDK do everything they can to avoid any sensation. All they really have in common is that that are aelves and that they can see be seen as evil from the point of view of other factions (but even then, one chose evil and the other was forced into it). If not for this I'd honestly see them being the perfect rivals, with IDK most likely desiring fellow aelf souls over other mortals. In contrast I can see the Stormcast getting on better with the IDK for example. As explored in Malign Portents briefly, Stormcast can't provide souls for IDK, meaning IDK has little reason to fight them. The Stormcast on the other hand, would see a potential ally in the IDK as they are a race that hates chaos above all else and would thus be more than willing to assist the Stormcast in that role. The actual soul sealing the IDK cover with their memory magics, or even in the case that Stormcast knows about the memory magic, they could potentially see it as a way to lessen the corruption of chaos (no need to slaughter a village exposed to chaos if you can just make them forget chaos exists). In the same manner, I can't actually really see Overlords and Dispossessed getting on well. If Dispossessed are truly strict with venerating the elders, I could see them viewing Overlords as heretical, as they have mostly abandoned their elders. In contrast, they might get on better with say the Phoenix Temple, who venerate ancient creatures. Whilst not quite ancestor worship, they both clearly place a value on the past, and are both stubborn and unbending as the times change (to a degree).
  14. If you play Stormcast then a Knight-Heraldor would have a field day by turning the forests against him. As for other armies, the line of sight blocking rules don't affect flying units so if you're army has strong flying ranged units you could snipe out the heroes (skyfires with destiny dice would be perfect for this). If you have neither then it's definitely tough. Any bonuses to unbinding to stop magic from waking the trees, coupled with combat monsters and heroes (don't have to worry about dying on an unlucky charge to the trees) to charge in would do alright I think. That said, it may just be a case of playing scenerios with more spread out objectives. At most the Slyvaneth player can get out 4 blocks of trees in turn one which would require him using an artefact, spell, allegiance ability and 50/50 chance on tree lord. He'd be limited to his side of the board for placement however. Given that he's taken a mega-battalion in 1k I can't imagine he has too many units so even if gets all 4 out he's going to struggle to capture more than 2 objectives himself so you could just ignore him and capture the other objectives and rack up more points than him.
  15. I think the Grand Alliances still have a big place as they create space for creative armies without having to constantly check with your opponent if they don't mind you using your mixed army. AoS is about carving your own corner of the realms and limiting that only hurts the setting as a whole. I personally think the grand alliance can give way to some far better themed armies than solo-factions with allies thrown in (what do IDK and DoK have in common besides being aggressive aelves for example?) From a mechanical point of view, given that they only grant small bonuses it's not like allowing the mixing really leads to imbalanced armies, and the rules sensibly enforce taking your own allegiance abilities when possible. They also allow for more casual gamers to take part in matched play. I'm talking the person that picks up a few boxes of models on a purely visual basis but wants to show up at the store sometimes and throw some dice.
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