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  1. I think as long as you have the official wording somewhere (screenshot, pdf etc.) people should be fine with it. If you just show up and say "this item does this" then it might be a bit more awkward just in case the rules need to be clarified at some point.
  2. Yoshiya

    Local 8 Week Escalation Results

    A true orruk never asks for directions! Just kidding, sounds like a fun mix of armies and congrats on the win!
  3. Yoshiya

    The living city!

    I can't see why most people wouldn't accept her as a conversion as long as you make it clear in advance what she is. You may need to be more careful in a tournament but in a casual game it should be fine
  4. Yoshiya

    The living city!

    Sounds good! Nice mixture and with summoned Dryads you should have a good amount of infantry for holding objectives. Just one thing, I noticed that you mentioned +1 for the Knight Azyros earlier. He actually lets you reroll hit rolls of a 1 rather than adding to your hits. A minor difference but an important one. Look forward to hearing about your experiences with the army. Seems there is quite a bit of interest in the Living City hidden around and it would be great to gather people's experiences to encourage more to take the leap!
  5. Yoshiya

    The Forest of Athel Mirai

    It's been a while since I last update though I've been slowly working away in the interim whilst fleshing out the backstory of the army. I have large game coming up up in mid-January for which I want to play with a fully painted army for the first time so I have a Treelord Ancient and 6 Kurnoth with scythes on the way (Treelord Ancient is almost finished now). Today's update is three bow Kurnoth, who I plan on summoning with Alarielle. They were an experiment for painting larger tree-kin and I'm pretty happy with how they came out As ever, C&C welcome and desired. Hope you enjoy + Dear Cordalis Please find attached a transcript of an extract from a book titled 'A Study of Athel Mirai', penned by an unknown author who appears to have been resident in Athel Mirai during the Cycle of Welcoming. We found the book in the aftermath of the last raid on the Gardneri Halls, on the body of a Magister from the Fluxflame Cult. Most of the book was deemed uninteresting, with the information being deemed dated or otherwise common knowledge, however, the following page was found to contain knowledge of the forest that is normally kept secret, even from many of our own. Alas, it appears the enemy were also aware of the importance of the information, and the page has been marked with a number of shifting runes that even myself am unable to decipher. Given the sensitive nature, the Gardneri Halls would thus like to petition for a Gathering to be held at the Heartsoul Tree at your earliest convenience. Dianthus, Runemaster of the Gardneri Halls+ Chapter 23 - The Moonlily Pools Over my long years studying Athel Mirai, I had come to think of myself as something of an expert on the forest. Alas, as ever, the forest proved me wrong when I was one day invited to take part in a ritual I had hitherto been unaware of. On the appointed day, me and my companions, a number of aelves and humans I had come to know over the years, set off from the Great Hall in the Everblossom Glades just as the sun was starting to set. We headed in an easterly direction, and I mistakenly believed the venue for the ritual must be centre of the forest, to which I had been fortunate enough to visit twice before now. I thus allowed myself to fall into my thoughts, paying little attention to what I believed would be naught but familiar sights, catalogued and studied in this very tome many times before, and simply allowing myself to follow my companions. It wasn't until my eyes lazily fell upon the first of the mysterious flowers, that I came to realise my mistake. Shaking out my stupor I took in my new surroundings, in as much awe as the day I first laid eyes on the forest all those years back. Around me grew the most exotic of all plants I saw in my time in Athel Mirai. The Moonlilies, a name I was informed of at a later date, were marvelous to behold. They shone from within with a soft, blue light, though the petals themselves were a pale white. Dotted around the dark forest they appeared as though stars in the night sky and I wished for nothing more than take one with me for study. Unfortunately, I had learnt before of the wrath the inhabitants of the forest held towards those that took without permission and wisely stayed my hand. At first they were few and far behind, but as we continued to walk, the lights grew more numerous, until the trees opened up, revealing a pond no more than five strides across, around which the Moonlilies grew abundance. It was here that I came to realise the glow of the flowers was not from the petals or stems themselves, but the sap that lay within. I watched as this sap pooled at the edge of a petal which overhung the pond, till the weight of it broke the fragile balance of the plant, releasing the heavy load in a small drop, which hit the surface of the water with a barely noticeable ripple. All around the pond, this same scene was repeated, hundreds of small drops falling from petals into the pond which glowed with the light of the sap it contained. Enraptured by the scene I failed to notice my companions slowing, eventually stopping before one of the trees. After ashamedly walking into the back of the aelf in front of me, I turned to see why they had stopped. It was then that I noticed we were not alone. What I had mistaken for a particularly dense patch of flowers now revealed itself to be a great bow, easily twice my height, and grasped in the large wooden hands of one of the Hunters of Kurnoth. This was not the first Hunter I had seen, having been introduced to their power during a culling of the local undead beasts, their deadly blades cutting down beasts many times their size with ease. It was however, the first time I had seen one wielding a bow. The bow radiated the same blue light as the lilies, and I came to the realisation the scythes and swords I had once assumed to be conjured from magic were actually made of the crystallised sap of the plants that grew here. The Hunter looked at me, seemingly wary, before turning and walking deeper into the forest. My companions and I followed, and as I walked through the break in the trees I was startled as a trunk next to me suddenly shifted, and started to follow after the Hunter. Coming out of the shadows into the moonlight, the light of great sap arrows suddenly shone from the top of the trunk, and a pale blue spite the size of myself spread it's legs out from beneath. I had never seen such a spite, but unfortunately I had little time to examine it further as it followed the Hunter, and I was forced to rush to catch up with my companions. We passed more ponds as we walked, some smaller than the first, and some larger, but the majority were of similar dimensions. Silently we passed them all until we reached a pond seemingly just like any other. My companions stopped suddenly, before moving out to surround the pool. I was pushed aside, made to wait under a nearby tree out of the way with one companion. Those surrounding the pool start to chant, singing in a native language I had yet had the time to study. The air began to hang with the scent of fresh blossom, until soft winds blew in, carrying with them bright pink petals, though no such flowers seemed to grow there. At the height of the chanting, the eldest of the group reached into his robe and took out a bowl within which a lump of green realmstone sat, shifting between states of matter. He reached down and dipped the bowl in the pool, filling it to the brim. Lifting the now full bowl, chanting of the others started to quiet, the ritual seemingly finished and I took advantage of the lull to inquire what was happening with my companion. I was informed the bowl was to be placed in a Jade Shrine, which were hidden on the edges of the forest (I sensed I was not supposed to know of their existance and thus made no mention of the two I had previously encountered in my wanderings). There, the water of the pools would work as a catalyst for the realmstone, spreading the magics of life and allowing the forest to expand. I had desired to ask more but suddenly sensed large shadow over me. I turned to find the Hunter had moved beside me, somehow silent despite its large bulk and was now gesturing to follow it back the way we had come. My companion turned from me, and rejoined the others who were streaming past me. For the whole return journey my mind was abuzz with questions looking for answers, and I desired nothing more than to be allowed to remain in this place. Alas, it was not to be and we were soon walking past the last of the pools, ready to depart back to the now seemingly mundane world of the Everblossom Glades that had once filled me with such wonder. I turned to take one last look at our guide here, only to find the Hunter had vanished, seemingly melting into the trees around him despite its large bulk, adding one last tantalising mystery to the whole experience.
  6. Yoshiya

    The living city!

    Ok, that makes things a lot clearer on what kind of stuff is 'core' and what's 'flexible'. The primary anvils for Living City are probably large units of Dwarf Warriors, large units of Longbeards, and units of ~10 Liberators in my opinion. Freeguild Guard with sword and shield also make for a decent anvil. Luckily, all these options fulfill battle line and all can be taken for under 300pts making the choice primarily a personal one. I'd recommend maybe taking one large unit of Warriors, Longbeards or Guard and then taking a smaller unit of any just to satisfy battle line and act as a more plug in the battle line. If you want more specialised anvils, Eternal Guard (super cheap but not battle line and very cover dependent) and Ironbbreakers (probably the toughest infantry in the army) are very good but will need to be taken alongside other battle line options. You probably want to take a hero to support your battle line anvil of choice. Runelords are amazing for Dispossessed lines, letting them be tankier or hit harder for 100pts and add more dispels. Freeguild Generals provide a good command ability that will also work on your handgunners whilst also be cheap and if you want a Stormcast anvil a Lord-Castelant is your best option for that +1 save. After that you probably want some 'bullies' to hit back hard. Kurnoth Hunters with scythes are great for this with their 2" range, high wound pool and rerollable saves, as are Stormcast Retributors who can bypass their normal slow movement with the ambush abilities of the army. Evocators provide the mortal wounds you lack and are very solid choices anyway. I've heard good things about Hammerers but I believe you need large units to make them work which is expensive points wise. For a more mobile choice Stormcast Fulminators are very good on the charge and have mortal wound output. They also have great saves against shooting. Dracolines may be good too though I've heard they are out good when taken with a Lord Arcanum on Dracoline for the command ability due to their high costs meaning you want to make the most out of them. A Freeguild General on Griffon would also provide a mobile beatstick and distraction from the important Treelord. I've seen lots of good feedback about them and many consider them to be one of the best 'affordable' behemoths. I hope that helps somewhat. I know it can be very overwhelming with so much choice but I think if you break it down it becomes easier. For now, you should choose your battle line and supporting hero and then based on that look at remaining points and what is missing (you currently have low mobility for example) and simply look for units that satisfy that need rather than looking at everything which is good.
  7. Yoshiya

    The living city!

    That's quite a large change so I'd say the first thing you should do is sit down and decide what kind of army you want. Maybe pick 3~4 units that you must have and see if that gives your army a certain skew towards one thing or the other and then build from there.
  8. Yoshiya

    The Painting Contract - December 2018

    So I keep pledging here then not following though... Got a big game coming up next month though and I want to play my first ever game with all painted models so hopefully that will get my motivated. As such, my pledge this month is to finish my Treelord Ancient (mostly done) and then paint 4-5 Kurnoth Hunters.
  9. Yoshiya

    The Rumour Thread

    Minor correction, Namarti do have souls they just burn out at a far faster rate than normal. They use other souls as fuel for their own rather than as replacement.
  10. Yoshiya

    The Rumour Thread

    By that logic Slyvaneth and Legion of Blood are also a bit like Daughters of Khaine... Troggoths too if you count the Troggoths Hags as their leaders. Darkling Covens have a pretty different feel Daughters of Khaine in the lore and majority of models (only the Sorceresses are similar due to originally being the same army). They offer no allegiance but to the personal whims of their Sorceress lords who mind control the rest and thus don't really make any sense in any other army unless they make the Sorceresses swear allegiance to another faction. I personally think both the light aelves and dark aelves with be mostly new armies with maybe a very limited selection of old models. The lore is clear about them being a new generation of aelves solely devoted to their relevant creator as opposed to those lucky enough to somehow find their way into the Mortal Realms.
  11. Yoshiya

    The living city!

    Seems like a solid list though as you stated there isn't a huge amount of punch outside of the ballista and handgunners (though they sound deadly with the Azyros, good spot!). My other concern is that you have quite a lot of ranged units. The Living City is somewhat hampered by its excellent choice of ranged units whilst being an army that wants to generate line of sight blocking terrain (Wyldwoods). Whilst I think it's perfectly viable to take ranged units to take advantage of the ambush rules, too much of a skew towards and you run into the issue of not wanting to place your Wyldwoods because you'll be blocking off your own units. To that end I'd consider dropping one of your ranged units and replacing it with something with a bit more hitting power. Looking at your general game plan id lean towards dropping the Glade Guard and picking up something like Hammerers, Great Swords, Wyldwoods Rangers (not the best but a themed option), Evocators, or, Kurnoth Hunters with swords or scythes. Any spare points can be used on something like Eternal Guard or upgrading the Warriors to Longbeards (or increasing unit size). Hope that helps I've not really played around with the army myself yet so a lot of what I say is on the theory side of things but I do have a lot of experience with the similar Slyvaneth. One of the great things about the Free Cities is the option to theme them how you want though meaning everyone is different (I'm avoiding Free Guild for personal lore reasons for example yet your army has them as the core!)
  12. Yoshiya

    The living city!

    You should check out the Free Cities thread, there is some discussion about the Living City there and I did a breakdown on my thoughts of each battle line choice. As for getting Wyldwoods it's important to note the only way is by having a treelord ancient. The spell required to make them is Slyvaneth allegiance only and you can't use that with the Living City. The Branchwych is still a solid pick for being able to summon Dryads though you have to be careful since your non-Slyvaneth units can be hurt by your own forests. Unfortunately Sisters of the Thorn don't actually synergise well with the Treelord Ancient either as his command ability already lets him reroll saves of a 1 meaning you're spending a lot of points on a chance to reflect mortals on a 6. If you like the models (I really like them too) and still want to use them however, id look into using them on larger units of Dryads. More than 12 in a unit means they get +1 save taking them to a 4+ reroll reflecting mortals on a 5+. If you park them in one your forests for cover you'll go up to a 3+ rerolling ones and reflecting on a 4+! Another option might be Ironbreakers. Whilst they don't have any +save outside of cover the fact that they ignore rend means they will also get the chance to reflect wounds as opposed to the Treelord who loses the ability against rend-1 or better. Hope that helps. You can take a look at my list idea in the aforementioned thread and why I chose things though of course it's up to you what you use. The best advantage of the Free Cities is the huge amount of choice you get after all.
  13. Yoshiya

    AoS 2 - Free Cities (Firestorm) Discussion

    Yea, you can't take allies as you have no ally list to work with. Plus, the cities work a bit funny and rather than being allegiances themselves are more of a case of "when you have finished building an army that fits X, Y and Z requirements, you can use this rule as well" meaning you'd pick allies before the city and thus disqualify yourself from taking the city.
  14. Yoshiya

    How to deal with a Behemoth

    It's important to remember that the people in this thread are focusing mainly on your question, ie. how to deal with the Carnosaur. Nothing is stopping you from going all daemons and indeed two people in my store do to good effect. You will find the army somewhat limited however as you're effectively playing with half the toolbox (it's important to remember that even if things are the same point costs, theyre normally designed in the context of being supported by all the available models in the army, not only half). If that's something you're fine with then go ahead and build your all daemon army, if not, then take the advice of the people here. If you want to stick to daemons, as others have mentioned your best bet is to either increase the size of your Bloodletter units or to take a Bloodthirster of your own. You could also take a Blood Cannon to wound it before it reaches your lines though I've found them to be very all or nothing in my games against them. I hope this helps, it's important to try and remember not to get frustrated with this game. It's unfortunately somewhat unbalanced at low point games so I'd advise rather than focusing on the games to focus on the narrative. If you really find yourself struggling against his Carnosaur maybe maybe a game out of it? He could be a legendary slayer of daemons with a reputation that makes even daemons thing twice. Khorne demands his skull though and has sent a wave of daemons to take him down through a corrupted realmgate. The objective for you could be to kill the Carnosaur with reinforcements coming out of a piece of terrain/board edge on a 4+ after being killed. His goal would be to survive 5 turns/close the gate to stop reinforcements.
  15. Yoshiya

    Is a Grand Alliance Order army still valid?

    Sounds like a Living City army would be perfect for you it's basically a limited version of Order that lets you only take Free Guild, Stormcast, Dispossessed, Slyvaneth and Wanderers but in return you get a cool ambush ability (very useful for the Duardin!) I can't speak for its competitiveness as I'm still building mine but if you look in the thread linked above there is a bit of discussion about the army and I did a write up on my opinions of all it's battle line options