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  1. Considering the set is coming with a couple rerolls for defence I would probably suggest against it, but it could work against smaller warbands that are tied up with the blightkings (who presumably you're giving the big tank cards to).
  2. For the sake of it I want to build a lost pages deck with them
  3. See this is how I read it also. As the Wurmspat are a unit, and list keyword "Putrid Blightkings", surely they count, technically, as a unit of putrid blightkings, and therefore can be in battalions? As could Fecula, as she has Sorcerer keyword. I will say however that I don't know how the fact they are listed together as a Leader may impact it. It states they are separate units explicitly, but still.
  4. Rules up on NZ pre order. Sorceror of Nurgle, extra 60 points for two blightking meatshields, +1 wound, and +1 save. Not to mention +1 spell once per game. Pretty good if you ask me. Comes with Blessed Sons keyword. Most interesting to me is that the Virulent Discharge from the Wurmspat means Fecula has regular healing, not that you need to keep the boys with her. Also, am I right in saying that both can be taken in a plague cyst, with the wurmspat taking one of the mandatory blightkings, as they are a unit, and have the blightkings keyword?
  5. I think it unlikely we would see cycle for anyone but nurgle, as it's thematically unfitting for others. I'm hoping they should be a rather flexible warband, as they seem to be packing a lot of objective cards, but also aggro. Also they have no hunters, but do have a card to give someone hunter as a universal in their set, and also an objective that is scored if you have a character that is leader, wizard, and hunter. So play on Fecula - gain a glory.
  6. Was getting interested in heading back to my nurgle stuff and creating a new mortal only list. Timed that one right. Will be curious to see the rules, and if we have any potential synergies with the maggotkin units, such as blightkings, and the glottkin.
  7. Definitely more interested in these mostly from the aesthetic (always choose ones I like the minis then make decks that work). Curious as to what to build them with from what we know (nightvault cards). Hoping their more hybrid nature doesn't mean they end up like the EotN.
  8. Just because I can't work it out, wasn't this big boy meant to be someone from the world that was?
  9. This. My other half has shown interest but games have been a bit overly complex for someone who has never played a miniatures game. But having everything ready to go in one box, alongside my ironjawz and gloom spite, with the rules for the game, makes this a perfect starting point.
  10. Gave it a go in my local today. Really enjoyed how quick and brutal it is, terrain and miniatures are gorgeous. Looks like their is great potential, as with kill team. I'd expect to see in a little while expansions, maybe big beasties with additional scenario cards like black fortress. I can see some scope for tournament play also, though that will depend on the viability and how much disparity there is between the new warbands and aos factions. Looking forward to people's home brew additions.
  11. I am a fan of all of them, so if I like the game I'll likely get them all, but I'm not hugely keen on the cypher lords helmets. For me, it's the iron golems, really brutal and I like the inclusion of an ogor and chaos duardin. Otherwise corvus cabal.
  12. Of note, GW just released today an article on WC. Preorder this weekend, doing a deal wherein you choose any 4 base, 3 contrast, 2 shade, 1 technical and they'll be at a discount. Curious to see if that competes with other seller's discount on GW products however.
  13. I mean, if you don't mind me asking, where are you stuck at? If you post a picture of your work is be happy to give tips (unless you already outstrip me!)
  14. I think that's the key take away from this, beginners can go to having decent battle ready forces with a more forgiving painting process (nothing like making a mistake brush stroke on a finished multi layer area...), And those of us with more experience can use these to jump to more complex parts of the process or experiment with their properties. Pete the Wargamer has done one on their use over metallics, snakebite leather over leadbelcher looks like an excellent pain free way to get a quick bronze.
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