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  1. Sylvaneth. I recently started a small Sylvaneth army to play with the new Contrast paints. You can create a good looking Sylvaneth army quite quickly.
  2. For June: 1. Lord-Arcanum on Gryph-charger 2. Knight-Incantor 3. 5 Evocators
  3. Painted Skraggrot, Fungoid, Loonboss on Giant Squig and finally finished the Lord-Castellant.
  4. Finished my Gloomspite Gitz Squig Horde. They are making their first tournament appearance next weekend. Now onto that mass of grey plastic looming in my closet...
  5. Any word on when the new Contrast paints will be available for purchase?
  6. For May: 1. Skraggrot 2. 3 Bloodcrushers 3. Fungoid Cave-shaman
  7. Got a lot of painting completed. For some reason, Khorne was calling. Can't quite get motivated to finish the Lord Castellant. Did manage to finish 20 Grotz Stabba, Karanak, 5 Flesh Hounds, Bloodmaster, Judgements and a Skull Altar.
  8. For April: 1. Skragrott 2. 20 Grotz Stabbas 3. Lord Castellant
  9. For this month: 1. Zarbag's Gitz 2. 5 Boingrot Bounders 3. 5 Squig Hoppers 4. 6 Sneeky Snufflers Stretch: 1. Convert/paint Loonboss on Giant Squig
  10. Painting goals for January.... 1. Lord-Castellant 2. Lord-Arcanum on Gryph-charger 3. Knight-Incantor Stretch... 1. 5 Evocators
  11. Did not get thru my AoS painting goals. Did manage to finish a Realm Gate and 3 Gryph-hounds. My Lord-Arcanum and Lord-Castellant are underway. Somewhere during the month I got the itch to paint Dark Angels (Christmas marines for the holiday season I guess). So I painted up 5 Intercessors, 10 Hellblasters, 5 Reivers and a Rhino.
  12. Anyone know the points cost of the new Khorne battalion from W&R?
  13. Goals for December: Lord Castellant Lord Arcanum on Gryph-charger Dark Angel Rhino Dark Angel Dark Talon Stretch: 5 Evocators 5 Dark Angel Hellblasters
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