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  1. Rick_AoS

    The Painting Contract - October 2018

    After a slow summer (painting wise)... For Orktober: 5 Evocators Khorne Skull Cannon Suffocating Gravetide Stretch: 5 Sequitors Krogskull's Boyz
  2. Rick_AoS

    Price hike

    Prices on the US web-site are unchanged over the last few months.
  3. Rick_AoS

    The Painting Contract - July 2018

    For July: Finish 3 left-over Palladors from the June contract. Lord-Arcanum on Gryph-charger 5x Sequitors Stretch: Celestar ballista
  4. Rick_AoS

    The Painting Contract - June 2018

    For June: Finish current Stormcast backlog (3 Prosecutors, Knight-Heraldor, Knight-Vexillor, 4 Liberators and 3 Palladors). Stretch: Resist getting the new AoS 2.0 starter box until _all_ previously purchased ScE are painted.