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  1. Excuse me im a little disconnected. There are new abilites? A White dwarf battalionbor something? Thanks
  2. I Hope instakill effects doesnt work properly in mega gargants something like gotrek
  3. And add punishing mechanichs to reflect splashing ichors if they are hit. Another thing I would like to see is mimic sylvameth Woods to simulate the garden if nurgle as the nurgle corruption infects the landscape
  4. Not even then! They are useless but to Camp in an objective and pray for 1s in morale checks. My last Game 2x30 plaguebearers got to charge Arkham in open field... Only 2 wounds. Embarrasing
  5. You nailed It! The problem with plaguebearers even at 50 pts wont work. I suffered a Game against bonereapers and plaguebearers and Guo was a joke
  6. Im starting to think this year we wont have ghb
  7. Just found It unavailable in my country.
  8. Hi, that waiting is tearing me apart... Do you feel is a good idea to buy some aleguzzler gargants now?
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