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  1. While I wait for The generals I found time to work on my plagueBearers skin, I Hope some point reductions...
  2. Very risky, rotigus is ok but 7+ casting is 50% but actually is leds because of dispelling. You are in The same boat with gutrot you need 8+ to get The charge (yes you can reroll ). I think you are in bad spot against tier 1 and 2 armies. You Will be completely destroyed if get against seraphon, slaanesh and skaven. Flesh-eaters and nagash Will be tough too against DoK , idoneth and stormcast. You better put your eggs only in one basket daemons or mortals. Can you get another Guo for thricefold befoulment?
  3. Maybe Im a little pessimistic but in my local meta, nurgle is a joke. My last Game against a seraphon with The thunder battalions (that with 2 bastiladons and engine of The gods) and hace to give Up because It was pointless to play he keeps and summoning like crazy and I cant endure The laser beams. Before that Game against idoneth , volturnos and eels; followed of a Big unit of soldiers that resurrected 11 or so per turn. Against fec, well I got The witherstave so I thought I was safe from terrorgheist 6 mw on 6s but what a mistake, with a command trait that allow rerolls, The spell that give +3 attacks and Two activations... Horticulus fell un The 1st activations.... Meanwhile I managed to kill two winged monstrosities he throw a bunch of dice and said with each 5+ y resurrected one! How can we win that? Another Game : ballistas, sequitors and evocators, no comment In my meta there are neither ogors or dispossesed . And The bad news is that our Battletome wont be reworked un The foreseable future
  4. There is a lot of space for fluffy rules. plagueBearers should have a trait that punish attacking models, you are cutting trough The enbodiment of disease, contagious ichor would spray from open wounds. Just a single cut could be infected in seconds... Feculent gnarlmaw should act like livkng portals to The nurgle garden allowing to reroll one dice if a spell of The nurgle Lore is Cast near. Slopitty... Is maybe The worst Hero in The Game. There is not need to make It completely Broken like un 40k but give him something meaningful and fluffy.
  5. You better go blight cyst + gutrot, perhaps add some cogs to get The charge almost 100% guaranteed
  6. Thricefold against nagash is very dangerous, he can handDust one GUO per turn, unlikely yes... But once a Guo is gone The army crumbles...
  7. I could use It as tittle for a self help book
  8. I think The same, we better consider no point reductions like last year. And instead of focusing in what we want to be cheaper, which of our deadliest enemies could go Up in points. At The moment i think of slaanesh, he/she can farm an insane quantity of summoning points from our putrid blightkings and other units. In top of that, better survivality summoning like crazy, shutdowns our Magic phase etc.
  9. I started converting centigors they dont need too much nurgle abilities only Blades of put
  10. Dont allow units of >= 300 Doubling point costs for summoned units Resurrecting miniatures nerfed in different ways. It would be my favourite playing Mode, absolutely
  11. It doesnt, because they dont have The mortal keyword... But they are affected hy lord of blights and Blades of putrefaction (and they dont need The nurgle Mark)
  12. Dont overhype fellows! Remenber last year ghb, only 20 points reductions in a meh battalion.
  13. If that becomes true i Will be Happy as a nurgling! I could play The tallyband and The menagerie with lots of beasts
  14. Good point, our battalions can get good if recibe a discount keeping one of The good benefits like rend in cyst.
  15. Generals handbook is getting Closer what are your bets un point changes? Mine: Heralds (notbpoxbringer)down to 80 Beasts down to 80 Pusgoyles down to 190 Blightkings Up to 180 Festus Up to 150 ... And maggot lords down to 200!!
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