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  1. Wellmet people! I think I Will Come a few times to this thread
  2. Ive become crazy and bought 2 crear unclean ones now i Got 3!
  3. Yessss! Ive thought the same! Imagine a bigger feculent gnarlmaw that would cost points but is improved: 1d6 contagion points 2+ 1d3 mw to near non-nurgle units +1 to charge
  4. Woaaa such a nivel Discovery here! Really LOVE your work
  5. I think beasts of chaos can be our way to go until blightkings are fixed, we get our endless etc.
  6. Im very dissapointed last year no point drops wasnt an issue, but in the current year with fec, skaven, fyreslayers, etc. Nurgle is getting stale (haha). Whats the point of that battalion? Deepstrike? Move fast? Is absurda I wont take it even at 100. Pusgoyles still overpriced (160 shall be more clase to their true cost). The good thing to me is I wont buy anything for nurgle: I Hope of buying 2 more GUOs, maggotlords, beasts and more plaguebearers ... But not this year.
  7. With khorne u can bypass restrictions choosing The skullfiend tribe
  8. I want to field The awesome new sculpts: heralds, beasts and pusgoyles
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