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  1. It sounds like cities of Sigmar might be a worthwhile book to investigate.
  2. I’m nearing completion of my army. I mere six models left to paint for my 2k Squigalanche. I’m wondering what to start as my next project and looking for TGAs ideas. Im looking for something super different. Not just charge forward and smash. No hordes ideally, though if the idea is interesting enough I may go for it. And I tried playing SCE and found them quite dull. So any suggestions or pet armies you think would play super different from Squigs? Maybe something heavily magic or range focused? Something super techy? Maybe something that uses a whole bunch of endless spells? Sell me on your pet list TGA. Help me set fire to some $$$
  3. Okay. Let's do this: Paint: Lord Celestant on Dracoth Build: 10 Sequitors Stretch: Paint Imperial Knight
  4. Well, I didn't get anything painted, but i did get my LCoD built, all of kill team built, my grey knights kill team kitbashed, all five of my knights magnetized, and I managed to also build a veritable mountain of both AoS and 40k Terrain. So I'll call that a win.
  5. Done. Todo: Finish magnetizing knights Build Helverins Build and Paint LCoD
  6. So far so productive. I finished building all of Kill Team, 2 boxes of Azyrite Ruins, the Warscryer Citadel, 2 Baleful Realmgates, that ruined archway thingy, and a Sacristan Forgeshrine. Next up on the building queue, tomorrow, start kitbashing my kill team, then on to my LCoD for my Escalation League (subject to change to another unit of Sequitors if I need more troops once the next mission is announced)
  7. I'm gonna call my final post the one above. I'm quite pleased
  8. Okay. This months goal: 1 Lord Celestant on Dracoth - Built & Painted Kill Team - Build the entire box Grey Knights Kill Team - Kit bashed 'primaris scale' kill team based on Paladins and Agressors Stretch Goal: Finish magnetizing my Imperial Knights
  9. Boom. Done, but for my stretch goal. They aren't perfect, but they'll do. Pictures are a kinda dark ?
  10. Okay. Update time. My Lord-Arcanum is done bar some freehand on his book and scroll. The Sequitors are built, the Quicksilver Swords is built, and the Sequitors bases are in progress. The plan is to tuft up the bases, then undercoat, and zenithal spray the steel for the Sequitors and quicksilver swords tonight. If you're wondering, my Lord-Arcanum is kitbashed from: Gryph Charger of a Lord Aquilor Chest, arms, and legs of the Lord Exorcist Staff is a random assortment of bits Cloak is green stuff (my first ever attempt) Pictures are attached, but a touch on the dark side.
  11. Yeah, I've taken to putting all my hero's on scenic bases for basically this reason.
  12. I’m think I might just try and convert an extra great mace.
  13. I need to confirm this but it looks like the Sequitor sprues don't let you build a Prime with a Great Mace. So the 10man box has only 4 Great Maces.
  14. I'm thinking of using it on Tempest Lords to spam LAonGC abilities.
  15. FYI, I reread both the brooch and the ptricians helm and they both specify that on a roll you get an extra command point. So yes, they stack, and yes, you can net extra CPs.
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