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  1. I have an unpainted Hydra in my basement. It‘s the Last Remnant of my old world Dark Elves Army besides my DoK. I always envisioned as a pet to some Kind of DoK-Sorceress or Priestess. Now i created this Scroll. 36 points spent on her
  2. I probably need to magnetize my Ironclads main Turret. Can‘t decide between sky Cannon and volley cannon. then again...a sky hook Ironclad with „fighty heroes“ garrisoned sounds silly funny too.
  3. No matter how they name them now...they set the name Pointy Aelves in stone. I really hope that they turn our not too close to old High Elves...they were my least favourite of the family...
  4. This review has the new scroll https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/4364
  5. I think, we‘ll see the first reviews going online on open day and the preview seminar will show us stuff coming in the next 3-4 months
  6. That‘s a pretty pessimistic point of view, don‘t you think so? By this standard, Sylvaneth, Skaven, FeC, Beasts of Chaos, and many other armies are nearly dead...and so would be the game. it‘s pretty clear, that gw is trying to bring all Armies to AoS 2.0 standard. We are just one book apart from that...that is something i rarely experienced in my nearly 18 years in the hobby. They‘re updating every faction within 18-20 months...(it took 3-5 years in warhammer fantasy)...when they are done, they wont drop AoS 3.0 directly...so we are talking of 1-2 years of a release limbo, where we can expect everything from minor updates, over new models for existing factions through Campaigns to totally new factions.
  7. Well, i did the math, and the content prices (german numbers) equal out quite similar to feast of bones FoB: 6 Gluttons (32,50€), 2 Leadbealchers 16,25€, Scraplauncher (32,50€) = 81,25€ + hero Morghast (47€), Stalkers (40€), 10 Morteks (22,50€) = 109,50 + Hero so FoB value is roughly 190€ + two heroes Aether War: 6 Skyfires (65€), screamers (25€) = 90€ 6 Riggers (65€), Gunhauler (40€) = 105€ so aether war comes to 195€ plus two heroes. with this calculation i can totally see Aether war at the same price as Feast of Bones, on the other hand...Looncurses Sylvaneth half was also 98€+ hero...
  8. Wow...the amount if salt and whining is amazingly high in here...i‘m happy we are getting a new book and a flying hero (huge missed opportunity in the first release imo). I would have wished for some dice, because i like to collect them for my army...but the book is the thing that‘s important, and i‘m curious to see whats in there
  9. I just made a good deal on Kharadron Overlords two weeks ago, and now they announced the new tome. So 2020 will start with Duardin and finishing my Deepkin and Sylvaneth
  10. well Bonereapers do tempt me into buying as well as fyreslayers. I‘ve got about 180€ to spend on plastic and my deepkin and DoK are good to go without any further additions, i just need to paint. i‘ve got about 1800 points of sylvaneth that i currently paint. so before i start a new army, i‘m clearing my backlog and wait patiently for the announcement of the christmas boxes.
  11. Wait...isn‘t every Model allowed to take 2 actions per activation? so attacking twice is still there, when in range
  12. I was always fascinated by elves. Dark elves draw my attention, claiming they are the most cultivated culture, based on known killing methods. The Khainite cult in special: Blood crazed elves, rampaging through their own towns one night a year and of course Morathi, the Queen of Scheeming and self sustain. also own IDK because of weird Aelves, Sylvaneth as spirit tree elf (just wonderful models) and Slaanesh (every Aelf has a special bond with the dark prince)
  13. DoK ~65% Idk 5% HoS and Sylvaneth at 0% (waiting for contrast experiments. i actually don‘t care if i have to field grey or paint, but the big goal is of course 100%. The only thing is, that full-time job, Son(3.5 y) and wife have a much higher priority than fielding painted miniatures. Hobby-time gets short when you have a kid. i honestly have a bigger problem with gamers turning down a match because of grey masses than with people playing grey, because mostly there are reasons why it‘s not painted yet or takes some time. Additionally playing the game motivates me to paint my toys
  14. As a German, who reguarly makes big orders in UK, I can say it works quite well. If you buy things for 60£ at wayland games you are free to choose free shipping, so the savings are even greater. Waiting time is about 10 days when the items are in stock That being said, the next store is an hour away from me and more a toy shop than a FLGS so i have no regrets ordering from UK
  15. Well i had no special goals for 2018 until morathi revealed herself and from that on my goal was building a proper DoK-Force and paint them. The Building part was quickly achieved. I have up to 2500 points now. Painting didn‘t work out that well, i need to paint some (60) witch aelves, a cauldron and 5 Heartrenders to finish them. I got distracted by Nighthaunt (1500 pts painted), Shadespire Deepkin, pokemon, the witcher 3 and several Books from Markus Heitz... my plan for 2019: 1. Finish DoK-Project 2. Start painting Deepkin 3. Play at least once a month 4. Try to blog about painting and playing 5. Try to write fluff for a GSC-inspired/infected free city for AoS 6. Stop using my wifes decoration as Terrain stand-in and build my own terrain pieces
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