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  1. DoK ~65% Idk 5% HoS and Sylvaneth at 0% (waiting for contrast experiments. i actually don‘t care if i have to field grey or paint, but the big goal is of course 100%. The only thing is, that full-time job, Son(3.5 y) and wife have a much higher priority than fielding painted miniatures. Hobby-time gets short when you have a kid. i honestly have a bigger problem with gamers turning down a match because of grey masses than with people playing grey, because mostly there are reasons why it‘s not painted yet or takes some time. Additionally playing the game motivates me to paint my toys
  2. As a German, who reguarly makes big orders in UK, I can say it works quite well. If you buy things for 60£ at wayland games you are free to choose free shipping, so the savings are even greater. Waiting time is about 10 days when the items are in stock That being said, the next store is an hour away from me and more a toy shop than a FLGS so i have no regrets ordering from UK
  3. Well i had no special goals for 2018 until morathi revealed herself and from that on my goal was building a proper DoK-Force and paint them. The Building part was quickly achieved. I have up to 2500 points now. Painting didn‘t work out that well, i need to paint some (60) witch aelves, a cauldron and 5 Heartrenders to finish them. I got distracted by Nighthaunt (1500 pts painted), Shadespire Deepkin, pokemon, the witcher 3 and several Books from Markus Heitz... my plan for 2019: 1. Finish DoK-Project 2. Start painting Deepkin 3. Play at least once a month 4. Try to blog about painting and playing 5. Try to write fluff for a GSC-inspired/infected free city for AoS 6. Stop using my wifes decoration as Terrain stand-in and build my own terrain pieces
  4. Well, despite being still distracted by the Witcher 3, Family and household, i want to finish my daughters of khaine somewhere in the next months. so this month I‘m trying to paint: 10 Witch Aelves 1 Hag Queen
  5. Well...I didn‘t accomplishmy goals, cause i got distracted along the way. Snake Ladies are all finished as you know. The Ghosts as well. But my Birthday came and i got the 500 store-Ghost, the Anniversary Ghost and the Elusidian Starstriders. Already Build them. To further distract me, i got some money for my psn-account and downloaded the Witcher3. I‘m currently stuck with applying the Base Colours of those Witches. Skin Tone and Black already applied in two thin layers.
  6. So, my serpentine ladies are finished. Bases will follow after all my DoK are finished. Now i‘m going to paint my ghost buddies as a break before starting the first 30 witch Aelves
  7. I know its past 28th but i wanted to let you know that i finished Morathi this Weekend, still in september it‘s hard ro make some good pictures without a photobox...
  8. Well then, october is going to be a big contract. I‘m going to have a week without wife, kid and work and i‘m trying to use that week to get a huge chunk of my models painted. Btw Morathi is finished? so here are my goals: finish my snaky DoK parts: 10 Stalkers and 5 Blood sisters 30 Witch Aelves 6 Spirit hosts Crawlocke and his gang 5 Hexwraiths Stretch Goals start another 30 Witch Aelves. well then, let‘s wait and see what i will get done by the 28th. cheers Dodo
  9. Well, there is another company and a box of riggers on the way. If i could you the Frigate, i would have those nice 1000 points to play the first games.
  10. Yeah, spending retail prices on Witch Aelves is really painful. I own 60, bit i did some really good deals on used witches. Maybe you want to keep an eye on trading groups, forums or ebay
  11. Hello fellow Admirals, I‘m a DoK player at Heart (Morathi was one if the Reason i started Dark Elves back in the old days) but recently i found myself searching for a different playstyle , and the Sky-Dwarf got my Attention. Iloved their design from the Start so i had to buy them at some point. Since my DoK-Army is ready modelwise (no need to buy anything, just paint them) i feel free to start a new Army. I basicaly bought the Battleforce without a Frigate for 45€ (Second hand). to my surprise, the former owner put the Frigate inside the deal without asking for money. Reason: he tried to convert her, but wasn‘t able to finish the conversion. And this is the point of my story, at which i have to involve you. My Frigate is missing the following parts: The middle sized Endrin ( the straps are there) the Crew-Member sitting in the Big Endrin the Main Cannon one bomb rack my biggest concern is the Frontal Endrin. Im located in Germany and i couldn‘t find a bitz store that had the parts in stock. Do you guys have any ideas how to replace the Endrin?
  12. Well then... i don‘t know if i‘ll find the time to paint in the next days...so i‘ll post my progress now. i finished my Shrine, basing happens later. Aaand i started the big bad winged Lady. I‘m also nearly done as you can see.
  13. Well i pledged allegiance to Morathi and the Dark Aelves 14 years ago, replaced all my metal witch aelves during the release of the plastic versions and was happy happy, that my favorite Army got a (at least partial) overhaul. so DoK it is!
  14. okay, freshly registered after months of silent reading. I‘ll join in this month with the following goals: 1. Finish the Details on my Bloodwrack Shrine 2. Morathi
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