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  1. Nice work. The conversion is fun, and it's always cool to see Nurgle in a nontraditional color.
  2. terrainguy

    terrainguy paints

    Finished up the big guy. Quite happy with how he turned out! Next up is an allied “arachnarok” 😉
  3. terrainguy

    terrainguy paints

    Thanks! Surprisingly it’s pretty stable. The picture being top down makes the base appear deceptively smaller than it is, so it provides a pretty stable base. I also made sure its main bulk is also pretty much level with the anchor point so it pulls downward instead being a big mass perched up high above the anchor waiting for a bump to push it one way or another.
  4. terrainguy

    terrainguy paints

    Work begins! I had to do up his base before gluing him on to paint, so that I could get to everything on the base.
  5. terrainguy

    terrainguy paints

    Thanks! I’ve been incredibly happy with how they’ve been coming out. It’s also been fun seeing where I was as a painter years ago compared to now. It’s taking more time than just rebasing, but it’s been well worth it so far. Just gonna take awhile to get through my 8000 or so points of old O&G!😅 White primer, Fire Dragon Bright, Fuegan orange shade, reclaim highlights with Fire Dragon and clean up shadows with Troll Slayer (if needed), then final highlight with P3 Heartfire, then a shade of Casandora Yellow to tighten everything up. Finished up my warboss! Took a couple quick snaps at the painting table. I always loved the new Skarsnik model but am not a fan of the new Gobbla. Fortunately, I love (and had) the old version. So I combined the two and got a warboss with great cave squig that I love!
  6. terrainguy

    [GA: Death] The icy touch of death!

    This continues to be one of my favorite Death armies I’ve ever seen. Keep up the incredible work!
  7. terrainguy

    Elfhead getting things painted

    Great stuff! Your Nurgle warband’s colors are wonderful!
  8. terrainguy

    terrainguy paints

    Finished up the herders last night. Took a quick snap. Moving on to my not-Skarsnik, aka Grot Warboss with Giant Cave Squig.
  9. terrainguy

    terrainguy paints

    Squigs are done! Although I’m a bit frustrated as I seem to have misplaced one. 😓 Like the shaman, the rebasing turned into a complete fixup, bringing them up to a better level of quality. I’m quite happy with them! Next up is a batch of 10 herders to lead the motley mob of pumpkins.
  10. terrainguy


  11. terrainguy


  12. terrainguy


  13. terrainguy

    terrainguy paints

    Finished up my warboss on great squig. The sculpt/cast quality was a pain, but I’m fairly happy how he turned out. Part of my rebasing project is also bringing some of my paint jobs up to better standards. I painted this some 10+ years ago. At the time he was to a standard I considered done. With many of the elements at the level I considered my best.Since he’s one of my favorite models of all time I was excited to get him fixed up proper. Here he is all finished. I’m quite happy with how he came out. He’s now a proper leader for my gobbo horde!
  14. terrainguy

    terrainguy paints

    Some quick snaps of the Squig Gobba I finished last night.
  15. terrainguy

    terrainguy paints

    Was fortunate enough to get a game in over the weekend. 2k of Khorne v craven “Free” People. 😜 We both love infantry and had massive lines of soldiers ready to square off. He would go on the shattered my left flank with gunfire. Whereas an Incandescent Skarbrand and a host of Bloodreavers would shatter his. Our armies then pinwheeled to fight the length of the board. Unfortunately, going the length was detrimental to my footbound madmen under disciplined ranks of gunfire. In the end my Aspiring Champion stood alone against a horde of halberd users. Khorne cares not from where the blood flows!