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  1. Great to hear! I enjoyed it and was hoping it hadn't died.
  2. terrainguy

    Best music for painting stormcast eternals?

    K-Pop! Don't judge.
  3. terrainguy

    The Painting Contract - October 2018

    Fungoid Cave Shaman Rebase and touch up Squogres Armies on Parade display board for the Squig Parade Bloodstoker
  4. terrainguy

    The Painting Contract - September 2018

    Just missed my goal. Wasn’t able to get the shaman done. Did get some big ol’ teeth painted though! More pics of these are in my painting thread if you’re interested.
  5. terrainguy

    terrainguy paints

    You are correct! Hope you're doing well. I miss attending OFCC and seeing all you guys, but it keeps getting scheduled over the top of Gencon. I call them "Squogres," though I suppose I should call them "Squoggoths". Since I use them to represent Sourbreath Troggoths. They are a combo of 40k Kroot Ox, Squig, and green stuff. I'll be touching them up and getting them on round bases soon. And thanks for the likes and nice words everyone! Need to get all these old moonclan projects done so I have a clean slate for the new stuff.
  6. terrainguy

    terrainguy paints

    “Arachnarok” done! A proper Squig for a shaman. :)
  7. terrainguy


    http://tiny-furniture.com/ http://zealotminiatures.com/ I've ordered from tiny-furniture before and it is great stuff. Haven't gotten anything from Zealot yet, but it looks pretty ace.
  8. terrainguy

    terrainguy paints

    2nd Squig Gobba done! Just need to finish my “arachnarok” and one more shaman and my 2k squig army will be complete!
  9. terrainguy

    Size of Merwyrm and Kharibdyss

    Website says he comes on a 120mm base, and here it is next to a Stormcast.
  10. terrainguy

    Nighthaunt mini madness

    Absolutely love the texture you've brought to this model!
  11. terrainguy

    terrainguy paints

    I decided my shamans needed a “squig” of their own!
  12. terrainguy

    terrainguy paints

    Squig Hoppers done! BOING!
  13. terrainguy

    terrainguy paints

    Took a break from working on my squig horde to play a game. Faced off against the villainous free peoples! Tragically we were forced to let the soft ‘umies think that their mechanical contraptions and shiny spears carried the day..... ?
  14. terrainguy

    Knight-Zephyros Neave Blacktalon

    What is that head from? Looks great!
  15. terrainguy

    The Painting Contract - September 2018

    That is a super cool idea and execution!