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The Painting Contract - May 2018

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Hello folks and welcome to the Painting Contract for May 2018!


If you don't know the rules they are:

Each month you post an amount of models that you agree to try to paint/build/convert/sculpt. This can be terrain, models, Warhammer Quest Silver Tower/ Shadows Over Hammerhal, Blood Bowl or Shadespire as well as AoS of course. 


On the 28th of the month the contract closes and you can then post your progress images so that they can be critiqued, shared and boasted about. It is a great way to get involved in the community and to get inspiration.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone share their progress!



@Mohojoe & @TheOtherJosh

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I'll start off!

Last month wasn't successful as I'd like, but I ended up with some nice terrain!

This month let's see what can be done to remedy that:


Build Magore's Fiends & Skaven Packmaster and 10 rats

Complete painting of WHQ Doomseeker

Paint a major either adversary or hero for whq (Horror of Tzeentch, Magister, Bloodsecrator) OR Shadespire Warband


Kairic Acolytes (3 primed)

Prime 10 bloodreavers

Prime 5 Putrid Blightkings

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Looking ahead I will not be doing the last months volume ?

i have a few little projects I can work on. Budget still is unrelenting but I have a box of 10 shadow warriors, 10 spider riders, or some duardin warriors , miners and a couple of characters still undone. Plus a high warden on a griphon if I get carried away. I will also be converting my old Dark Angel army to my Guardians of the Covenant colours but that for another forum. 

My real interest is my first true AoS army which will be stormcast and vanguard together. As I need to buy it all, that will take more time. Just put a bid on a lord Relictor as I love the model and the fluff. That will start the slippery slope of a new army ?

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Illness prevented me from fulfilling much from my last pledge, so only managed 2 Fulminators and some Azyrite ruins

This month it is looking like mostly Idoneth Deepkin. Initially I'm saying Lotann and 10 Namarti thralls but could add to this once I've been to Warhammer Fest

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I pledge to paint my Khorne marked chaos warshrine and 10 blood reavers. This gives me more options for 2k mortal Khorne lists. I expect this is about 3 weeks painting so Stretch goals would be

I have about 40 minis that need basing. So some of them would be good.

Some chaos heroes, so one or two of the following

Gaunt Summoner

Slaughter priest

Exalted death bringer 

Aspiring death bringer 

Should the mood take me then I may paint some stormcast allies for my sons army (and future allies for my idoneth).

It's a lot and I will be happy w shrine and reavers. 

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I'm back on the AoS train (having been less than successful on what I was planning on doing ;))

Very simple for May, with thanks to @Chrisdanish for picking up the remaining models I required:

Assemble & paint 4 x Morghast Archai

Stretch goals are:

Assemble 10 x Grave Guard

Paint 20 x Grave Guard

Finish converting new Vampire


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So March and April were almost complete write-offs. In May I am determined to get some stuff done. With that in mind, my goals are:

- finish painting Shadespire Skaven.

- finish my Clan Skryre muster I wanted to get done for the Malign Portents event.

- build the Daughters of Khaine Blood Coven box.

Stretch goals:

- finish painting Shadespire Orruks.

- start painting the afore-mentioned Blood Coven box .

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May plans:

1. Repair the (traded for) Mighty Khorne Lord.

2. Base him and his skirmish warband (Bloodwarrior and 3 Bloodreavers).

3. Paint them.

4. Rebase Shadespire Garrek's Reavers warband.

5.  Paint Garrek's Reavers.

6. Strip some more of my traded for miniatures.

Stretch goals:

1. Paint stripped miniatures.

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Ok so it’s my first time signing up to a pledge  For this month I’ll start small with hopefully painting my Storm of Sigmar starter. 

3x Liberators

2x Retributors

3x Blood warriors

5x Blood reavers

Stretch goals would be;

Base BoK half of 2 player starter


Build SC Khorne Bloodbound.


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I've basecoated 10 drakespawn knights and a chariot. I want to get the drakespawn painted, and complete the 5 knights from a unit that I already have the drakespawn finished from. 

Stretch: get all the knights done. 

Optional (ie I need a break from lizards): Lokhir Fellheart or Sorceress on a Drakespawn. 

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Been thinking about what I'm going to do for May. It's looking like:

  • Paint 5 ungor raiders
  • Paint 4 kairic acolytes
  • Paint one hero for Silver Tower, I've got the Warpriest, Knight-Questor (converted to a Lord of Slaanesh, but still...) and both elves left.

Stretch goals:

  • Paint more ST heroes
  • Assemble, base and prime 10 gors
  • Assemble, base and prime 10 bestigors
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So as way of inspiration for anyone considering doing this. For the past 3or 4 months I have been painting the Hammerhal set, just a few models each month and documented progress in these threads.  What seemed daunting back in January is now done and being actively played with, wth these threads and feedback driving me on. Here are the heroes I painted over the past few months.


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Ok it’s time to get serious. I have had a stretch goal for months now that I have failed to complete, but it’s time.

My pledge is to finally paint Skarbrand, hopefully he hates paint & will remain incandescent  :P


I’m not recording a stretch this month because I am only focusing on Skarbrand 

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My first pledge also... Idoneth, here I come!

I need to finish my Eidolon. I got the coat and armour done, finally, after many days of blending and glazing for a TMM on the iron and good blend on the waves, but I can see a light in the tunnel.


10 Thralls? Should do.

This is the absolute minimum.

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After two tries i’m not even putting my Cauldron down as a goal ? only stretch


finish steelheart and homies & build and paint the cauldrons passengers 


details on cauldron + OSL on cauldron + magnitized mirror  


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After actually completing a pledge for the first time by pledging one whole model, this month I'm aiming for a unit of 10 Infernal Guard Ironsworn. 

If I make it through that I have another 17 to strip after picking some up on ebay last year. 

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Failed last month but got 50% through roughly.

so this month I pledge to complete my FEC's ghouls, horrors and terrorghiest.

i have picked up a box of horrors so I can have a full unit of 3 to go with Courtier.


if I get to stretch goals I'll try and build my Great Unclean One.

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