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  1. Gargant kit comes with crows (and Johann!) Dragonlord kit comes with a mini dragon and phoenix/bird
  2. Are there spaces left? Had a great time with you guys at BOBO!
  3. I've also had the idea of having the bare minimum troops and just summoning in the rest. My main concern is that this essentially leaves our heroes almost completely exposed until we can get stuff summoned in, giving opponents a chance to stop us before we get into the swing of things.
  4. My Exalted Keeper of Secrets ready to lead my Host! Which I've still yet to name 😅
  5. I go over it in black but only when I can be bothered to 😅
  6. I finished my Exalted Keeper of Secrets recently! Fiends are also well of their way to being finished!
  7. Hopefully it's because Khorne are just getting the BT, Endless not-spells and a single infantry sized model as far as we know. Hopefully we'll get at least a brand new Keeper of Secrets, Endless Spells, Terrain piece, BT, possibly a new Masque and maybe some more mortal units if we're lucky.
  8. There's also this which I know is a bit of a stretch but I'm hopeful
  9. Those aren't indicative of what is getting releases, it's just the images they use to represent each Grand Alliance, they wouldn't plainly show us exactly what each battletome would be like that.
  10. So the LVO announcements weren't what we were looking for in regards to Slaanesh but, I'm sure I'm not the first one to notice this (and pardon the crude drawing)
  11. Will hopefully be grabbing a ticket once I sort out some accommodation 😁
  12. Played against Gloomspite and the 6 fiends were the stars of the show, taking out an Arachnarok Spider, Loonboss on Mangler Squigs, dragged a block of 40 stabba grots buffed with the loonboss off away from objectives and were brought down, but by then I could summon 3 back in a more favourable position! Summoned a couple of Infernal Enrapturess' which sniped off half the Gobbapalooza (one dying to the Discordant Disruption). Made a bunch of mistakes and forgot a load of rules but it was enjoyable. I did order some movement trays before the game was finished for my daemonettes though.
  13. This month for me: Paint Exalted Keeper of Secrets that is coming today Paint Fiends Stretch: Paint 10 Daemonettes Just getting back into the painting rhythm so a small one for me
  14. I found the fiends pretty easy to be honest, they took a little longer than I expected but nothing too complicated
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