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  1. Hey Arnie, No worries dude! That's great. Have a great Christmas. Cheers
  2. Cheers @Hebroseph Really appreciated mate!
  3. Just a quick question that check my understanding. Does the Earlbad battalion ( mw on 6s to hit) also affect any mounts like stonhorns and mourfang? Cheers!
  4. Hey Arnie, Do you know the location in Bristol this will be hosted at? Cheers Chris
  5. Cheers @Souleater The Azzure app won't let me validate the list as I haven't assigned the command trait so I wrongly assumed that he could then not be your general. Silly app! Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Morning, Please excuse the question but I just want to double check that I'm not a banana. Katakros is a named character and thus can't be given a command trait. The legion traits state that your general must have that specific trait. Does this mean that Katakros can't be your general? I'm not very good with these kind of things so please help enlighten me! Cheers
  7. They are looking great Jon! What about a road trip on the 16th to Swindon for the opening of Firestorm?
  8. Sorry Jon, I haven't been getting notifications. Think I might have logged out :( Cant do this weekend but can try and book something the weekend after maybe?
  9. Hey Everyone! I thought I would get the ball rolling on the painting threat as it's looking a little 🐻! With the impending GW paint price hike, the Internet is in a fit of panicked rage to ensure that ALL grey plastic has been painted prior to this deadline. Don't you miss out! This year will be the year of paint more than you can buy. I may have said that before but this year will be different .... hopefully. I have a stack of stormcast to paint including the prime, vanguard stuff and soulwars. Looking forward to getting these all finished so I don't have to paint another
  10. God damnit I forgot about the Christmas jumpers! Just a quick thanks for turning up, playing some ace games and grabbing a good curry last weekend. I hope you all had a blast with it. I know I certainly did! Let's make gaming great again by making this year the year we bash out a load of games and newly painted toys. If anyone fancies a game/pint I would love to play last weekend if the month. Keep your eyes peeled as I'm hoping to get a four player firestorm campaign going (only a year late).
  11. Brill, think there will be 7 of us in total. Happy for you guys to play whatever! I'm going to bring a few models as have Dave and Marcus joining us so will probably play a few small point games or skirmish with them.
  12. *Please Read* Right gents, still waiting to hear back on numbers for next Sunday. If you can come please let me know if you haven't please let me know I hope you all had a great Christmas and have lots of new toys.
  13. Apologies I was indeed. Hope to book before Christmas if people are bale to get back to me that would be great xz
  14. Yeah, will probably give it a miss this year I think. I'm away for a few days that week with work so could do with a rest. Defiantly up for the 6th though!
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