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  1. Charles

    Trusylvers Terrain

    Great progress, keep up the good work!
  2. Charles

    Da Black Jawz

    So many checks 😍 Great work, and commitment!
  3. Charles

    The Rumour Thread

    I too thought a new Khorgorath when I saw it. Please be true it’s my number 1 want for AoS.
  4. Charles

    A Real Concern re: Black Library

    Or sign up to audiable and get them for £7.99 a month.
  5. Charles

    Hallowed Knights: Black Pyramid

    I am very excited for the book, I just finished Plague Garden two months ago so it’s all still very fresh in my mind. @JReynolds posted a really interesting series of tweets hyping up the content of the book. Looks like it will tie up loose threads and delve deeper into the daily reality of the Realms than any book since City of Secrets!
  6. Charles

    The Painting Contract - November 2018

    Pledge for the month is to paint 4 Blood Warriors, 1 Skullmaster Herald of Khorne. Stretch is to paint anything else, perhaps Garreks Reavers, a Bloodthrone or build some more models to eat working on.
  7. Charles

    AoS Xmas Battleforce Box theories

    AoS will be Stormcast, Nurgle, DoK, Idoneth & Beasts of Chaos
  8. Charles

    First and Latest

    Awesome thread @Praecautus I will join in when I get home and have a chance to find some of my older .
  9. Charles

    The Rumour Thread

    I am very surprised the two storey Azeroth ruins have not been released yet. They were ready and showed off at the open day in June.
  10. Charles

    Lore reveals in GW's "500 Facts..." post

    Codex Squatts confirmed!!! If we work back how many leaks there have been I think that makes the release date the year 40,000
  11. It would be nice to have a Khorne Motal character who could actually do damage to a unit or enemy character in combat!
  12. He is about 4 times the size of Archaon at least.
  13. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with this Warscroll. He seems like loads of fun as an end boss in a narrative campaign.
  14. Charles

    AoS Doubles

    FYI anyone going to the AoS double event at Warhammer World. GW sent an email round saying the event will be starting an hour earlier than initially planned.
  15. Some really great armies and models on display there, great work everyone!