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  1. No worries thanks for looking.
  2. In the diary! I hope @Stevewren is planning to host Warhammer Achievements 7 😀
  3. Charles

    GW's Half Yearly Report

    I switched back to hard/paper back versions because I got fed up of Amazon charging more for Kindle editions than the physical versions. This also kick started me to buy back from BL direct.
  4. I am about 130 pages into Spear of Shadows and it is great, but the coolest Skaven I’ve read about is in the Black Rift book (even though it’s mostly about Stormcast & Khorne) although I did get excited when that same rat appeared in Spear of Shadows
  5. @Dangermouse425 thanks appreciate it. Forgot to mention I am UK based
  6. Hi Guys, Does anyone have a Slaughter Priest with HackBlade & WrathHammer left over from the White Dwarf give away a couple of years ago that they never plan to build and paint? I’d quite happily give him a new home, because I need one to convert for an upcoming narrative campaign.
  7. Looking forward to it 😀
  8. Two tickets booked for this! Can’t wait to come and see your venue.
  9. Looking good, did you ever finish your Archaon?
  10. Charles

    Eight Lamentations: War Claw

    Thanks found and bought it! It doesn’t come up when you search Eight Lamentations 😢
  11. Charles

    Eight Lamentations: War Claw

    I’ve had trouble finding this as well on their website. I am only 90 pages insto Spear of Shadows (loving it so far) so I guess I have time to find it. Hopefully it will be on audiable as well by then, I have lots of spare credits
  12. Charles

    The Rumour Thread

    I would enjoy a Kharadron homing torpedo’s & Sky Mines. They could also have a scenery piece that is an Ather stream/Seam or a Cloud miner 😍 Khorne could have a Black Rift or Viel of Blood that Deamons can break through that can be set up by heroes so you can still summon after hey are all dead, or provides bonus Blood Tithe. They could also have “endless spell” models for the Brass Meateor, Portal of Skulls 💀💀
  13. Charles

    Events UK: Essex GT (Wayland Games Hockley)

    Very up for this, didn’t realise how close it was to me! Just need to ok it from the boss, it’s only 20 days from my Wedding!
  14. I posted this in a different thread but it really helped me. “I helped myself get stuff painted by refusing to play with unpainted miniatures and giving up video games” You can also free up loads of time by killing off things that you now only do out of habit, i.e. stop watching long running TV shows where the quality has dipped, you won’t miss anything by not watching the last day TV hit etc. Focus on the things you really enjoy and your productivity will peak