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  1. Can’t wait, need to get to the drawing board on how to make a Cogseer. Let’s start ideating
  2. The answer to the core question is no. AoS core strength is simplicity this introduction would weaken that strength. The problem you are identifying here is that GW in some of the newer battle tomes (Legion of Nagash onwards) has moved away from the rule of what does this model look like it should do? In favour of making battle line units easily OP, for example a block of 40 Skeletons should not have more attacks per model than combat only hero’s just looking at them, but they do. In the same way as Goblins should never be wounding on twos when Blood Warriors wound on fours, but they do. It would be much better to solve this issue by stopping Battle line being such lethal killing machines or by giving everyone else more wounds.
  3. Hopefully they will learn from this and move book production back to the UK as well. GW is a UK manufacturing success story they don’t need to outsource to China. Saving a few pence per unit but being at the mercy of customs and international shipping is not a great trade.
  4. @JReynolds really sorry to hear that, I thoroughly enjoyed Spear if Shadows and all the related short stories. Hopefully what ever Road/Word Block that is in the way is removed for you somehow!
  5. No I want a new faction with models and rules that fit the amazing Lore that the Black Library Focus most of their AoS effort on.
  6. None of these. A new army or redesigned Free guild / Order of Azyre would be amazing
  7. I can’t see the Khorne FAQ I’ve refreshed a bunch of times 😔
  8. I don’t think I will have a chance to play for a while so April is to get my Khorne army ready for my new Battle Tome. April Pianting goals -Finish my Herdstone - Build, Prime & Paint 2 Judgements of Khorne - Build, Prince & Paint Skull Alter of Khorne Stretch - Isn’t that stretchy enough for your April??? - Ok fine, Build & Prime Skulltajer & the new Blood Letter Herald.
  9. Pledge complete and I have made pretty good progress on the herdstone you can see that in the background!
  10. Hate to say it, but I called this. The nerf bat has been swung hard at the Wrathmongers 😢 That’s my favourite and second favourite rules in the entire game removed (Total Carangae & Blood Fury). They were both fun anti meta tools. I don’t want to come across as saltY because I’m not worried. I’m sure the new BT will give with the other hand and be tones for fun. I will make sure I get one final outing for this rules at Throne of Skulls this coming weekend! 💀💀💀💀
  11. I don’t think they need a nerf, they are the most fun part of the army. I had just been so excited about the new rules and fixing stuff that is a bit dull or non thematic in the current book, and didn’t stop to think they may tone down some elements.
  12. I’ve just had a cold sweat come over me, what if they change the Wrathmongers Bloodfury ability. It is one of my favourite things about the army, but it is very powerful so could be due a nerf. . . 😱 I really love how Khorne is anti the meta, Magic heavy (well reroll that), monster mash (stop hitting yourself)
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