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  1. Mincemeat

    We need an Age of Sigmar video game

    Give us skyport tycoon! I can also see gorechosen becoming a fun battle royale game in a bug coliseum type arena. Or an ARPG where you play as a man eater wandering the realms taking jobs and discovering delicious new cultures. Really with the scope of AOS there are bound to be some really good opportunities to translate into video games.
  2. Mincemeat

    AoS 2 - Beastclaw Raiders Discussion

    Would be great to see us get some terrain piece tied summoning. Reading about Svogork posts and Heng stones in the book gave me some ideas. Heng stones (big shards of ice with glyphs and trophies) could grant points toward summoning in yhetees similar to how gnarlmaws work, as well as bugging nearby yhetees and sabres with their aura of cold. Svogork Posts (stakes offerings are tied to in order to appease the ever winter) slaying a hero within a certain distance grants a load of summoning points, plus emperowering our allegiance ability next round, e.g tailwind is a 6" move, mortal pounds happen on a 5+ Just wishlisting really, but would be cool to have our own summoning and terrain piece rules in destruction somewhere 😁 has anyone made some scenery based on these?
  3. First off welcome to the Alfrostun! I've seen this question quite a few times and the answer is buried in the last FAQ (or maybe the one before that?). Basically, command models (banner bearers/horn blowers/champions etc) are always assumed to have the same weapon as the rest of the squad for simplicity's sake. In the case of a 4 man unit of mournfangs as long as the 4th guy has a hacker all the others are assumed to have one as well, even if on the models they have one handed clubs. In groups of 2 I'm not actually that sure, I assume the ruling is the same and you can just say they have hackers. What I did is cut the 2nd hand out of the hackers and glue the hafts back together so the banner man and horn blower look like their holding theirs in one hand, it works fairly well. Alternatively you could kitbash the banner to attach to a saddle or one of the guys backs like a Samurai banner, and do a similar thing with the horn. Generally as long as wargear is on the model somewhere people shouldn't kick up a fuss. The Skalg always has a pistol no matter what, so either do as above or glue one of the spare pistols to his belt, looks pretty decent with a whole brace on there. Hope this helps and that you feast well!
  4. Mincemeat

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    Have a tournament coming up and I'm liking the MSU ideas coming up, so thinking of using one big group of 12 Ogors with double clubs, and 2 ogor layer cakes consisting of 3 bulls with iron fists, 3 Ironguts and 3 leadbelchers with the idea being that the bulls fight at the front, the Ironguts behind and the leadbelchers firing in behind that. The big blob acts as a distraction while these little formations grab objectives and get work done. Might throw in a stonehorn for more distracting. What do you guys reckon?
  5. Mincemeat

    Stupid lists! Who can out-dumb everyone?

    Skaven sneaking into things and causing mischief? sounds familiar. *cough cough* black pyramid *cough cough*
  6. Mincemeat

    Stupid lists! Who can out-dumb everyone?

    Who says only order can have gunlines? Grot Hailstorm Grot Shaman -80 Grots x20 -100 Grots x20-100 Grots x20- 100 Rock Lobbers x16 -1600 1980 Basic idea is to have all the rock lobbers in a big blob to trigger the extra attacks from each 6+to hit and drown the opponent in a hailstorm of moderately sized rocks. Swap lobbers with doom divers and you have a Thousand Grot Bombing Raid. DA LOUDEST BOOM Butcher with Cauldron -140 Leadbelchers x3 -140 Leadbelchers x3 -140 Leadbelchers x3 - 140 12 Ironblasters- 1440 2000 Pretty simple. Probably useless but by Mork 12 ironblasters would be a beautiful sight.
  7. Mincemeat

    On Soul Grinders

    Hi all Been looking at adding a soul grinder to my Khorne army and noticed they don't seem to crop up that often, which is strange because they have a pretty brutal close combat stat line (potential 6MW on a hero) and are sick looking models. Marking one KHORNE and having it buffed by a secretor and Spriest for +1 to its attacks and hit seems really strong, anyone tried running this? Or even using them in other lists, must be pretty good in a Nurgle army with that 5+ save after save. Hell, just share your best moments with these bad boys!
  8. Mincemeat

    AoS 2 - Beastclaw Raiders Discussion

    Seems almost like a bad joke to me: Finally a reliable +1 hit and its for ogre kingdoms and on a model that isn't use able in matched 😞 Still buying this guy though.
  9. Depends on what army you and your opponent are playing. I generally prefer the 1500-2000 point mark but if I'm playing Bloodbound Id rather stick to 1500 so as to avoid hauling big hordes around the table, whereas with beastclaws i like to do around 2000 points so as to have more options and stuff to do in game. Vice versa with my opponent, I just think 2000 points is kind of a datum point that all armies work quite well around and normally takes up an evening nicely. Like everything in Aos, at the end of the day do whatever you and your oponent decide is fun is fun.
  10. Mincemeat

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    So I'm looking at expanding my beastclaw raiders into braggoths beast hammer soon, and I'll probably opt to pay £2 extra for the start collecting set over buying gore gruntas on their own, which provides the perfect excuse to begin an Ironjawz army! 😀 Truth be told Ive wanted to this for a while, love the Ardboyz models and lore, to me the only thing scarier than an orruk is one who knows about tactiks and whatnot. So I'm thinking of running an ardboyz heavy army. Any advice on this? I thought about running 2x minimum ardfists (about 1600 points now I belive?) to mitigate the warchanter being sniped. How would you guys fill up the other 400pts?
  11. Mincemeat

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    Good going! Love to see the Ironblasters getting some love, even as distractions. It's probably hilariously inefficient but I reckon gordrakk plus 9 Ironguts with their buff on and +1 to hit from a butcher would be a laugh. 45 attacks at 3+/3+/-1/3 rerolling one's to hit would put a dent in anything.
  12. Mincemeat

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    Defo- I think the meta will start to be about sniping wizards much more now, and with LOS and regeneration butchers are probably going to be the ardest wizards around
  13. Mincemeat

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    Always was a fan of the double hand weapons one of the only to hit buffs we could get post ghb2017. Vindication! However the lack of Allegiance abilities for a second year running has me even more concerned, I just can't fathom why GW seem to have no interest in this army whatsoever. It would have taken the best part of an hour to copy the charge rules from the wartribe battalion and use them as our allegiance abilities, which is fluffy and fairly balanced. I feel for our diminutive grot brethren as well in this.
  14. Mincemeat

    AoS 2.0 Desctruction Changes

    Still holding out hope for a Gutbusters and/or grots battletome later this year what with the lack of Allegiance abilities for those factions. I've heard theories that because of Malign Portents and getting some Aelf releases out these times may have been delayed. On the meantime, what info do we have on realm specific artifacts and spells? Havnt seen any leaks hanging around and would be interesting to see what Ghur has to offer
  15. Mincemeat

    AoS 2.0 Desctruction Changes

    I'm just sad rampaging destroyers looks to be similar (if not the same) But at least they might make the other command traits and artifacts more useful.