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  1. Mincemeat

    How do Blades of Khorne deal with Hordes?

    Skull reapers for sure, their lack of rend doesn't matter so much against mob trash and buffs can give them plenty of attacks. They really start to shine in a skull take battalion (add a juggerlord for additional nastiness) and with korgoraths. Throw in a bloodsecrator and aspiring deathbringer to get the khorgies up to 10 attacks each and they can wreck pretty much anything whilst healing each turn. Skarr Bloodwrath as mentioned above is good, attacking every model in 3" while resurrecting makes him a persistent threat to enemy hordes, and he's a bargain for 80pts.
  2. Mincemeat

    Your five year plan for AoS

    Most things I'd do are already mentioned, but I'd make one alteration. Battletomes only contain fluff, AND a ring binder section at the back. In this section go the latest warscroll, allegiance abilities, batallions and points costs availible as pdfs to be printed off and slotted in, with extra slots for misc items like endless spells/battle plans etc. This would give huge flexibility to points/warscroll adjustments and prevent the messy situation of having rules spread across FAQs and GHB etc. The GHB itself is just a big fancy folder with pockets for battle plans, alternate play modes (skirmish, aerial and massive battles etc.). Mainly useful as storage I guess? The core book could be kept pretty much as is, core rules and the 3 ways to play as well as lore. Really goes the whole way on the modular rules aspect of the game and would make book keeping a heck of a lot easier once you get all the data sheets you need in the battle tome. Edit: Also release a freeguild/ Gutbusters boxed set called "guts and gunfire" that has them fighting over several highly explosive gunpowder stashes. This was literally shown to me in a dream the other night (when I bought my box in the dream the free guild all turned out to be those green plastic armymen you can get in any toy shop 😢)
  3. Mincemeat

    1000 point Tournament Review- Khorne

    Fantastic writeup! Good to see Chaos Knights getting some love, I'm really enjoying using these guys lately (despite my inability to roll a 4 or high for any hit roll ever) Skull reapers I find work best in their battalion, the extra damage on the odd wound roll helps but the really great thing is them buffing korgoraths to 8 attacks, throw in bloodsecrator buff and the beasties get scary real fast. You're right on bloodtithe being hard to use, most of the rewards seem so underwhelming only the auto unbind and occasional apoplectic frenzy seem worth killing units for. Congrats on the victories, blood for the blood god!
  4. Mincemeat

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    Finally built my Gutgouger tyrant (pics to follow once he has some paint on him) and was wondering about kit for him. I know the consensus is Ghyrstrike+ might is right but I'm quite interested in trying 2 swigs of battle brew+wild fury for potential 5 attacks with the same 4+ proc for a turn which seems pretty wild but unreliable. Anyone had some fun times running this?
  5. Mincemeat

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    If they just upped the damage to 2d6 and points to 160 again I think it would be a decent little horde killer for a reasonable price. Hopefully we do get a book but there's no reason they can't update the pdf scrolls like when they removed the min range. It really is criminal to have a model that awesome that has so little impact on the tabletop.
  6. Mincemeat

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    He's a beauty alright! Some great use of BCR bits there, consider me inspired! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Mincemeat

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    Seen some pretty cool pictures recently of a Tyrant converted from a megaboss, has anyone else tried this? From what I saw it just looks like Megaboss body+ ogor head (Ironblaster gunner helmet looks like the one) and a gut plate with some greenstuff. Keen to make my own for a possible Ironjawz/gutbuster army whose whole shtick Is that no one's sure whether the leaders an ogor or an orruk, but he's dead 'ard and can eat lots so the troops just go with it.
  8. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Anyone else remember that Realm gate in ghur that's actually the mouth of a giant beast that keeps moving about? (think it's mentioned in the Ironjawz book) How about a prelude campaign involving Gordrakk and other champions of destruction trying to hunt down this creature whilst the other GA's try and stop them, call it The Hunt for the Maw Gate and have it as a prelude to Gordrakk's great big Waaagh. The Hunt could be the actual campaign with the Waaagh more of an ongoing issue throughout the realms like the necroquake. Also WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH is in my autocorrect now and I cannot be happier.
  9. This. I'd love to see GW lean into the Mongol /Norse themes in gutbusters and beastclaws. I loved the lore about Greasus Goldtooth turning the Ogre Kingdoms into an actual polity with goals and interaction with other races beyond eating them, would be great to see something similar in the Realms, like a development of the golden horde of the gutlord stuff in GA: Destruction. Hell, even the progressive taxation stuff could make its way in as a protection racket, which what I've fluffed my gutbusters as running. Farmer pays 9/10ths of his cattle and the ogres keep the chaos armies out, whilst the Ogors get easy meat and a good scrap.
  10. Mincemeat

    Races of the Grand Alliances

    I'd love to see a race of Gnolls or Dog-men following Gorka-Morka, like the awesome Tarellian dog soldiers of 40k. They could have a "go fetch" mechanic in whereby leaders throw squeaky toys at enemy units granting re-rolls to charge.
  11. Mincemeat

    Who is the best?

    Gutbuster are the best, thinlings. All this "buffs" "alpha strikes" and "allegiance abilities" who needs all that ****** when you can just bash everyone upside the head with a cannon, then eat em.
  12. Mincemeat

    Do people want Ogors to be combined with Orruks/Grots?

    It's worth remembering that in the end times Grimgor Iron hide whooped the Ogre Kingdoms arses and bashed in Greasus' skull with his own sceptre, thus causing the ogres to follow him as the incarnate of beasts. I think ogres worshipping gorkamorka is the logical continuation of this (as well as Ironjawz being DA BEST) Going off the destruction battle tomes and GA book its looks like since every faction worships GM as a different aspect, it seems that he's more a god of primal behaviour and instinct than anything else (predator God for BCR, Sun eater for firebellies etc.) so it makes sense for ogres to worship since they just wanna eat and fight due to their nature more than anything else, without any real concept of conscience or reason. Just my 2 cents, very badly worded ?
  13. Mincemeat

    Wishlisting Thread

    Updated Ironblaster warscroll to better represent the fact that its a giant cannon that uses normal sized cannon balls for grapeshot while being crewed by less than competent artilleryogors. Something like 3d6 shots doing d3 damage each, but you can't fire if you moved. And have a miss fire table you roll on every time it fires, adding 1 to the roll for every 1 rolled to hit and a 6+ makes it explode SPECTACULARLY.
  14. Mincemeat

    Wishlisting Thread

    This. Or a full Ogor Pirate fleet
  15. Mincemeat

    Destruction Rumour Thread

    I heard something about it, can't remember but it was on here from someone who knew a guy who leaked stuff about DoK and deep kin in advance and was right. And it mentioned the Hawaiian stuff and maneatwrs getting folded back in. So yeah I heard from a guy I can't remember who may have known a guy who said we may get some ogor stuff. Take it with a wee bit of salt ?