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  1. Want the following Khorne stuff: -Skullgrinder -Exalted Deathbringer -Aspiring Deathbringer -Units of Skullreapers
  2. The Brothers Brass, my 10 man unit of gorefist Bloodwarriors, wanted to do them differently to my normal red/bronze scheme double axes unit, so here we go. Pledge for April finished.
  3. Got a great head start on this month's pledge. Gonna be doing a lot of games this month and the weekends is typically my hobby time, so with a 4 day weekend from work managed to complete all my Judgements and the Skull Altar, wooohooo!
  4. Let's do it! Skull Altar Judgements of Khorne 10x Blood Warriors Any progress on my 30 remaining Bloodreavers (last of my backlog of miniatures holy crapppppp)
  5. Well, with the Khorne Battletome and rest of the stuff my last weekend that would have been for Wulfrik, ended up being build and prime all the new Khorne Judgements and the Altar, and I even got to test the new 'tome out! Not disappointed since I still made hobby progress in place of Wulfrik, and there's plenty of time for him next month! Great job to everyone who made progress this month!
  6. Only time it would help you is if you were allying in the Insensate Rage Thirster, since Locus of Fury is an allegiance ability for Khorne aligned armies.
  7. Day off work, I speedpainted my "converted" Magore/Riptooth into a 'Mighty Lord of Khorne'. Little sloppy and Magore needs some more highlighting in the future, but I like the way Riptooth's hide blends turned out.
  8. Super quick and grungy Skullcannon, this was a very hard miniature for me to do as I really had zero motivation to complete it. Stopped short of most edge highlighting besides drybrushing, glad to have this thing out of my brain - for a little while atleast... Does anyone else find that painting a model just for the sake of getting it done is harder than painting one you want to use on the table?
  9. February was superb, gonna try and get everything but my hordes of battlelines done by the end of this month. Mighty Lord of Khorne Conversion (Riptooth/Magore) 1 SKULLCANNON (No excuses for this one this month) 1 Exalted Hero of Chaos (Wulfrik the Wanderer resin model) Good luck with your goals my friends!
  10. Still can't bring myself to start my Skull Cannon cause I never envision using it in my army, maybe next month I will not swap it out last minute with something else... BUT THIS MONTH! BEHOLD OLD SKOOL KARANAK IN ALL HIS TERRIBLE SCULPT GLORY!
  11. I like using a spawn as a blood sacrifice target if i can squeeze it in, to each their own I guess.
  12. Biggest miniature I've done yet, felt like it would never end!
  13. Oh, interesting, I never imagined it was from the type of super glue. Thanks for the quick response. Edit: I can't use plastic glue once I've painted, right? That's what I prefer to use for my minis.
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