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  1. Ok late uploading but been having IT issues. here's what I have managed, my crypt horrors and ghouls are done. Terrorgheist will now be June's pledge.
  2. Well last month was not a failure as such. Managed to finish my ghouls and 3 crypt horrors. Must post a pic. Failed on the terrorgheist but did build and start. So I am going to keep it simple this month and for June finish the terrorgheist.
  3. Failed last month but got 50% through roughly. so this month I pledge to complete my FEC's ghouls, horrors and terrorghiest. i have picked up a box of horrors so I can have a full unit of 3 to go with Courtier. if I get to stretch goals I'll try and build my Great Unclean One.
  4. Update on FEC contract. Don't think I'm going to complete my pledge too much work and life getting in the way ☹️ But we still have 5 days! So may get the majority with exception of TG completed. have been using AGK and CHC in a skirmish campaign so these are pretty much done, just need to tidy some bits on the CHC, quite happy with the AGK. Having made one of the horrors/flayers into a Crypt Haunter Courtier it left me with two so made these up as horrors. Will have to get some more to make a unit! Completed bases for the ghouls and prepped and built two bases for horrors. if I can get ghouls and horrors complete I'll be happy and will have to put the TG down for next months contract. So onto some pics.
  5. I'm going to join and pledge to paint my FEC starter set.
  6. How did the tournament go? What worked, didn't work? just starting FEC's myself, only got the Start collecting set x 2 as a few of us have stared a skirmish campaign.
  7. I'll see what I can come up with as just starting FEC's myself.
  8. Interesting as I have been wondering the same. Just started playing skirmish and picked up FEC start collecting set which I'm working my way through. summoning you need to pay the points for the 10 ghouls out of your 1000 to bring on/summon later in the game. it's Muster that I'm looking into as I can't find anything that states you need to include muster points. As Muster appears to be an ability I am currently working on the fact that these mustered troops do not need to be paid for as they do with summoning. Puts a large target on the head of those with this ability mind. You will need more ghouls/horrors/flayers for Muster. according to GW site a Varghulf does indeed have a 60mm base. good luck with your FEC's.
  9. Hi tga community new member old player from back in 6th and 7th edition fantasy. i have a death army which now needs some work and a lot of rebasing! Starting a Nurgle daemon army to use in both AOS and 40K. do require some advice or point in direction if you could be so kind. With a group we have decided to start with Skirmish before moving to PTG as we build and paint. Great opportunity to start learning the new rules and encourage some painting. However is there a revised list of nurgle daemon skirmish points anywhere? I have the skirmish book which lists most things such as spawn etc but no beasts? Maggotkin book has PTG cost and units but not skirmish which surprised me a malign portents has skirmish points for KoS. Even the warscroll builder does not list herald as an option so wondered if there were revised points in existence for nurgle maggotkin and rotbringers. anyway look forward to reading the posts and there is some awesome bits in the gallery which have given me some inspiration. I look forward to chatting, debating and discussing this awesome hobby with you all! JMech aka John
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