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Using hobbit models in AoS... Legal for events?


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At official GW events...

If you read their typical rules pack (Deadwalkers Event Pack), the wording says you can only use GW models, so I think you could argue about having Hobbit models. However I going to use common sense here and say they will probably say no. Partially down to the fact that they will only want you using AOS models at the event (imagine turning up with a Tau Stormsurge as a Stormcast on a Stardrake). Conversions is bit weird and should be okay but you will need to check. 


At non GW events...

Should be fine ;)


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11 hours ago, Lucifer said:

Whilst waiting on an official reply from GW can someone who has been to one of GWs recent events clarify whether they allow the use of LotR bits or even full models/units in Age of Sigmar events please 

I would imagine it's the same rules as before. You can use bits from LotR/Hobbit but not whole models. Best to email the GW events team direct though before buying anything or chopping stuff up.

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18 minutes ago, Lucifer said:

For the plan I have, these particular models would look just right...


You see, Lord of the rings/hobbit models ARE still GW models... 

I'd still double check. The events pack for the Deadwalkers does only say GW miniatures, but it'd be lousy to get all the way to an event and be told "nope, can't use them".

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11 hours ago, Iain said:

I guess they would be about the same height but yeah they would probably look very thin and small headed in Warhammer. Wish GM listed the height of models or somebody made a reference

AoS is all heroic 28mm scale and LotR/Hobbit is 25mm.  It was the one big differences when the game originally came out which made it difficult to change between the two.  Those mini's are likely a head shorter than the glade guard.

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In WFB 8th edition I used those Mirkwood Rangers as Shadow Warriors in my High Elf Army that was predominately made up of Mantic miniatures, so everything was thinner and smaller...some people may remember my Frostheart "Phoenixes" :P.

They (the Rangers, not the Mantic Elves!) are fantastic models. A bit lacking in crisp detail like the rest of the LotR/Hobbit plastic range, but very nice indeed. Unfortunately they simply would not work alongside the AoS range.

As @BaldoBeardo said, back in the day you weren't allowed to use full LotR models at WFB events held at WHW, but this was very explicit in the event packs. If it now says "GW only", it may have been relaxed. Out of pure curiosity I'm interested to know.

If you are going to any independent event, there would be no issue (provided the proxies/conversions/alt minis were appropriate - check with the TO if in doubt)

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I think Gaz has the gist of it, really. His Stormsurge example is extreme, but it does put the spotlight on the point.

What is the limit?

In a game where several nearly identical models have different rules, and the variance in the length of a weapon or the shape of a blade makes the difference in assessing their threat potential, how much variance from the 'standard' look of the model is acceptable?

I happen to think that the appearance of a model, right down to its size, look-and-feel as part of a range of similar armies (as in, an army), and the equipment it has really do matter.

I wrote this: http://www.muppin.com/joesleboda/manifesto/Section3_2.htm {see especially the page after that one for the chart) long ago, so it's outdated, but the concept remains true.  Note: it's deliberately written to be a bit gruff/loud/zowie, so if you opt to read it, please just look at the points I'm tryin' to make and not the language.


Essentially, while I would play against whatever were it sprung on my, I'd make a real effort to find opponents who use the "right" models for my next game, given an option.

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