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  1. We have access to the cheapest horde in the game to tide us over if ya really want it
  3. Honestly? The best counter is hordes vs monsters. No elite unit will stand up to those monsters. The good thing is that they are secretly slightly over priced and hitting twice and mortal wounds are their best tricks. So when they aren’t used efficiently they can be bogged down and killed pretty easily. We also have dudes who are horde and have a save vs mortal wounds if yah know what I mean (those beautiful kairic acolytes)
  4. TGA was down for a bit a wasnt it? Lol anyways horror spam isn’t as effective at low points but I think you can get results with the right list, so first things first we need a cheap wizard able to fulfill our wizardinf needs and grab a daemon relic well also grabbing an arcanite trait gaunt summoner w/ mark of the conjurer and arcane sacrifice then we will want our battline pink horror*10 pink horror*10 then some blues for numbers and later summoning brims (as we want initial bulk and throw away units while still going full horror spam) blues*10 blues*10 blues*10 then end with some endless spells, we will be taking shackles for denying charges. Spell portal for board control and pendulum for summoning 1000/1000 pts game plan is to first turn launch pendulum thru as many horror units as you are brave enough to hit (hitting at least one pink unit) with this and arcane sacrifice you almost guarantee a blue horror unit first turn even if you only hit one pink unit and with using a one on the battle shock for the pinks you can mitigate actual losses by bringing back d6. Becuase you are killing your own dudes you may want to grab emerald lifeswarm instead of spell portal to bring back some more losses. Becuase you aren’t very damaging and have less mobility then a 2k list (becuase lack of changehost) try to focus down spells on objective grabbin units (with gaunt summoner you can easily remove a 40 block of something with another spell and battle shock so objectives will get easier and easier as you replace your losses with summoning and your opponent loses his highest model count units) save your CP for battle shocks when battle shock will cause you to lose an objective. Magic is your best damage dealer so always give the pinks at least one damage spell (if not both pink units) if you want you can adjust the endless spells and list by dropping a blue for brimstones giving you 30 more points to work with. You can grab balewind instead of spell portal as well if you want an extra spell to possibly activate mark of the conjurer more times (I really just put it there for some bonus points and to make summoning a little more powerful) I also left lore spells blank but almost always go for the look out sir spell on the gaunt summoner as he is your only unit that can summon, if he dies your list does as well. As for a complete 2k list here one I’d run based on the template above and the original 2k list Base lord of change w/agnaxs scales (4 up save vs mortal wounds) gaunt summoner w/arcane sacrifice and wellspring of arcane might pinks*10 pinks*10 pinks*10 blues*10 blues*10 blues*10 blues*10 brims*10 brims*10 formation:changehost endless spells: pendulum, shackles, spell portal i did the math in my head but should be 2000/2000 points and fit all the requirements for the formation and a 2k list. I left lore spells blank as I believe you should choose depending on opponent (always have someone with bolt of tzeentch tho and always get the gaunt summoner the look out sir spell unless your opponent has zero ranged threats and no wizards) I chose agnaxes scales as my defensive relic due to my opponents that I normally fight not having anything ranged that isn’t wizards (other then token units I can deal with without much fuss when needed) so if your meta is different feel free to pick a different relic for him. I grabbed well spring on the gaunt summoner becuase we have a lot of daemon casters and when rolling 14 dice every magic phase you are bound to roll ones with some of those dice and worst case scenario you just roll another one and best case scenario you get plus one to plus five to your dice roll so it’s honestly a great relic! any questions or if my math is wrong then ask away, sorry for the huge delay in posting
  5. I hope they didn’t choose the rule s of engagement, seraphon have advantage on these objectives 😂😂😂 first off you are gonna have to decide early on whether you want to kill the slann or not, as it will most likely take two turns of spells. The list itself is pretty good from what ive seen (although the ogroid in a ranged list seems out of place, however since you will most likely be fightin* up close against heroes for objectives perhaps will work out fine. If taking him for his spell I’d suggest the magister as a cheaper and better version of said spell utility wise. Of course less damage and wound still but them the breaks for potentially tying up units. Plus if he runs skinks they will be forced to retreat hilariously enough as they almost definitely can’t do enough damage to the spawn) what exaclty is the seraphon packing. Are they going skinks or saurus? Do you know specifically the hero’s he has? How focused on summoning is this player?
  6. One of my fave factions is FEC, and my other fave faction is um... pestilens 😝 I also play tzeentch almost exclusively but even then it’s normally only varied with wizards. My troops try to stay the same
  7. Because of how cheap marauders are you only have to get rid of the herald for 20 more so it seems like a good trade especially since the lord of change can do more damage then the herald and you have two other casters so I think you’ll be fine in that regard. I’d also like to ask you why you don’t just summing pinks in your second turn instead of blues first turn since you say you’ll already have enough for blues thru arcane sacrifice (which is the trait right? How are you getting 10 points from d3 models dying unless you use the pendulum to supplement that) The chicken is amazing and perhaps the best generic caster in the game so you won’t be disappointed by him I’m just biased in my leaning towards less squishy lists haha. I do think you should just attempt for pinks second turn for better lategame anytime you can manage it tbh, and I missed the sweet spot being missed so don’t take out cogs (but that herald for the marauders and shackles is prolly worth it) as for spell portal, sometimes it’s exactly what you need to use the gaunt summoners abilities on fanned out hordes. Against Sylvaneth or any board with woods you can place it inside the woods to circumvent The stupid line of sight rule it has. If you roll poorly on realm and get ulgu one of the realm traits is 12 inch line of sight for everything except prayers and relics... it’ll hurt without spell portal. Getting around line of sight blocking terrain is useful, and the actual reason you take it is becuase you can fire a spell outside of deny range which is LIT 🔥 lol (as I believe they still need to be in range of you to deny it)
  8. So any news on the new book? I’ve been looking everyday for leaks and info
  9. With pendulum, conjurer and sacrifices you should easily summon when needed so it looks great at filling out bodies! I do however warn about cogs. As summoning is never intrinsic in a tzeentch list as most points come from horror deaths it’s far better in my mind to attempt shackles or palisade in order to counter melee lists and keep you safe then too gain a *possible* 2 points per turn. Especially when you will only be casting arcane bolt or mystic shield with the final spell on the lord of change. Balewind is welcome as it increase range and doesn’t just give extra spells. I’d argue a spell portal would be a more desirable endless spell for this list for a quick even point trade if you don’t want to Be left with more points to spend. id also argue the need to have starting size for early game, I’d suggest marauders or dare I say.... maybe.... getting rid of the chicken for a cheaper caster and more bodies? 😣😣😣 I’m sorry (I like hordes) don’t hurt me 😂😂😂 becuase of lack of damage horror lists kind of keep momentum rather then gain it which is why I would start with more bodies for early objectives personally. It should be noted that this is from someone whose knowledge isn’t firsthand, but received from studying up so it may not be the case for you. Also the chicken is just SOOOOO COOOL so I would be heartbroken to remove him even if it might be the best choice (and it’s probably not) fateweaver is also a choice, same points so easy replace (also his ability makes fold reality not a gamble) , also why the herald? Why not another caster (like the magister, creates thall that shall not be named so potentially stops charges, seems better to me personally then the herald, but of course the herald is nice cuz daemon hero and horrors) or even more bodies tbh, it’s 120 for marauders and another 20 to add shackles if you drop the herald 😎
  10. Also remember that summoned units don’t count towards kill points so for minor vistories in case of ties the ability to summon troops is invaluable
  11. This is also a good point! And why good horror spam works best at high levels. It should be noted you can achieve a similar list with the multitudinous horde battalion however it will not be as competitive (but the added horror healing can be hilarious and fun, it’s just that it’s unneeded for the list to work and that the mobility added to the changehost is a much better bonus for actually completing the objectives most games need to win)
  12. The changehost requires 9 units to use its ability twice so as such filling out the list with as many cheap msu units allowance the teleports to stay frequent. You can always add a pink horror unit at the expense of two initial blues if you fancy, it’s all about finding the balance of horror types (which is why I intentionally left that part of the list completely blank and only filled the base) blues are cost efficient and initial bulk can be important so I belaive personally 5 casters is enough and filling out with blues and brimstones is sufficient, especially since this list cares almost completely on board control and doesn’t need extra casters in my mind. As for a 1k I’ll formulate one or just put up the one I already have ready but be warned the one I have ready is less horror spam and More my next list utilizing heavy horror use, but it does still use similar tactics. Horror spam at lower levels is difficult to do as it’s harder to promote “growth” with deaths but it’s still doable, I’ll post it later today
  13. Okie doke lord of change the trait that gives minus one to hit at range plus the minus one to hit relic (I forget the name sorry) and whatever spell you’d like as a lore spell pink horror*10 pink horror*10 pink horror*10 (these fill out our battleline and grant us 4 casters so far, excellent firebase and lots of spells with possible plus two to cast! Yummy) mixture of blues and brimstones (mostly blues, keep brimstones as a way of keeping points for other things you want as blues split for free so no need to focus on brimstones. It is recommended to keep both at unit sizes of ten, but if you want more initial staying power from a single unit for any reason feel free to bump up a blue horror unit to whatever you see fit, the msu style is however what makes the list so annoying, as often the opponent can only delete them one at a time, only for another unit to be spawned on your turn) gaunt summoner w/the look out sir spell as our anti horde (we like the number advantage) and a highly survivable caster to summon with end with some endless spells (take any you like but spell portal and any that disrupt movement and charges such as palisade, graveside, and shackles are extremely useful and recommended. I’d also suggest the burning head, as so many attacks could be potentially buffed and for the most part you don’t care about losses. You can also use a damaging endless spell you hurt your horrors on purpose in order to reinforce another area of the battle. I suggest pendulum for this task as it can’t backfire on you and does a lot of damage in a controlled area. This allows you to pick up as many horror points as needed while also retaining control over how many units are hit. Remember that since it is cast in the hero phase you will get to summon with those points immediately that turn! Since summoning happens in the movement phase I believe) and grab the changhost formation this is of course an unfinished list as I wanted to keep it as open as possible so that you could finish it as you like, but still see the base of a “horror spam” list and understand how to make your own. The base idea is as follows: the opponent loses effectiveness as they lose models... you don’t! This is because horrors split, so as your force dies you either stay the same damage wise or actually gain damage such as when a pink horror splits into two blues, doubling their shots at the price of a bit of range. The formation I suggested allows for a second relic, please consider either the mark of the conjurer on the gaunt summoner (the lord of change is too valuable to give anything other then a durability relic sadly) or the relic that allows rerolls of one to cast for daemons nearby. Another change could be to make the gaunt summoner warlord and grab the arcanite trait: arcane sacrifice. This will allow you to sacrifice nearby horrors to split even faster and spawn more units, thus gaining more and more area as you spread out horrors. Due to fate points you will get from the enemy casting and you casting, the horror points allow you to “fill in the blanks” and as such make tzeentch summoning sometimes match that of the seraphon if enough horrors are dying. The added mobility of the changehost formation allows you to continue to gain favourable matchups on objectives (such as switch a dying unit for a bigger one, scoring an objective) or even keeping opponents stalled in melee as every blue they kill gets replaced, and you simply spawn more brimstones to fill in your gunlines. The teleport abilities of the changehost also allow you to keep your pinks and lord of change safe from harm, and always remember to use those ones to pass battleshock for the pink horrors as they hold banners that allow for d6 horrors to come back when they roll a one for battleshock if you would like an actual complete list, or one for 1000 points please don’t be afraid to ask, as I love adding content to this thread! I hope with this post I’ve broadened your understanding of why the list is effective and why horrors can be so scary in large numbers. Please if I missed anything @me so I can learn more tricks haha. I hope I was not confusing and I didn’t add too much info at once
  14. In all honesty you’ll be tougher and more damaging then most “chariots” at that price tag. And it’s one of our best units... add a magma for every train to carry with it 😂😂😂 if you find yourself lacking in numbers due to your heavy investment, then pick up some marauder allies (we can ally with marauders right?)
  15. Who else likes the concept of the cabal but hates the formation itself
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