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  1. I WAS MAKING FUN OF HIS NAME 🤣 oh god does sarcasm not translate thru text well. I even spaced it out to make sure it was clear his name looks like more ****** (inappropriate body part) im simply not familiar with moorcock, which is why I Focussed on Tolkien in my post, it would be disingenuous to do otherwise. Tolkien did not make up his myths on his own, he used already created works, but that’s fine because every single author does this to some extent to further this point: the 8 realms is just Odin and friends. Sigmar is just odin now. That doesn’t mean they ripped off ancient myth, they just have a setting based on it.
  2. Did you miss the whole part of me saying they were based on actually myths and legends. Or the part where it’s a list of things that don’t remind me of Tolkien’s books? At what point does “not remind me of Tolkien’s books” turn into “GW made up Arthurian myth” just like all of Tolkien’s work? So therefore Tolkien is just using... stolen mythical tropes? What a shallow author lmao. I LITERALLY CALLED THEM AZTEC DINOSAURS 🤣 my point is, trolls are based off myths (I believe Celtic? Can’t remember) but that doesn’t mean throgg is just a trope and shallow. Throgg is not an ancient myth. Groudon and Kyogre are based on myths as well, I believe Japanese myth incredibly similar to behemoth and the leviathan from the bible. In fact every Pokémon is based on something in the real world. This doesn’t make them ununique. It just means they are based on something else, like every thing art hasn’t ever created. absolutely zero works of fiction are 100 percent new material, you have to base at least something off of reality. The human mind can only picture what already exists, this is why you can’t think of a new shape or colour, and why drawing can be simplified into basic shapes. Art imitates nature, then more art can imitate that art, and so on until the original is unrecognizable to the new creation
  3. Moorcock sounds suspiciously made up.... moor.... ******.... huh.... anyways, everything is a modified version of something. It’s impossible to not imitate to a point. Tropes are one thing, but they are so surface level I’m not even sure how a 30 year old setting can be criticized as tropes. I’m not actually sure who moorcock is, but I do have a familiar sense of Tolkien’s works so I’ll compare from there. things that don’t remind me of Tolkien from old fantasy: magic system, several aspects of elves and dwarves (the dwarves in fantasy remind me of Tolkien dwarves turned up to 11 and made ridiculous, to the point of being unique), all of death, orks, wood elves, the actual feeling of the setting, lizardmen, lustria, cheese (warpstone), skaven, bretonnia, humans, sigmar, all the gods essentially, every single aspect of daemons (you know, the whole badguy of the setting and the main antagonist in most of the world spanning campaigns), chaos as a whole honestly, trolls, and several other aspects that could go on and on forever if I really listed every individual and identity that doesn’t remind of Tolkien’s fiction. and the best part is every one of the above things I mentioned are based in some form on another fiction (myths and cultural monsters, it’s no secret slaanesh represents an aspect of the devil, and we all know trolls and other creatures were not made up by Tolkien) bretonnia is an obvious example, chaos humans are evil Vikings. Aztec dinosaurs. Vampires for Pete’s sake. and even if all the above were carbon copies of Tolkien, the actual characters that made up the setting were so different and unique it would never actually be the same setting. Tropes don’t define a setting, and a 30 year old history is not shallow. I’m also too young to have grown up with the setting so this is just me reading up on 8th edition lore. And at no point did I even find it Tolkien esque even when reading about races that are clearly based on his works. Stories like an elven hero fighting 4 daemons with a sword dedicated to a god of murder do not make me think of anything in Tolkien’s settings. In fact to me it came off way more high fantasy then Tolkien’s. It’s loosely to Tolkien’s books what AOS is to fantasy. This is even more prominent in Lord of the rings, where the story is about normal people (hobbits) completing epic journeys despite their overall normality. To me this is like saying Star Wars is just start trek. But if Tolkien has clear near copies of all the above then please tell me where I can read about them. I’m only really familiar with some wiki pages and the lord of the rings novels and movies, as well as the short story the hobbit (which was somehow made into 3 movies lol, not that I’m complaining, I’m glad I got to see Smaug on screen) This concludes my late night rant, I definitely overreacted!
  4. Then old world is older then me! People will look back at AOS and think similar of it once it’s gone. i will say that certain aspects of the old world I miss. It’s harder to do less epic stories in AOS. A gritty setting gives off an aura that adds flavour to each and every story. Old vampires vs new death armies are so alien despite being the same alliance. Even orks have become more fantastical, but I do think destruction has done the least amount of changing. However the writing and setting is superb, just the decription of slaanesh armies vanishing without a trace in ulgu has me hyped for malerions inevitable release. The short stories in the flesh eaters court tome are amazing, and chaos has become so much more relatable to the point where specific chaos armies don’t even feel like badguys anymore, just victims of happenstance. from a gaming perspective the game feels so much more balanced, and also feels like it has just as much depth as fantasy despite The vastly simplified ruleset. I miss the old magic phases and level 4 wizards risking death to pump out powerful spells the most (prolly why I originally gravitated toward tzeentch) but other then that the new game feels so much better. i do also miss the old magic item system, it felt like I could customize my hero to do whatever I want! And the old armour piercing system while complicated compared to rend was very logical in execution.
  5. If you want a quick explanation, malerion was once an elf named malekith (the same name as the marvel villain) this elf wished to lead the elves as a Phoenix king if I recall correctly, his mother (Morathi) helped him in this regard for her own selfish reasons. They eventually succeeded and he was allowed to take the initiation ritual. This ritual involved being on fire until the gods recognized you as worthy. Malekith stepped into the flames and was wrought in so much pain he gave up before he could be crowned king. It is then revealed in the end times that he really was the chosen one, and just needed to wait in the flames for a few more seconds. Anyways Morathi heals him I think and I’m missing a whole bunch of info but civil war of sorts starts between malekith and his loyal followers and the elves. Malekith is then exiled after the conflict, retreating north to carve out his own empire with his conniving mother Morathi. These elves following him become the dark elves, and the elves that exiled them are the high elves. during the endtimes he leads the elves against chaos under one banner. After the old worlds destruction he was fused with his dragon and took the name malerion. He found himself in shadow (I assume someplace in the realm of shadow) and eventually was able to make himself a physical form. He found more creatures like him (dragon elf demon things, demon meaning monster and not actual chaos daemons) and he found his mother as well. Now he controls the realm of shadow, and every attacking army finds themselves swallowed by darkness before disappearing forever, presumably dragged away by malerions elves in the gloom. this explanation is from my own headcannon and hearsay as I’ve never read any actual elf lore! Please correct me if I’m wrong but that seems what I understand
  6. Sure! This is from memory so i May have had slightly more or less warriors in each unit so I apologize for any inaccuracies but I ran this list: allegiance: slaves to darkness faction: ravagers chaos lord: agnaxes scales, bolstered by hate trait chaos lord: blasphemous cuirass, eternal vendetta trait exalted hero of chaos: master of deception trait chaos warshrine chaos warshrine 20 chaos marauders w/ axes and shields 25 warriors w/shields 25 warriors w/great weapons battalion:plague touched warband, so everything is marked nurgle this list came to approx. 1970-1980/2000 if I remember correctly few things I took away from this: one unit of warriors is enough, and with nurgle mark you only need 20 to succeed against the enemies hammers. Anything lacking rend is an utter joke, and even high rend opponents will find it difficult to pierce 40 wounds at 5 up rerollable followed by 6 up fnp from the shrines. I would run them in 30s only to keep the negative to hit bonus from that nurgle dude some people like to ally. In my local meta I’m either fighting Nagash or barely any wizards. This is the reason I run zero wizards in my list, I understand that the tp spell would help immensely but against nagash its hard to get it thru. And the chances I waste 110 points is lessened if I take a second chaos lord. The mortal wound protection is also linked to the nagash fear lol. In a true all comers list I’d drop the second lord for a caster. My lack of mobility actually lost me my last game. Although if I had planned properly ahead it wouldn’t have mattered. The tp spell is incredible but also not needed unless things go wrong in my lists. I’m sure with more marauders this opinion would change. Casting 7 is tough sometimes tho next week I’m changing the list to include a unit of 40 marauders and drop both warrior blocks to 20. We will see how it fairs! I also tend to forget that the nurgle battalion has 2 abilities, the 3 up d3 wounds could’ve changed the outcome of some fights so I will keep it in mind next time. after I get another 80 marauders I will be running an undivided list with despoilers and Be’lakor, I’ll post any failures or successes vs my dastardly foes next Wednesday for the revised nurgle list. I’ll also be heavily considering using a caster instead of the 2nd chaos lord for access to the teleport spell. Nagash has 18 inch effective range so honestly I think I’m being paranoid. I could easily just not go within 18 inches of him and still play effectively, while also threatening him with marauders and such if he decides to come to the frontline (which prolly won’t happen lol) and if the enemy is petrifax then I’ll be ignoring him anyways so. And 30 inch dispell range isn’t a huge deal if I plan ahead
  7. I have been running large blocks of warriors and while I do think they need a damage buff they are the most resilient unit I’ve ever run in my lists. I run the nurgle battalion normally, and 2 shrines for buffs to saves. With 3 up rerolling they are equal to bone reapers and with the mortals from the battalion they make up for their lack of damage a lot of the time. Had a block of 25 fight and kill archaon over the course of 4 fight phases. The enemy didn’t think I’d move from the objective and let me charge first lol, after a gruelling melee I finally knocked him down. I also had a funny moment where the khorne blood warriors (the ones that fight when they die) killed themselves like dominoes , since every one which died then took a few more with em. It should also be noted that they are cheaper per wound then mortek guard, Yet you have far more ways to buff your guys. Once you start attacking twice and adding battalions and marks we can grind out mortek. Shields help a lot vs nagash as well. But I also don’t see the need for more then one block of warriors in a list. Marauders are the best Calvary in the book (or at least they are as fast as Calvary lol) and do great damage. One block of warriors with roving bands of marauders plus some shrines sounds like it could work super well! I’ll be ordering 80 more marauders to get a set of 120 soon. ive also been running a few marks so far. Slaanesh is the best when I’m not gunning for the generals version of then mark I’ve found. Nurgle is best only because of his awesome battalion. And undivided is absolutely incredible. Battle shock immunity is so much better then I thought it would be, and with shrines nearby the fnp becomes hilarious. With tzeentch buff the opponent will have to chew thru 4 saves lmao. The undivided buff also complements marauders super well, they go from reliable charges to never failing a 12 inch charge once those rerolls start going. So far super satisfied with the book, I’ve fought the dreaded petrifax several times and felt on par with the right lists (not that bone reapers are even an issue compared to slaanesh and other armies)
  8. SO question, can Be’lakor lead a despoilers army and get the abilities listed there’s minus traits and artefacts? i couldn’t find anything saying no in my quick flip thru, I want the experts opinion on this (I want an 18 inch undivided buff gawd dammit!)
  9. Doesn’t Teclis have those trees? im guessing Tyrion or a generic version of the Sphinx
  10. Plague monks and buffed black orks are also batteline in name, yet can beat out most elites quite easily! Don’t disregard the power level of an elf on cocaine with a solar powered spear! All I’m asking for is a similar strength attack pf An elite unit for 1 round of combat, i don’t personally think a unit of battleline matching an elite force for 1 of the 10 possible combat phases is too much to ask for. Plz GW
  11. Anything that uses the power of a sun should be Uber powerful in my eyes. If they weren’t then I wish GW would use less epic descriptions of them. This is why I dislike playing my space marines sometimes, lasguns should barely kill 1 guy why am I failing so many armour saves lmao
  12. Which spearmen use the power of the sun? The description simply reminds me of a 40k unit which use explosive lances for a one use only combat boost.
  13. I think swords will have 2 attacks and rend. If not then Aether quartz sucks for perfecting our soldiers. lore wise they sound scarier then deepkin infantry, so table top should put them up there as well. I was thinking 1 attack with the spear because it’s super strong, then 2 attack swords with weaker stats. the one use only weapon could also do something bonkers, maybe it’s similar to this snake people crystal things. 3 up to hit causes a mortal wound. Anything charged with the power of the sun should hit much harder then an ogor or Orruk choppa. im expecting similar stats to elite infantry, but 1 wound each. So 2 attacks at 3 up 3up or similar is pretty near mandatory. If we are on 25s then disregard. id like to think the reason the swords are a back weapon is because the spears kill 90 percent of the enemy who charges them lmao.
  14. I’m hoping the spears are one use, but I want more then just a rend bonus. it would be cool if we get a universal strikes first as our allegiance, and the sun spears could be massively powerful one use only weapons. Id be cool with 3up 2up 2 rend 2 damage (idk how many attacks, prolly one per spear) then the swords could be 3 up 3 up or 4 up rend 1 weapons (I’m unsure how elite we will be, if gw has learned from saurus warriors then I expect to be comparable to elite infantry if on 32s) maybe we get a sun spell that recharges the spears
  15. I was trying to insinuate that he ran out like a bad father, maybe the milk analogy works better. where the hell is Tyrion GW?
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