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  1. Looks like they will be on 32mm, yeah. To fill the space you’ll have to make some epic scenic bases!
  2. So there’s a potential leak that the last 40k campaign book and 9th Ed are coming out in July, so we may see Lumineth quite soon, possibly even next. So fingers crossed we get an article tonight about our pre-order next week.
  3. I’m expecting next week to be one of, if not both of, the last 2 campaign 40k books, and discussing 9th edition in more depth. I don’t think we’ll see Lumineth until later in the month, after the campaign books are all done.
  4. I’m really disappointed that it’s not a cow-owl now...
  5. Alright so, tonight is the night we’ll get to know what’s on for pre-order next week I’m pretty sure. I’m going to guess it’ll be the Lumineth Battle Box and/or the Engine War Psychic Awakening book for 40k.
  6. Oh I agree, I don’t think we’re getting anything else and reckon it’ll be a really small army release (though I’m weirdly fine with how it is).
  7. Yeah more likely, if they were to add a Phoenix, would be to give Lumineth the Phoenix’s from the Cities of Sigmar book, Rather than all new ones. Like how Ossiarchs got a couple of Legions of Nagash things in their tome.
  8. Yeah I know. Price hikes are understandable with our current situation. But I wish they’d waiting until next year. A bit of a sour moment to kick peeps in the gut. I was really looking forward to getting the new wave of Mechanicus units for 40k but looks like I’m going to have to shelve that idea as Lumineth are probs oh going to take up that money too. 😩
  9. Ah my friends rejoice! For new releases begin yet again within the next few weeks! Lumineth are finally coming!
  10. My dude, you just made 90! and yeah I know, I am vibrating with excitement at a frequency typical of a seizure for these guys. I still can’t get over how f***ing cool the battle cattle model is!
  11. I’m loving the sound of all those things they’ve got planned! Gonna have to look into this game once our group is done with our current Star Wars campaign. Awesome to see Lumineth making their way quickly into the mix.
  12. Hmm this looks like vampires to me. The blood drop iconography and the Renaissance style hand guard, to be precise.
  13. I wants zem sah baaaaaaahd... Pleeeeez GW! I know there’s a global pandemic and stuff but my plastic is more important!
  14. Alright! Sunday is gonna be the day, I can feel it! “Next week you’ll get to pre-order your copy of the Lumineth battle box!” Please...?
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