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  1. Would be cool if it affected the whole board while the moon did.
  2. Gitz have such a big and fun variety that I have trouble deciding on what I want in my lists XC. I’m tempted to do a more trogg centric force, but I also like the horde of little greenskins and the bouncing, red balls of murder. Araknaroks are also amazing models.
  3. Yep, having built mine I can say that she’s a lot more stable than she appears.
  4. Well, he’s taking his sweet ass time, but that’s the Alarith for you. Patience! He shall be done when he wants to be. 😌
  5. Good idea Nezzhil! I’ll do that and it all works. Cheers guys!
  6. Changing the bits around (removing boss on Squig, upgrading mangler to boss, and adding 20 shootas), I end up over 50pts. I’m so close! This looks good, but how do I get rid of the 50pts XC Skragrott (General) Cave Shaman Loonboss on Mangler 40x Stabbas 20x Shootas 20x Shootas 12x Squig Hurd 10x Bounderz 10x Bounderz 6x Rockgut Troggs Moon-jumper Stampede Battalion I also don’t have a second character to be able to take the clammy cowl on the mangler boss.
  7. I have 40 Stabbas and 40 Shootas atm. I want to keep the rockguts, just because they’re awesome (and a more recent purchase), but I could try the second option for 1x 20 Stabbas and 2x 20 Shootas. would you say making the manglers into a boss is also important? I could also maybe remove the battalion/fanatics to free up points.
  8. @Dankboss and @PlasticCraic, my second list I’ve posted is at 2k points exactly, so I can’t quite remove the boss on giant Squig for grots or make the manglers a boss either. Any suggestions? Also thanks very much for your big post, @PlasticCraic, very insightful. I mainly fight Kharadron, Ossiarchs, Maggotkin and Skaven (haven’t played against Maggotkin yet though with Gitz), so I can see why it’s tough for the most part. The play style you describe is similar to what I have sometimes attempted, although with my previous list, I didn’t really have enough counter charging. The Troggboss is particularly disappointing in every game, usually dying instantly or rolling poorly with dmg. With my second list, I’m hoping it’ll work out better. With your suggestion to add my grots in, how would you do that with there not being enough points room to remove the boss on giant Squig for more Grots?
  9. @Dankboss, thanks for the reply. So would you say my second list works then? Just chuck the shootas and add 20 Stabbas to the mob to make 60, and then make the Squig Hurd 2 groups of 6 to make up the Battleline requirement? And that’s good to know about Gitz, hopefully a list switch up will help me out. I don’t really care about winning, but my games with them are usually pretty decisive losses, which don’t make fun games for either player. I win with other armies, so I’d hope I’m not totally inept at the game lol. EDIT: Instead of the loonsmasher fanatics, is it worth spending the points on the battalion from white dwarf too? Seems nice to be getting the extra dmg on the charge.
  10. Hey friends, I’m having some real trouble with my Gitz. Got any advice? My army isn’t particularly competitive, but neither is my group, and I’m losing every single game. Are Gitz bad? Here’s my current list: Skragrott (General) Loonboss on Manglers (clammy cowl) troggboss Cave Shaman 40x stabbas 20x shootas 12x Squig Hurd 5x Loonsmasha Fanatics 10x Bounderz 6x Rockgut Troggs I was thinking of changing it to this, and using the new subfaction rules (btw, do they replace the moon? Or is it just extra?) Skragrott (General) Cave Shaman Loonboss on Cave Squig Mangler Squigs 40x Stabbas 20x Shootas 12x Squig Hurd 5x Loonsmasha Fanatics 10x Bounderz 10x Bounderz 6x Rockgut Troggs
  11. I don’t subassemble mine, besides leaving the shields off. I think the only thing I’d do differently is also keep them off the base, and may try to take mine off, getting underneath is a real pain with the base getting in the way. I have a pretty mighty hand tremor, but the best ways to keep steady enough I find is to use a painting handle, keep a LOT of points of contact on the model, and lean back in a good chair with your elbows against your chest. The Dawnriders just seem awkward in general to paint, I found the one I’ve done so far pretty fiddly while assembled, the shield being off definitely helped though. The parts that were hardest to get to while assembled, I found, were the seat the rider is sitting on (including the inside of the back rest), and the belly/legs/inside of the cloth on the horse.
  12. Thanks a lot. And yep, 1k army sitting there ready to get done! I’m going to paint Avalenor next... wish me luck 😣
  13. The difference is pretty slim from my understanding for the most part, and mortal wounds are always handy. I’ve built them as picks because they look cooler to me, and still seem pretty useful.
  14. Here are my first unit of 10 Wardens finally finished (waiting to be based), and ready to fight for New Tor Yvresse! Happy with how they came out, but man did they take ages. I might just be a slow painter, but (and) I am finding these models to be real challenging/time consuming with all the trims. Sorry, not really the best photos or lighting, but best I can do atm.
  15. I’m a little concerned that Avalenor may go up in points because of that. But hoping he stays how he is because I likes himbs and I don’t want my points to change, I’m happy with my list!
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