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  1. The answer is correct and it worked like this all of 2.0 too. One point of the models base can be exactly 6" away from the edge of the battlefield (and therefore within 6" of the edge). The same point can be exactly 6" away from the objective marker (and therefore within 6" of it). You have to remember that being exacly x from something means you are within x of that something. EDIT: here is a link to an older discussion about the topic. I guess Aos 3 did not change the relevant rules used there (do not have the rules at hand atm). I hope this helps.
  2. You are wrong. "Within 6 inches" includes "6 inches away". Here is the relevant part from the Core Rules: "[...]So, for example, a unit is within 12" of another unit as long as any model from one unit is 12" or less from any model from the other unit[...]" (https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Rulesheets/ENG_AoSSW_Rules_booklet_web.pdf, page 2) You are absolutely right about this. Even without the actual rules at hand, you provided an intuitive and elegant explanation to the problem. Another person voting you down without even discussing your argument shows that you left no real room for a counter argument. Your intuition is correct. If an "Ambush" ability states that the unit has to be wholly within 6 inches of the battlefield edge, the following Designers' Commentary clarifies the meaning of it: "[...]A: A model is wholly within a certain distance if every part of its base is within the stated distance[...]" (https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/8f9bd00c.pdf, page 3) In combination with the quotation about "within" above we can see that "wholly within 6 inches of the battlefield edge" means that one point of the models circular base can be exactly 6 inches away from the battlefield edge. Lets put the model on a line with the objective and let the line be perpendicular to the battlefield edge. Since in your example the center of the objective is 12 inches away from the battlefield edge, it means that it is now exatly 6 inches away from the "6 inch point" of the models base we discussed beforehand. Since "exaclty 6 inches away" is included in "within 6 inches", the model is now within "capturing distance" of the objective. I am sorry that multiple people were trying to tell you that you are wrong and did so without any backup from the rules. We should always be wary when people speak from intuition alone and fail or not even try to connect their statement with the actual rules of the game. I hope my explanation is clear and that you can make use of this knowledge during your future games.
  3. Could you provide a quote about this? I am pretty sure it is always when a Stormcast unit is set up from reserves. I do not have access to the battletome atm, though.
  4. There is nothing "logical" about the way you played it (at most it is an intuition). Allocating wounds sets in after a units attacks have been resolved - it is super clear from the quotation @EMMachine presented. How are you getting the idea that wounds from different weapons from the same unit would be resolved one after the other?
  5. I am not sure I understand you here - do you mean Mad as Hell is turned off when the Iron Jaws unit is within 9" of an enemy unit? The rule does not care about units that the Iron Jaws Unit is within of 9" of. Mad as Hell only cares wether at least one enemy unit is more than 9" away from the Iron Jaws Unit in order to work. It definitely has to be cleared up by GW to work as intended.
  6. You should quote the reference you are talking about. Could be of help during the ongoing discussion.
  7. So a DD-save roll can still only be modified by Rend (not by cover, spell effects, ...)? Does anyone know/assume the reason behind this?
  8. I am too scared to be identified as a "shooter" to present a contentual reaction to this. Let us agree to disagree on what sportsmanship is and what moral code is appropriate at the gaming table. I found the discussion truly interesting, though. I am not a fan of the censorship going on in this forum but I understand that things should not spiral in an ugly direction. I will try to be more...conform next time (I guess).
  9. Probably not - but maybe you should give us an example of an ability you have in mind.
  10. Sorry, I might have been a bit unclear. There is no rule that stops models in reserves from using abilities in the first place. I did not mean to present a false conclusion - the Designer´s Commentary quotation was meant to show that there are indeed restricitons to some abilities (Mercurial Aspect or If I Cannot Rule, None Shall Rule! from Kurdoss are not amongst them).
  11. I thought "models in the opposing army" meant "models listed in the opponents army list". I guess you interpret it as "enemy models"? I am not sure if and how we can check which way is correct.
  12. Fun fact: Endless Spells and their equivalents are models in the opposing army, are they not?
  13. I really do not understand how this is common sense. Why is the "active" or "passive" status of the player important? We do not know how the rule will turn out in future Errata/Commentaries, so how could it be an abuse to play the rule one way or another? Why is it important "in which army" the unclear rule is located?
  14. An inch is a perfectly defined concept. Your "look backs" and "replacement effects" are terms made up by you. I think it is pretty clear that these are subjective concepts that do not exist in AoS rules as general constructs. EDIT: It is absolutely fine to use new terms to describe how you might understand a certain ruling, but please do not act as if "look backs" and "replacement effects" are some objective rules facts. Just explain a bit more and others might be able to follow your argumentation and react in a sensible way.
  15. Sorry for the late answer. Yes, you can use Mercurial Aspect when Drycha is in reserves: "Q: Can models set up in reserve (in the Celestial Realm, for example) cast spells, or use abilities or command abilities to affect other units? A: No. Only models deployed on the battlefield can cast spells, or use abilities or command abilities to affect other units." (https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/8f9bd00c.pdf, page 4) As you can see, wether you can or can not use an ability from "outside" the table depends on wether it affects other units. Mercurial Aspect does not damage or otherwise influence another unit in any way, so you are fine to use it. Also remember: You have to declare the Mercurial Aspect mode before your opponent and you roll off for initiative (start of the battle round).
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