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  1. The Soulscryer had the Aetherquartz brooch, it’s an item from malign scorcery.
  2. My Manta Rays vs Tzeentch https://youtu.be/3_JNTAgtQ_M
  3. Totally agree , Tzeentch are still no fun to play against.
  4. If Drycha starts off the table hidden , can you declare that she is enraged or embittered ? I say yeah ? as she is never neither , she must be enraged or embittered ?
  5. I got the new box set and quickly painted up a unit of Skyfires for my beastmen. So a new unit to try out , wow , they are so much better then all my old beasts. I'm tempted to get some more to make some enlightened. But I struggle to keep up with the other armies , that seem so much better. Here is my report where the Skyfires made their debut.
  6. We might of got some Big Waagh rules slightly wrong but here is a battle report vs Beasts,
  7. Does anyone run MYRMOURN BANSHEES ? I really like them , 210 for 12 is pricey , I have tried them a couple of times , they did OK , but need so many helpers following them around. I want to like them enough to drop a unit of 30 Reapers (420)from my list to take 12 Banshees and 10 Bladegheists. (380) Pros rend -2 d3 damage is really good. Unbind at +3 if you have a unit of 12 but only 18" range. Can have a go at Dispel at 6" but no + to dispel ? Cons Only 1 attack ,means you need to get the unbind off or have a KoS on steed to get an extra attack Hit on 4+ , means you need a KoS on foot to buff them. So do you like them a lot ?
  8. Our latest battle report features my Sylvaneth army. Please let me know if I stuffed anything up , I was really amazed at well Drycha goes , she's a weapon , why didn't anyone tell me
  9. Sorry it was a quick report at the local shop once a month tourney, so not much time for doing things properly. Basically I had 3 gravesites in the middle where the fights took place and one nearer to the Deepkin objective , just in case he left it open for a sneak attack from a summoned unit.
  10. A quick report featuring my Legion of Grief vs Deepkin. Worth a look just to see the fantastic Deepkin army.
  11. Thanks , that sums it up for me , you need some other source of bravery debuff vs Bravery 7 units to get them down to 5 so the Dreadsythes become -1 to be hit.
  12. Yeah the warscroll is different in the Nighthaunt book. Spectral Overseer: In life, the Knight of Shrouds commanded legions of devoted soldiers. In death, he turns his military genius to the command of shrieking spirits and vengeful phantasms. You can use this command ability at the start of the combat phase. If you do so, pick a friendly model with this command ability. Add 1 to hit rolls for friendly NIGHTHAUNT units while they are wholly within 12" of that model in that combat phase.
  13. Yeah you are correct , I just read the "Aura of Grief" again and says it modifies the characteristic. Oops I did say I didn't THINK But I still dont see how a -1 debuff vs Bravery 7 makes Dreadscythe Harridans -1 to be hit ?
  14. Looks interesting , no Bladegheists ? Any reason? how do the Chainrasp Horde perform ? I have 80 of them painted but they sort lack the killer punch I want, and tend to die easy ?
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