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  1. Hmm yeah I think you might be onto something there This would give the first fang a decent ranged throw of the spear , move 5” now and then throw 8” with 3 dice. ,13” range. Then another two shots if that was your first action.
  2. Latest Battle Report- this time I tried two First Fangs , they went OK , but the FAQ means they wont be as good as they are in this battle. Splintered Fang vs Untamed_Beasts https://youtu.be/BNRhxxoUM0g
  3. my first game with my Untamed Beasts , I have now added a 2nd first fang which seems better , but more experimenting to do.
  4. Does anyone run two First Fangs Ive only used my untamed Beasts in one game, but I was really impressed with the first fang harpoon , just being able to catch those fast models with a harpoon hit. The beast speaker might be good , but she died too early to tell.
  5. Gloomspite Gitz make their debut on the channel. Gitz vs Cypher Lords Victory : Higher Ground https://youtu.be/4TMGdEP_hMw
  6. I was playing my first convergence for the Unmade campaign Path of the flayed Prince. (3 times and failed) How do you read this scenario , if my opponent can stack the shield and all they have to do is run away for 3 turns. This Victory combined with this deployment means if I'm attacking they know I have to choose their shield as it's the only battle group on the table. Does that sound right ? I tried three times but if they take thrall Fury in their warband , I cant catch them , especially if they have a quad for extra moves etc.
  7. A preview of my Unmade Campaign battle 3 , some unexpected Chaotic Beasts turn up. It's one of those "what did I just watch " moments https://youtu.be/N2-vts4gCbc
  8. Hi all Here is my latest video , just Documenting my Unmade "Path of the Flayed" Prince Campaign Just for fun https://youtu.be/FW5Qnkzl9CI
  9. Thanks for the feedback , all good points. We are still experimenting with different things. After action report is a good idea , I don't know why we dont record more of that , we always sit and talk about what happened for a bit after the game. So it will be easy to add that at the end. Thanks
  10. Battle Report , The Splintered Fang make their channel Debut vs the Unmade. https://youtu.be/2v0YqfAkNCo
  11. Yeah Only because of the models. I might convert some to flails.
  12. Yeah I meant 8 11 guys in my warband , I have 6 with “brutal” pole arms and 2 flails.
  13. Yes this is what I’m running , it’s good fun to have all the Awakened Ones chipping away.
  14. Latest battle report from the Creaky Gamers The Unmade Vs Iron Golems. https://youtu.be/35gj0x3dECk
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