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  1. So how did the Wrath Axe go last game ? Latest battle vs Beastclaw Raiders. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfLDQtFOPOM
  2. Is anyone else using the Gobbapalooza models as other heroes ? Spiker and Boggleye = Madcap Shaman Shroomancer = Fungoid Shaman Scaremonger and Brewgit a= Loonboss ?
  3. I can confirm my Skull cannons now suck 😞 But I was unlucky. I shot 3 of them on turn one at a unit of 10 blood sisters and only did one wound , boo hoo, I shouldn’t have taken first turn , it cost me later. I tried a list with three cannons, two Bloodthirsters and a heap of Flesh Hounds in a blood host battalion. It was good fun to use , but I think the 420 points I spent on the cannons will go on a third thirster and Tyrants rather than the Blood host battalion , which didn’t really do much for me. The good thing is , I’ve been playing mainly Demon lists , so I can go back to the mortals and see how they go as well. But I might try out my Tyrants of blood list next. https://youtu.be/BWMZ3tG4D40
  4. So I have a Herald of Khorne on Blood Throne and an artifact slot free. What artifact would be good on a Blood throne , any ideas ? My first thought is Gryfeather Charm , to keep it alive , as it's part of my Gorethunder Battalion.
  5. Good points , I dont have a 2nd unit of Wrathmongers , but the Bloodsecrator's days are numbered. It's Bloodsecrator vs Wrathmomgers , and I think the Wrathmongers are going to win that battle and take the 140 points. I just cant fit all the Bloodleters in and take Slaughterpriests , AND take Judgements , AND take a thirster , AND take a battalion. It's going to be fun working it all out.
  6. Here is the next list I'm thinking of , Bloodlords , cant decide if I can fit in a battalion or just run more dudes.
  7. I stuffed up the army overviews from our battle report the other night. Here is the army I used.
  8. Did anyone notice a difference between blood fuel praters and the other prayers ? Blood fueled prayers can cause d3 Mortal wounds to the Priest if you roll a one , but the other prayers only cause 1 Mortal wound if you roll a one. Is this a change , I cant remeber , I always took d3 MW when I rolled a one , maybe I was doing it wrong before.
  9. Are you doing an update ?
  10. If I take a slaughterhost , for example the Reapers of Vengeance , who has the command ability , is the General only , or all heroes ! I can't find anything in the book ?
  11. The old Creaky Gamers have been at it again.
  12. Does anyone have any actual facts about the new book So impatient....
  13. Latest battle rport https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-ImSi-vGWk
  14. Ok thanks. we have been doing longer/full reports, the plan is to do both. So we will have the full report and a highlights package just like they do for the footy I'm just ironing out a few issues . Thanks again, your feed back is appreciated.
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