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  1. https://youtu.be/jS9a5SBYOi4
  2. Hi all my Fangs of Sotek go up against Flesh Eater Courts.
  3. Deepkin vs Stormcast. Sam plays his 4th game ever , this time using Deepkin vs my OldCast. https://youtu.be/O9htW21eaI4
  4. This is a learning game while in lockdown , Sam plays about his 3rd ever game of AOS with Khorne. https://youtu.be/NC4loMRSBB4
  5. The Mighty Trogg Boss leads his Gitz into battle vs Blades of Khorne. A learning game for the Khorne player while we are in isolation.
  6. Its a Civil War! We both wanted to dust off our Seraphon , so what better way to see how the new book plays.
  7. My Hallowheart take on the evil Bonerepers. I'm sure I need more practice with what spells to use and when.
  8. The beginning of a small Campaign , some random campaign thoughts and a short battle report. https://youtu.be/qbSD-Ref1I4
  9. Mannfred is back with Von Keith vs the Ogor Mawtribes. Legion of Night are back !
  10. My Living City vs Tzeentch anyone else tried Palladors?
  11. The Soulscryer had the Aetherquartz brooch, it’s an item from malign scorcery.
  12. My Manta Rays vs Tzeentch https://youtu.be/3_JNTAgtQ_M
  13. Totally agree , Tzeentch are still no fun to play against.
  14. If Drycha starts off the table hidden , can you declare that she is enraged or embittered ? I say yeah ? as she is never neither , she must be enraged or embittered ?
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