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  1. Other than the Hellstriders does anything take advantage of the battalion? Supreme sybarites is the battallion in this list so not even the Hellstriders
  2. It s the list posted above in the thread that finished 5th. This one finished 25th out of 60
  3. Copyright infringement seems to me the only reason that makes sense for no longer producing it. Other speculations would affect its availability but not in a permanent way. It s a shame reallly when we got elves and orcs being renamed aelves and orruks yet they are still ending in a situation like this from what I ve heard is a copyright infringement with the box game titled "cursed city". It s also the best explanation as to why they are not amking any statement regarding the issue at hand. Makes them look bad and the shareholders won t like it
  4. If you don t play in tournaments, I wonder how much exposure you really have to other armies and army builds? Your games may be balanced because of the list you play against within you local group but this does not show the big picture which looking at tournament data does and when warhammer weekly can show that the top armies (lrl,idk,seraphon ,tzeentch,dok) have a 70% win rate against any other armies from the tournament data removing the top 25% finishers of the events, we have a real balance issuep
  5. I am glad I didn t buy the new warscroll cards. At $25 in USD and being incomplete within months of release is very disappointing
  6. I d say, Khorne number is 8, not 7 so get to 8000pts and you ll be rewarded 😀 Seriously, I shelved my Khorne army after I read our latest tome 2 years ago. It came around the same time as FEC and Skaven that were way better than what we got at a time where we were already struggling. Today, my friends who kept on playing Khorne have some success with 80%+ of the army being Slaves to Darkness marked Khorne
  7. I ll echo the feeling and wished they had slowed down the release schedule sooner. The back to back releases have just been too much with broken realms books, 2 lrl battletomes just 6 months apart, plenty of issues with gw unable to deliver new releases to the stores for release day where I live and stores unable to restock their shelves with gw products, cursed city expunged from gw website after 1 week without explanation, some release unavailable in certain regions for like a month. This has been more than a difficult time. It has been a disaster. I hope they take advantage of this pause t
  8. Too soon? Dok was close to 3 years old. Seraphon is just a year old
  9. I guess the Belakor warscroll will tell us the direction theiy are going with these. I suspect both Belakor and Kroak warscrolls were very strong in order to sell as much as possible their old sculpts soon to be retired and the new warscrolls won t be as good in relation to their point cost
  10. You are not alone. The global pandemic situation may have a big positive impact in gw sales but for me and a few friends, the powecreep and the rules bloat have effected our gw purchases in a negative way for games workshop and I don t see the game expanding its player pool with the current trend of battletomes that are being released
  11. Since you are interested in Soulblight, I d recommend FEC. Also if you can get that broken realm box for them, get it now as it won t last In the start collecting, you d have bits for a vampire on zombie dragon with the terrorgheist if you want to do that soulblight army later. Also considering an oversea move. That army is not as bad as say lrl to transport. You may put some thought into it while assembling. Magnetize where you can, use ca glue over plastic glue for parts you may have to unglue for your move. I moved many fantasy battle armies from europe to the united states and it was
  12. Warhammer community can t keep up with the lrl. Too fast for them https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/04/09/the-lumineth-realm-lords-harness-the-wind-to-become-the-fastest-army-in-the-game/
  13. As someone who used to play elves in fantasy battle . I have to wholeheartedly disagree to this statement
  14. azdimy

    Pile in

    That s correct
  15. Maybe it s Forgeworld way of making an april s fool joke 😜
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