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  1. You can do 8 in combat, you only need 2 in horizontal in the back to cover the two extremities for coherency
  2. Good news on boltboys becoming available as a kit next week. I m guessing this will bring back down the ebay price for those in the dominion box?
  3. I keep thinking double rogue idols are now better in Kruleboyz than in Bonesplitterz where they have our old movement tricks with a spell to move in the hero phase, ability to redeploy anywhere on the board at the beginning of the game and other shenanigans they can do
  4. That box gives you a good start with 4 battleline units. You ll want to get more deamonettes to be able to summon 30 as 1 unit, the fane of Slaanesh, our terrain piece to summon from then you will need more heroes. If you like the mortal side I would suggest Sigvald and a shardspeaker to cast mystic shield. You ll now have about 1k Going to 2k you can invest in more expensive heroes like Glutos and a keeper of secret that you can field (always with an amulet of destiny) or summon. Add some painbringers or twinsouls to taste The way the army plays is to play the objectives and generate as many depravity points as you can early to replenish your army before you get tabled. If you can generate enough, you can win some games. None of our subfactions really stand out so if there s a command trait and/or artefact you like from one sub faction , pick that one. Although when playing Sigvald, Lurid Haze a sub faction of Invaders from the Wrath of the Everchosen expansion book makes the most sense as it gives you the ability to redeploy Sigvald in enemy line and charge with him on turn 1
  5. And KO, and Tzeentch. I ve seen a somewhat similar list with low heroes and all the blissbarb seekers go 0 and 5
  6. Would be cool to see one of the best player in the world play the list he made. If only GW streamed some of the aos games at their US events. They only stream the 40k side of it. It s a real shame Also, as a Slaanesh player, I would have loved to play against that list giving me all these depravity points! 😀 There were definitely some bad matchups that the list avoided
  7. I got it, what a strange list. Looks like a beast of chaos with slaanesh summoning?
  8. Does anyone has Bill Souza s Hedonites list he s running at the New Orleans gw US series?
  9. What do you guys think of this list? Allegiance: Slaanesh - Host: Godseekers Host - Grand Strategy: Dominating Presence - Triumphs: Inspired Leaders Bladebringer, Herald on Exalted Chariot (265)* - General - Command Trait: Speed-chaser - Artefact: Amulet of Destiny (Universal Artefact) - Universal Spell Lore: Flaming Weapon Synessa, The Voice of Slaanesh (260) The Masque (135)* Chaos Sorcerer Lord (115)* - Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh - Lore of Pain and Pleasure: Battle Rapture Battleline 11 x Blissbarb Archers (180)* 5 x Hellstriders with Hellscourges (135)* 5 x Hellstriders with Hellscourges (135)* 1 x Seeker Chariots (130)** Units 10 x Chaos Knights (340)** - Cursed Lance - Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh - Reinforced x 1 Behemoths Soul Grinder (235)* Endless Spells & Invocations Chronomantic Cogs (45) Core Battalions *Battle Regiment •• hunters of the heartland Total: 1975 / 2000 Reinforced Units: 1 / 4 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 112 Drops: 4
  10. Never tried him. He s the worse mega mercenary of the three but as a chaos army, that s all we have access to and our units are so expensive maybe he s worth looking into?
  11. What could be confusing is that the dread pageant warband from underworld does mortal wounds on 6s to hit
  12. Looking at the bonesplitterz in particular in the upcoming Warclan tome, it feels they got nerfed in the same way our Hedonite of Slaanesh tome did. GW removed the allegiance ability they had against monsters, they removed the spells that made them work, completely reshuffled the battelines moving each unit battleline in a specific subfaction forcing you to have little variety of units in your lists. That s my second army after Hedonites where I no longer have the battlelines to play a 2k match play anymore upon a new book release (well with slaanesh I had the deamonettes but they are not competitive to bring as your battleline units). Their Warscrolls lost many abilities without access to unique enhancements like the new stormcasts got which usually offset that loss, the loss of allying any warscroll from the warclan book that is not a bonesplitters, loss of horde discount hurts them the most as a an army with zero monster and only low wounds heroes, hordes of troops is pretty much all they can do but at what price now
  13. Adding a new subfaction would be neat, and these abilities are very appealing. One of my biggest disappointment with our book was that our subfactions were pretty much left as they were in the old battletome. With the storyline progressing it made little sense and with the changes of how locus and depravity worked I was hopping the subfactions would become better than what they were but GW did not touch them. They did not even include the Sylleske sub faction from white dwarf nor the wrath of the everchosen ones in our tome.What would you do for command traits and artefacts? I was disappointed the syllekhian host didn t have any
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