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  1. That would be nice to see another lumineth spirit tomorrow. It would make sense that they released the most controversial one first. Although if they have another spirit ready maybe revealing them both at once may have been better to downplay the holy cow reaction from the community
  2. Brace yourself, Seraphon faq is out. Major surprise for me is that they chose to make the bastiladon unrendable until he is bracketed " An unmodified save roll of a 1 always fails. When a save roll is modified by the Rend characteristic of an attack, it can never be modified to less than 1. When a model has a Save characteristic of 1+, modified save rolls of 1 are successfully saved. This means, while the Bastiladon has a Save characteristic of 1+, only unmodified save rolls of 1 will inflict damage regardless of the Rend characteristic of the weapon used for the attack."
  3. That new esthetic is not my cup of tea but I wasn t planning on starting a lumineth army anyway. I feel the battle cow monster is being forced in into the rest of the army and some accessories like those giant horns on the foot troops were added to try to give the army some cohesion without success
  4. Not surprised by some of the negative reactions of the new Aelves reveals considering previous articles including designer commentaries had emphasized on the classic esthetic of the Lumineth for weeks. I think the expectation was set for something renewed similar to the new units already revealed. This reveal today has surprised everyone
  5. Interresting changes. I personnally would like to see subfactions within a stormhost similar to the seraphon battletome. Maybe chamber specific allegiance abilities although I m worried that our force get split into 3 or more but it s not like gw has not done that before
  6. In the recent warscrolls where we cannot blame the evolution of the game, I would say the Ogroid Myrmidon. This model warscroll is so underwhelming for what that monstruous hero should be. His warscroll is weak in every way: Mobility, Damage Output, Survivability, Command Ability, Synergy
  7. Great idea, I do have a lot of those collecting dust
  8. Thanks, I d like to keep the steed of slaanesh as a mount if possible . I need to try fit the sisters of the thorn/wild riders lower body on it but I don t think it will work. Do you have a link where I can see a picture of yours?
  9. I am looking for an alternate sculpt for the hellstrider rider models. Any recommendations? I know some people use deamonettes with whip on them but I want my riders to be humans not deamons but not nearly as muscular as the current model and I hate how the current model legs are spread way beyond the mount it s riding
  10. Moved into a unit of 6 evocators on dracoline once and prevented unit to charge and opponent was pretty pissed off as he did not know their rule but yet played Stormcast? They are not being used enough that s for sure
  11. All I can find is the community article they did after FEC was released and causing havoc. Mu guess it is also in ghb 2019 but I don t own that book https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/03/21/who-fights-first/
  12. The problem with the exalted seeker chariot, is that it does not fit on the regular chariot base that it comes with it feels like gw forced it in for all the chariots options to save a penny
  13. Heroes on chariot cannot be included in this battalion
  14. azdimy

    Pre-game move

    These units do their pre game move before you decide who goes first
  15. Finally a dual grand alliance faction. Sons of Behemat will be both Chaos and Destruction. Double the keywords, double the fun! Here is hoping!
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