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  1. You re falling into the pro painters trap. They have the US tournament scene exactly where they want it to be 😀
  2. Thanks for sharing the paint rubric sheet. I feel the requirement to meet or not a criteria could be better spelled out. It would help both the players and the judges to respectively paint and judge in accordance to the rules that were given An average of 14/44(cap at 34) is not right, we all want beautiful armies in those events but they should not have to be painted by golden deamon winners to get a good score! I m glad to hear the TO is taking feedback and the rubric sheet will be updated for future events
  3. That army looks really well painted. Did you ask what prevented you to get a better paint score? I was not at nova and never saw the tournament pack that may explain how paint was scored
  4. azdimy

    Wargames Con final standings.

    The results have a lot to do with the tournament pack. If we had straight battle points this ranking may change greatly. The scenarios favored horde armies and that shows
  5. azdimy


    From the blades of khorne faq: Q: When Skarbrand becomes Incandescent because he was not able to fight in the last battle round, does he use the Incandescent row of the damage table to determine Slaughter’s attacks and Carnage’s total carnage rolls? A: Yes.
  6. azdimy

    Blade of Khorne 2000 competitive

    I ve run a similar list, but with Skarbrand instead of bt of unfettered fury and less blood warriors. Had good results but still struggle against heavy shooty lists. I feel the list is not fast enough and don t have enough wounds. Going to try a pure bloodbound Goretide battalion next Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk