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  1. Now all we need is the ability to mark one of those upcoming gargant!
  2. The auxilliary chamber adds one shooting attack to all your non hero units. The other battallions are required to take this. This is a force multiplier on your Vanguard Raptors w Longstrike as it doubles their shooting capability. Combined with the anvil of Heldenhammer subfaction that lets you shoot or fight in the hero phase you re now multipling the raptors output by 4 From 1 shot ea in the shooting phase bormally to 2 shots in hero phase and 2 shots in the shooting phase. The list is also very mobile with teleport abilities for most of your units from the lord aquilor command ability to move out of the way and/or steal an objective. It has no melee nor magic threat nor defenses but excel in the movement and the shooting phases
  3. azdimy

    No Respite attack

    They can pile in and attack a second time if they had already attacked before they are slained but it does not do much. The unit really needs help to be more on par with the newer warscrolls. Chaos warriors are superior and cheaper. The double goraxes option is the worst right now for comparison: It gives reroll 1s to hit for blood warrior on 3/4 but the double hand weapons on warriors gives them reroll all hits with 3/3 The only time I see Blood warriors in lists currently is as a tax to take certain battallions
  4. All the mortal slaanesh have the slaves to darkness keyword with the exception of the hellstriders and can get buffed that way. I am unsure on what that new slaanesh mortal hero could bring as a buff piece for mortals that we don t already have access to from the s2d battletome
  5. Lurid haze let s you redeploy D3 units and place them in Ambush so it cannot be dispelled unlike the slave to darkness teleport spell which you do not have access in a Hedonites allegiance btw
  6. Pretty much. It s still good against melee armies despite all the nerfs we got but it will be an uphill battle against shooting heavy armies. Lurid Haze from the Wrath of the everchosen extension to alpha Marauders into key enemy units seem to be the most effective Slaanesh list in the current meta
  7. I m just glad we do not have a 25% min battleline requirement like the last iteration of wfb had
  8. Even at 120, I m not sure I ll pay for an Enrapturess in my list, they are so fragile with 5 wounds and 5+ save. I like to chain summon one to summon another unit of 10 deamonettes 24+ inches from my initial hero however
  9. Do people email the gwapps mailbox? Are they responding to your email? I think in the past they did respond pretty fast but It s now been two weeks with no response on how to fix the app on my android that keeps crashing since the last update was pushed
  10. Brass stampede is probably the most competitive pure cav army. What are you looking for in terms of mechanics that you feel brass stampede lacks?
  11. You just would no longer go 20 sequitors instead of the 10 evocators now that we lost our horde discount
  12. I ll echo the battleround roll in warcry dictating at the same time priority but also generating command points for the battleround. It is simple yet clever and means it is not just about winning a priority roll as you may prefer an extra command point instead
  13. I am convinced gw had dice for the Khorne and Slaanesh releases but they didn t pass the final QA
  14. So my android app updated over the we and I am now unable to open the app because of it. I was fine without the update since I only use to access warscroll and build lists with warscrollbuilder that generates text format that I can save in any text editor. I feel this update was rushed
  15. I'd like to see a rewrite of how the activations in the combat phase sequence work specifically in regards to things that fight at the beginning of the combat phase and at the end. I d like to see those subphase activations alternate between units from both sides that can activate in the subphase just like they do in the combat phase and abilities that happen at the beginning of the combat phase should be able to happen before any unit can pile in and attack. Of course this doesn t need a new edition for gw to fix it. just rewrite the faqs that made it so .But in reality gw won t touch it until they release a new edition of aos
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