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  1. So what you're saying is that resolving the attack does not include dealing damage? I guess I take resolve to mean dealing damage also... but that happens in allocation, which is a separate thing handles after resolvement? I that what you mean? I don't think I've actually ever played that way... I think we have allocated wounds after each weapon... Which seems more logical to me... probably why we have always played that way...
  2. Ok, but the rules on the same page seems to specifically call out multiple weapons as being different. What I mean here is that is says, that multiple attack: "In order to resolve several attacks at once, all of the attacks must be made by models from the same unit, with the same type of weapon, and against the same target unit. If this is the case, make all of the hit rolls at the same time, then all of the wound rolls, and finally all of the save rolls." Would that not mean that between weapon types, you can heal? In your example, I would reason that specifically because its different weapons, you resolve the damage from one weapon type at a time? I can see how the same weapon, like if the unit only have one weapon, like skeleton warriors, but multiple wepons, like your example would seem to be resolved one weapon at a time?
  3. Would you not be able to heal wounds from the first weapons when getting hit by the second weapon? By then, if we assume you took damage from the first weapons, then would your 6s not heal you then? I would normally allocate wounds after each weapon? Is that not the way it goes? EDIT: After looking some more the rules say: "Attacks are resolved one at a time using the following attack sequence" It would seem that attack #2 is healable... Basically you take one at a time... take one save at a time and I guess as soon as damage has been taken, the next save you take is able to heal the wound from previous attacks... right?
  4. A followup question on the Jade Diadem: If I am uninjured, I roll lets say 6 saves, 3 goes through, I roll one 6. Does that then mean I take 3 dam or only 2 dam?
  5. Indeed.. But I want the Blizzard -1 to wound bobble and the board wide healing from he Living City...
  6. The Diadem does indeed go off on a 6+, thus being modifiable. Hadn't thought about the rend tho... still pretty nice... I'm going to try it out for sure. Maybe its just nice on paper!... Thank you.
  7. Thank you for your very clear answer. Probably the most well explained answer I've ever gotten. Thank you for that. Another question if I may: If my general - Anointed of Asuryan on Frostheart Phoenix - takes the "Ironoak Artisan" command trait, from Living City, and has his "Attuned to Magic" ability activated, and he wore the artifact "Jade Diadem", would it then be correct that my general would in fact heal 1 wound when he made a save roll of 4+? Cheers
  8. Real quick: Does taking the "One with Fire and Ice" Command Trait make your general a wizard? As in, will the casting of a spell, through the means of this command, trait activate the "Attuned to Magic" ability of the Phoenixes? Cheers!
  9. Hi friends I was just wondering if anyone had any leaks about like pointcosts, warscrolls or allegiance abilities? Or possible a release date? Cheers!
  10. Not a single point reduction for Troggoth!
  11. That is one true statement... I really like the part about the turds! Because if there is one thing that stinks to high heaven, its the Troggboss... But in all fairness, every single Troggoth model is overpriced at about 20% IMO! Problem for us might be, that we were not mentioned in the preview of GHB19 point reductions, but we'll know in a few days with leakes and all coming out. But an army wide 10% point reduction would still only give one unit more. Not enough to make any dent in the discrepancy between troggoth and FEC, Skaven, Slaaneth etc....
  12. I completly agree. I wound say they need about 20% point reduction on all troggoth models. That way the troggbass would cost 240, and the hag 300, rock- and fellwater would cost 130 and Mollog 140 and 180 for the dankhold trog. And yes, the battalion should cost no more than 120 points I sincerely hope GW will give them a substantial point reduction in GHB19...
  13. Cool... please let me know how the idol fared! And yes, it would be sweet if its buffs worked broader! Also, having the hag have the dankhold keyword would be nice as well - and the ability to make troggoth battleline in addition to the trogboss if general!
  14. Yeah, I believe its a fun list, and it has some hard hitting models and some spells, but it does not have many models at all. It however fits the dark forest/swamp/witcher 3 theme I want... Again, the primary reason for the rogue idol is the coolness factor, but it is quite good... question is whether its better than 6 fellwater/rockgut troggoth...
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