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  1. So, I'm in search of some inspiration for a really strong 1k list for an upcoming tournament. I already have some ideas, but I would love to get some insights from the community. I have a broad selection of models so everything goes, I just really want to get some inspiration, because at this point I'm kind of going in circles I feel. So, what is the most competitive list possible with a 1k Legion of Nagash list? Cheers
  2. That was my thought as well... However I thought pendulum might be good if I was able to loop it
  3. Hello fellow gamers... I'm looking for some advise in relation to my Legion of Sacrament list. Now, since I'm fairly set on units, my question is really quite simple. I have 50 points left, which is nice. Triumph and extra command point and all that jazz... However, I'm wondering if these points are better used for an endless spell. I'm considering taking the Aethervoid Pendulum. What do you guys think? I know this list might not be the most competitive list out there, but its what I've got. So, should I take an endless spell, or should I keep the command point and triumph??? Thanks! Allegiance: Grand Host of Nagash Mortal Realm: Ghur Leaders Arkhan the Black Mortarch of Sacrament (320) - General - Lore of the Dead: Vile Transference (Vampires) Necromancer (110) - Artefact: Wristbands of Black Gold - Lore of the Deathmages: Overwhelming Dread Necromancer (110) - Lore of the Deathmages: Fading Vigour Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (440) - Vampiric Sword & Shield & Chalice - Artefact: Gryph-feather Charm - Lore of the Vampires: Amaranthine Orb Battleline 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 5 x Dire Wolves (60) Units 6 x Spirit Hosts (240) 6 x Spirit Hosts (240) Behemoths Mortis Engine (180) Battalions Lords of Sacrament (130) Total: 1950 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 2 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 113
  4. Hi... I had a debate this evening playing against one of my friends who plays Nurgle. I play LoN and ran some Spirit Hosts. Now the Frightful Touch ability says: "If the unmodified hit roll for an attack made with Spectral Claws and Daggers is 6, that attack inflicts 1 mortal wound and the attack sequence ends (do not make a wound or save roll)" The Witherstave says: "Reroll hit-rolls of 6 for enemy units while they are within 12" of the bearer." The question is, how does one resolve the attack if the spirit hosts rolls a 6 on to hit-rolls? We are unsure if the spirit hosts are affected by the artifact, since it says that the attack sequence ends... Any clarification would be helpful Cheers!
  5. Hi... I was wondering if there are anyone who have created some spell cards like the ones made for LoN and NH like these: But only for realm spells and command abilities tied to the different realms? Thanks
  6. Melcar

    Cover question

    Thank you for your answers... I am talking about the Sigmarite Mausoleum, set up in such a way that it becomes a Garden of Morr (and thus makes me able to use that warscroll!) that takes up 1 ft. x 1 ft. I.e. as a scenery piece! I'm am NOT talking about the Legion of Nagash Grave Sites! So, would I have cover for all units within the 1'x1' ? And why should this scenery piece be seldom used? Thank you! EDIT: So the question pertains to inside the fence!
  7. Melcar

    Cover question

    So I have bought a Sigmarite Mausoleum... for my Legion of Sacrement army... So before actually using it, I have a few questions: 1) How large do you guys make your graveyard? Basically the rules would indicate that they could have any size meaning healing death on the whole battle field... 2) The cover rules say that wholly within a scenery piece the unit receives cover... Assuming I have set up my graveyard so it takes up 1' x 1' would all units inside the 1 square foot area get the cover bonus?
  8. First mistake is not having Arkhans command ability. Playing with Legion of Sacrement, you might as well boost spellcating galore! Secondly... I personally have had a bunch of fun with 6 spirit hosts with Dance Macabre.... Hexwraiths are better than Black knights IMO...
  9. I Firstly I think that the battletome needs to be balanced, in such a way, that the Bret player always has a fighting chance, even against a top tier army. Now that is dependent of multiple variables, but it generally mean have some of the same type of mechanics, units etc. on approximately the same level as the other armies. With that said, for a group to adopt a 3rd party product, it must ere on the side of caution in terms of the level of power of said mechanics. Which I think the latest version and revisions etc. does. I also believe, which is the case in my gaming group as well, that placing it somewhere around the middle of the level of power of the current armies is a good way to go. That way, there is less of a chance that it would be disallowed for being too powerful. Considering that 5 Grail Knight has the ability to theoretically deal 30 mortal wounds on a 4+ wound on a charge, is nothing to scuff about... just saying. Soon the beta will be released, and further testing will eventually lead to a final product, which I imagine will receive both FAQ, errata and running updates, to ensure that the fighting chance against all armies and all updates e.g. GHB18, will remain. Not saying your not right in your assessments of the current version, just that I think the cautionary approach is a good one.
  10. I would prefer not just to copy other factions abilities just because they are good. Yes its going to be difficult to not copy each other, but just copying Lords og Sacrement would be boring in my opinion. I think that each factions should have as much uniqueness as possible!
  11. My only real wondering is, that GW suggests the KNight of Shrouds is a good hero for Nighthaunt, yet non of the nighthaunt heroes have deadly invocation, thus not able to heal/resurrect the spirithosts.... that seems like a mistake.
  12. Hmmm.... That seems like a mistake! I did see that leak, but I really didn't read it that carefully, since GW statement of all death units contained in the book. However... the below picture would suggest that the knight of shroud is in the book or at least a viable option!
  13. How do you know the Knight of Shrouds is not in the new Legion of Nagash battletome, when GW specifically said the book would contain warscrolls for every death unit (So far)???
  14. So I have a question which I have been unable to answer! Is it possible to summon a Balewind Vortex within a Garden of Morr. I were unable to find any official answer in the "all answers are in the 4 pages" BS, so I come here. Can anyone answer this for me? Is it possible to summon a Balewind Vortex within a Garden of Morr to receive bonuses from both scenery??? Thanks!
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