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  1. HobbyHammer

    The Fate of Sigmar - Narrative Event - 16/17 Feb 2019

    I’m in
  2. @Chris Tomlin - Adam Elford has Grudged me... I have duly accepted. ****** that guy. Can you add it to the grudges. Cheese.
  3. But I like everyone on that list... Except @Ben Johnson, that guy can do one...
  4. I'm in, ticket paid for... just me though. Going Han Solo!
  5. HobbyHammer

    HeroHammer Campaign Simple Supplement

    Version 1.0.0


  6. Event Title: Rise of Empires '19 - Starstrike (Narrative Map Campaign) - Ramsgate, Kent, UK Event Author: HobbyHammer Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 02/22/2019 12:00 AM to 02/24/2019 12:00 AM More Details Soon.... Rise of Empires '19 - Starstrike (Narrative Map Campaign) - Ramsgate, Kent, UK
  7. until
    More Details Soon....
  8. HobbyHammer

    CliffHammer Slow Grow Narrative League

    Nice! Will it be led by Morathi herself?
  9. HobbyHammer

    CliffHammer Slow Grow Narrative League

    So for me, my army has come from the death of the old Colarcanium city and the migration of the survivors to set up a new city in Shyish, it will be based around a Warscryer Citadel and barracks of the Ironweld and Freeguild. 'As the city crumbled, the Generals of Colarcanium escaped along with the War Council through secret underground passages just as the Godbeast rose and the city collapsed in on itself. Artur Sigi, who has been protected within the Warscryer Citadel awaiting his trail in Azyr had been captured, the defenders of the Phoenix Temple slain.. a new chapter in Colarcanium‘s Life had begun. For years the remaining few wandered the Realms searching for new pastures to begin construction once more. Some had turned to prayer.. not to Sigmar but something else.. they had learned in Chamon more around the mystery of the Great Drake. As the new warband of nomads wandered, more joined them until finally they found it, the meteoric rock jutting from the Banelands in Shyish. This rock contained secrets of the beginning and old history of the World-That-Was, exactly as they were looking for and exactly as prophesied by the Drakians reading signs of Dracothian. They stopped.. the Duardin were ordered to begin work on the New Colarcanium city at once. This time though, defences were increased, more sentries posted, more War Machines created. They had learned valuable lessons from the first city, the city remained hidden for 100s of years through Collegiate and Eldritch magic during its construction. Finally and forever Colarcanium would stand proud, never to be destroyed again.'
  10. #TillDeathDoUsPart Use this thread to post up your progress on your Slow Grow army. Realm Location: Shyish Paint Commitment: 1-2 units per month Lore Commitment: One paragraph of Naro progression a month Month 1: Paint current General/Character Model, Lore up a back story of why they are there. Integrate with other members Naros if you can. Lets go. Begins March 1st
  11. HobbyHammer

    Brayherd help

    Play objectives, stay out of range as best you can of their magic, don't try and engage Saurus or Skyfires/Tzaangors in combat. Take Bestial Cunning for bringing reinforcements on later in game. 40 Ungor Raiders with Brayblast Trumpet will hurt your opponents key pieces. Take one Monster Ally that can deal some bigger damage if needed. Flood the board with goats.
  12. HobbyHammer

    Rise of Empires 18: Feedback thread.

    Please use this thread if you attended to event to give feedback on it. We wanna make it bigger and better of course, we had a great time but if there is anything you feel could be changed, we wanna know. Would did you enjoy, what didn't you enjoy, what could be better? Again, massive thanks for making it awesome guys! Sean and Kye
  13. Good Morning Guys! If you attended RoE18 and wish to share you story of your army at the event. Please post below, cant wait to read them all! You guys made the event amazing and the outcome was exactly as we hoped for. Sean and Kye
  14. Awesome what’s your twitter name?