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  1. Nope you're not weird. I play AoS with my own kids, and with kids that come to my store. Every hobby needs new blood to grow, ours is no different.
  2. Just to give my opinion as a retailer, but this split wasn't planned, and it wasn't done to let GW continue its expansion into board games. There were multiple FFG GW related items on pre-order from suppliers. They are gone. That's a lot of time, money and effort wasted. Had this been an amicable, planned ending of the partnership between the two companies, then either those items would never have been put into development, or the separation would happen after their release. I don't know the cause of the split, i've seen everything from GW getting annoyed over FFG launching a miniatures game, to FFG being annoyed that GW are pushing into boardgames again. It's unlikely we'll ever find out the full facts. But i am disappointed. I've been a Conquest player and we had a decent group playing in store. That's now very much on the edge of disappearing.
  3. Definitely good to hear. I think doing something like that is the way forward for GW. It allows them to correct issues with the game far more quickly than the old four year (or less) edition cycle.
  4. August proved to be a disaster for my painting schedule. A lot of bills meant my time was devoted to selling, selling and more selling in the store. So my contribution to month two was a solitary miniature :'( So mark it down as a FAIL for me for this month. But i present that miniature, the stunningly beautiful Lady Clara. Clad in her silken dress, and decorated with the finest jewelry of the court, Lady Clara has a score of admirers, each desperate for just a moment of her attention. Now time to tackle the bag log and get ahead for month 3!
  5. Great write up of the day. And yup, those were my big hats in the cabinet
  6. Well there's already a warscroll for Knight-Questors, so he may not get his own unique one.
  7. Nothing has come through my rep, so i'd be interested to see where this is coming from too.
  8. While it shouldn't be considered AoS design, i do know that from at least 2010 the GW Design Studio was experimenting with new looks for the Dwarfs. They were considered an army that was too generic fantasy and that needed effort put into making them more unique. It's entirely possible that GW have gone back to that brainstorming period for AoS inspiration.
  9. Thanks to the various legalities involved, i can't play music in store while gaming. At home though my Chaos forces often take to the field with The Dark And Endless Dalek Night playing.
  10. As promised in the last entry, the update to the army this time is a Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmith from Forgeworld. Forgeworld has done a great job with their Chaos Dwarf characters, they've kept the core elements from the previous ranges - the scale mail, curly beard, tusks, bull imagery - but updated it to fit in with the modern GW aesthetic. This also means that they fit in pretty well with the Chaos Dwarf ranges of the past. A side by side comparison certainly demonstrates the advances in casting techniques over the years, but they are still recognizable as belonging to the same army, despite a 20+ year age difference. Now the other question is which rules to use? Do i use the Legion of Azgorth ruleset from Forgeworld, or counts-as rules, using them with the Slaves to Darkness warcrolls? Both have pro's and cons. In the games i've played so far, the Legion rules aren't as good as the standard chaos. Ironsworn just feel like worse versions of Chaos Warriors. They're cheaper true, but they have also lost the survivability of the Warriors. Also the miniatures i'm using don't look like Ironsworn any more than they do Chaos Warriors. There's also the matter of the Hellcannon. If i use the Legion rules as written, no Hellcannon as it's not a Legion unit, which means Ironsworn cease to be battleline. But on the other side of things, Chaos Dwarfs are Chaos Dwarfs, so really i should be using the Chaos Dwarf rules, right? Thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Until next time i remain your FLGS Al@Ad Hoc Games
  11. Well i've completed my first month's worth. I present the noble King Shattertooth the Wise The hilarious, but insightful, Crypt Ghast Courtier Chester the Jester The brave Men-At-Arms, defending the Court in their shining armour, equipped with gleaming weapons. And in the background, the noble King's prized pet dragon. I've also done a video about the first month, which also has me contemplating what to do for month two
  12. I've done a quick review of the new 32mm and 25mm Shattered Dominion bases coming out this weekend. In short, the designs are excellent but completely let down by the material it's cast in. It's the same terrible plastic used in the Warhammer 40k bases and things like the Plasma Obliterator.
  13. I've been told there will be gifts, but i've only had it confirmed that the first one is a miniature. The others could be something different like a supplement, or poster etc.
  14. Well if you're not subbing, your FLGS or GW store will be stocking in and would probable appreciate the custom if an issue catches your eye. I would definitely recommend picking up the first issue though.
  15. This is what happens when you have a community that is positive and looking for the good in the hobby
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