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  1. Keep them guessing requires an *action* on a fighter card. Scurry required an FAQ because it explicitly states an action that is triggered as a reaction. Thundrik's reaction is not an action, so out of scope.
  2. If you don't already prep your models to perfection then you are a terrible human being and don't deserve nice things.
  3. It's 3. 25mm bases are less than 1", so no matter how you arrange them the 3rd model will always be within 2".
  4. No. Wounds are resolved simultaneously after all saves have been made.
  5. Pick faction. Other than leader, you can swap X number of wounds from that warband for X number of wounds from another? 'Allies' can only use/score towards/benefit from Universal Cards? Leader abilities can only affect same faction. Would *have* to be limited to universal cards. There's a reason faction cards don't get barred/restricted; they only work for a known entity. Allow the make up to change and all sorts of shenanigans ensue. Can you imagine Mollog's Mob with access to Restless Dead?!
  6. No. Movement distance and the exceptions to the movement rules provided by the flying rules are separate.
  7. No. The card/s don't state differing conditions for multiplayer so the numbers are absolute.
  8. You have to pile in to closest model, regardless of unit. If two models are absolutely equidistant from the piling-in model, then you have to finish your move closer to BOTH of them. (From the FAQ). If you can't, you cannot move.
  9. In terms of straightforward, I don't think you get much straighter than Garrek's Reavers or Magore's Fiends. I play Sepulchral Guard at the moment, and whilst they don't have magic I've managed to play both Objective and Offense with them with a few gimmicks to keep things fresh.
  10. Page 1 of the rules, last paragraph under "units".
  11. Sorry, just to go further - set up rules in core rules state you can bin models if you can't set them up. Unless a battleplan or warscroll ability trumps that, it applies to all set ups.
  12. FAQ, page 2; Q: Is there any kind of facing in Warhammer Age of Sigmar? Can models only shoot or move in a direction that they are facing? A: No to both questions.
  13. You just need to be in range with a melee weapon to make an attack, base to base isn't a requirement. Charging prevents units being able to just wander up to each other and fight. Unless someone charges, piling in cannot happen as charging (and subsequent pile-ins) are the only way that the 3" bubble around units can be broken (special rules notwithstanding).
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