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  1. BaldoBeardo

    Organised play - bans and restrictions

    Depends on faction. For the 5+ model teams, it's a pathetically easy score, and normally alongside destiny to meet and slumbering key. I have definitely not done this myself.
  2. BaldoBeardo

    Organised play - bans and restrictions

    I don't quite agree - the core rules changed. The risk/reward for charging was you get two actions at the price of not being able to do anything else. Making charges prevent activation meant that ploys could still be used to mitigate a bad charge or get more bang for your buck. Separating this from move action = no more move was a good decision as it made the choice between charging and moving more considered, ploys notwithstanding. All the FAQ did was clarify that card text trumps rulebook. So in the case of Time Trap (a season 1 card) the season 2 change to charge mechanics meant this card was exceptional when used on an 'alpha strike' model.
  3. BaldoBeardo

    Organised play - bans and restrictions

    Not the most experienced player, but my current deck is now going to need a lot of work... These cards are good in the hands of a novice, and brutal when combined with others. Although - personal rant - I don't see why earthquake is only restricted compared to great concussion. When you know what you're up to earthquake has a bit of a tell in the wind-up to it being played, but bleh.
  4. BaldoBeardo

    Majestic Horror

    It doesn't state "or" between the two elements of the trait. You get to use a summoning ability twice. As not all models in an FEC army have a summoning ability, you can use the Abhorrent Ghoul King's ability. Nothing in the wording makes those options exclusive.
  5. BaldoBeardo

    Let's Chat: Stormsire's Cursebreakers

    /CardNerd I wouldn't worry just yet. We're currently on about 143/267 universal cards released so far. As we saw with Shadespire, GW do a pretty good job of spreading the doozies across the expansions. A pure season 2 deck is going to be tying an arm behind your back for the next few months.
  6. No, it's just that they tend to use attack dice for ploys that affect your opponent, and defence dice for ploys that affect you. You're not making a defence roll, as you're not going up against an attack roll.
  7. BaldoBeardo

    Can we trust "fan" sites and channels?

    If you're the sort of person who needs an "affiliate content" warning/disclaimer on a YouTube video or blog to help you figure out if someone is 'trustworthy', then you are also the sort of person that needs the "Warning! The beverage you are about to enjoy may be hot!" printed on the cup of coffee you just bought. (PS. It's not actually 'trustworthy' you're after, any way. It's 'reviewer who assesses things in exactly the same way I would'.)
  8. BaldoBeardo

    Can we trust "fan" sites and channels?

    But who judges "transparency", and even if there was a measure what effect does that have? For every "ZOMG SPEED FREEKZ IS DA MUHFUGGIN BOMB, SQUEEEEE!" review, there will be a "Ugh, more Jeedubz money grabbing when they know us real fans just want Dark Future back, ugh." For every person who froths over the latest AoS release and remortgages their house in preparation, there will be someone proclaiming that Mantic are the true gamer's mini producer, etc. GW simply choose to direct their efforts towards the former, which is frankly only sensible. Both reviewers find a market, but in terms of making money only one stands a chance of doing it as a day job.
  9. BaldoBeardo

    Can we trust "fan" sites and channels?

    I guess the question that's bugging me on this... What effect does any of this declaration have on your opinion or purchasing? I recently bought a piece of tech, after a fair amount of research as I had a specific ask. The manufacturer's website didn't have the required info, so I looked at reviews. I bought it as *multiple* reviews stated it did the specific job I required. That is, in theory, objective criticism, a specific yes/no query. It didn't / doesn't. These were fan reviews, by the way. Official reviews didn't say one way or the other, hence digging deeper on fan sites. Just pulling something out of the hat, the warofsigmar p/review of Speed Freeks. What would you expect from an " objective" review? You've seen the photos, you know what's in the box. They like the game. What yardstick do you measure that review as 'objective'? What would that look like? How do you score the contents or rules? What difference do you think free product makes? "You make your orders in secret like in X-Wing so that's good, but there's no barrel roll so it's not as good...?" Even here on TGA - where excessive negativity is a banhammer offence - the mods have to wade in between people arguing whether Stormcast should wear purple pants or woolly longjohns under their armour. But we're all here because at the root of it, we love us some GW. The flip side is risking a cesspool like Warseer. TL : DR - "But did you read that on the internet?"
  10. BaldoBeardo

    Can we trust "fan" sites and channels?

    I'd be interested to see an example of where you think this line has been crossed. Reviews are almost by definition a subjective assessment when concerned with a hobby such as ours which is by and large a qualitative endeavour. So, "the minis are crappy, with mould faults and detail loss evident all over the place" could lie in the space of objective. Similarly "lots of typos". "The minis are very good" or "the minis don't look right" aren't objective because you can't really apply any kind of scale to that. You risk also confusing the chicken for the egg. IIRC Lady Atia began as a pretty good rumour merchant, then there was some kind of C&D undertaken, then all of a sudden re-emerges as a channel with a direct line to GW. My opinion on that is that the warofsigmar blog are dyed in the wool GW fans who GW give stuff to because they are likely to start from a good place in their reviews. Mengel minis were a similar arrangement I believe. The positive reviews led to product access, not vice versa. I have a relative who makes their money from online 'influencing'. Quite simply, if something supplied is bad they will not review and let the company know why. In this day and age, caveat emptor. Disagreeing with an opinion is not evidence the system is broken.
  11. BaldoBeardo

    Shadespire community FAQ

    Yes. You declare an attack action. You are required to resolve separately so the rules don't get broken by reactions etc. The requirement to resolve separately doesn't change the fact it is a single attack action to begin with. The other option is... it's impossible to score. Which would mean GW invalidated a card intentionally. Which I very much doubt they would do, as doing it this soon would affect perception of the game.
  12. BaldoBeardo

    Let's chat: Sepulchral Guard

    Cheers for those! I've moved away from holding objectives as a focus, but only temporarily - my regular group is quite small so I'm expecting to have to rejig decks frequently to keep opponents guessing. ?
  13. BaldoBeardo

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Im just wondering when we'll start seeing INNATE ploys and abilities for non-magic dice rolls. I'm guessing the Troggoth will be one - given it's billed as the workhorse, I'm wondering if it might have Innate (Block) or something to represent resilience. If there's a card coming that gives a Universal Innate upgrade for attacks that will shift units on its own...
  14. BaldoBeardo

    Let's chat: Sepulchral Guard

    Necro, (haha) So where do SG sit right now? I've been able to come up with some combat focussed decks and a couple of denial decks - but what are people having the most luck with?
  15. BaldoBeardo

    Card Storage Question

    I went for the Vault X 480 (like 2/3 the price) and it's great too. Takes DS and FFG sleeves. (Also, now a convert to DS clear matte - they're a joy to handle!)