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New Combat Dice


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Hi everyone.

I want to share with you all a cool new thing I have been working on for a while and finally got to announce today.

Combat Dice RED + BLUE

Who needs tokens when you have COMBAT DICE RED + BLUE.

On sale now at scenerydice.co.uk/shop/ #SCENERYDICE 

You can get these dice at scenerydice.co.uk/shop

Both of these dice are used to mark abilities, buffs, De-buffs and upgrades in your Age of Sigmar Games.

Combat Dice RED

Combat Dice RED covers all the common Hit and Wound bonus that you often need to keep track of in your games.

  • +1 To Hit
  • +1 To Wound
  • Re-roll To Hit
  • Re-roll To Wound
  • Re-roll 1’s To Hit
  • Re-roll 1’s to wound

Combat Dice BLUE

Combat Dice BLUE lets you easily keep track of some of the various actions and abilities that you will need to use in your Age of Sigmar games.

  • Command Ability
  • Plant Totem
  • Battle Shock
  • +1 To Save
  • -1 To Hit
  • Special Ability Symbol

I hope you like them! 





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Wow, nice work @Ben. Like Scenery Dice I think you've come up with another great idea again. I'm impressed.

Will definitely look to get my hands on some of these. Certainly the best solution I've seen so far, especially as all the token sets are clearly made by people not playing AoS so don't have the correct/most common things you'd want to mark.

Thumbs up bro!

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Another very neat idea and way of simplifying things that are easily forgotten during a game :)  The scenery dice are really good.  Frustratingly I've just got the bits to make a load of 1" round tokens so will have to wait for a bit before I get any :P 

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Thanks for all the nice comments guys!  

I'm really proud of these and the Scenery dice.

I have a few ideas for more dice in the future too. I'm hoping t have a huge range of different dice further down the line and I can only make it happen with support from you guys! Thanks!

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My guess is that if you have a general's ability that doesn't confer an ability that's represented by a modifier already on the dice you can use that side as a catch all. And the battleshock as a reminder for units that have special battleshock abilities such as orruk boys.

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2 hours ago, Carnelian said:

Great idea. How is it envisioned that the battle shock and command ability dice faces would be used?

My thoughts are to place the 'Battleshock' dice next to units that will require a battle sock test that turn.  


The Command ability would be to show where the command ability has been used that turn. If I used inspiring presence on a unit I would place it next to them.  If I used a 'bubble' ability I would place it next to the general...

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