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  1. Hopefully if you go back to my post I think that's exactly what I wrote/did! (I don't think you were talking about me to this point)
  2. I might be missing some events but I think it's pretty standard in the UK now to have 100% painted and based armies at all events. There might be the odd one dayer where people can bring unpainted armies but that's the exception. Definitely something that's massively improved since old Warhammer days.
  3. I should have guessed from the avatar. Yeah no problem, I thought you had some good points. Would definitely be keen to see more data on it JP/LLV!
  4. Some interesting points Mr Charisma (sorry not sure of your name). The point about prior knowledge is only an applicable advantage if you can act on it. I think your point about having models ready is probably very valid as we could anticipate the strong build painted and ready for release. Then it becomes more of an advantage based on how similar the 'new build' is to the old book one. For example Tz new Changehost is very similar model set to previous book one, any new releases we only access at the same time. Trying to think of a book where something new became good, maybe Cities i
  5. So with some chat recently about playtester advantage I wanted to do a bit more analysis. I personally think it's a disadvantage (take LRL, I playtested them a long time ago and not against anything in the current 'meta' and had to get the book back out last week to remember what any of the scrolls/combos are). I also don’t play many practice games in the current ‘meta’ as lots of my theory and actual games are in a meta 6-12 months forward from now. I appreciate that some people think that it’s an advantage though and without breaking NDA’s it’s hard to have a full and open discussion abou
  6. This sounds awesome. Not sure which team I'm going to support! Should definitely be a Chaos v Order classic I think. Maybe 3k or something as well for some different lists.
  7. I hadn't actually played with the list and when i did I found myself agreeing with quite a few of Frowny's points! I like a unit of Chameleons to sit off the board and threaten for objective play. I also found the sweet spot for Knights to be 10's for mainline buffable units and 5's for quite good flanking units or objective holders. Adding in some Saurus also help, specially in the Sunclaw Starhost for 4 r1 attacks a model. The latest version of the list is: Carno Oldblood Starpriest x 2 40/20/20 Saurus Warriors 10/10/5/5 Knights 5 Chameleon
  8. Sounds awesome. I'll be there!
  9. Theory of this list is the volume of attacks that Saurus Knights get (7 per model) which aren't particularly good, but when combined with the Starpriest's 6's to wound are a MW means they can put out a good amount of damage. So you deploy and send in the Cav in waves, also giving them exploding hits on 6's, plus 1 to hit and the natural plus 1 to hit from Koatl Claw mean they are hitting on 2/3's for all their statline. Then you have spells, either rr hits of 1's, immune to battle shock and +1 armour save and you have a really nasty unit. With the +1 to run and charge constellation they
  10. IF you're playing a friendly game and you're using wanderers you're not exactly gaming for advantage. Just use the models you want and most opponents shouldn't have a problem with it!
  11. Very amusing thread - yes I think I need comping! Sleboda - you touch on some interesting points. I think both of the things you say are true to an extent but the way in which they manifest is slightly different. I find lots of the time people think they have lost before we even start playing and play differently because of it. My advice to anyone is don't play any different no matter who is across the table from you as if you start the game thinking you've lost, most likely you will.
  12. Great post Marc thanks for your considered input. Agree it’s probably more about evolution than revolution!
  13. LHW (Laurie?). It's a really hard thing to explain (and I've done it many times over the 5 ETC's I've been to, well done to me first year and then done to others!). They just built these really bizarre army lists that you would never see in the UK scene at all, or lists that looked similar that they would then play completely differently. People would be used to taking their UK list to tournaments and smashing people 20-0 and not be prepared for the negative play (I don't mean that in a person way but in a 'I'm going to force you to come to me to eek out every point and then smash you
  14. Stato just a couple of quick answers (sorry don't have time for a more detailed response'. For the ETC there are currently 40 capped players and it's been running 10 years so that's an average of 4 new caps a year so that's pretty perfect in my personal opinion. For the 'international experience' bit, I don't know how much this will hold true for AoS, but for Fantasy the EU scene was so drastically different to how we played the game in the UK that it was almost a different game. Every year the new players on the team would want to take the lists that did well in the UK meta and the
  15. Morning all, There has been lots of chat on twitter over the last few days about the ETC selection process, most of it positive and constructive but as always on Twitter it’s really hard to get points across effectively. As a preface, most of you who know me know that I’m competitive and my over riding goal of attending 5 previous ETC’s is winning the event and I would do anything I could to try and help the team achieve this. With that in mind I have always wanted the best ‘team’ to be selected. As I have been out with these people on 2-3 trips a year as well as numerous planning
  16. Thanks Ben. Gutted I can't make it - didn't plan these twins very well! Good luck to everyone who is going and thanks again to Ben for running something for the community out of his own time and pocket. I'll be watching coverage with interest! See you in 2020. Jack
  17. I thought I would write this post after doing my usual post game/tournament rumination and share with everyone the process I go through to try and get better at AoS. It probably also helps that the last game (that I will refer to most) was streamed so you can go back and look at what I’m referring to. It was the final game of Angelcore and I was lining up against Ben Savva’s DoK list with my Morathi, 2x Frostie, 3x10 Arkanaughts and 2 x 30 White Lions. The reason why I think this process is important for everyone is it’s too easy to blame why you win or lose a game or tournament on d
  18. Great post Tom and a really strong selection committee. Good luck and thanks for taking on the burden. Consider my name in the hat. I’ll just start the hunt for childcare early!
  19. Jack Armstrong

    AngelCore 2018!


    I'm in. Twins permitting.
  20. Just trying to pay via paypal and the email wasn't recognised. I'll try again on a compute but I'm not missing anything am I? rdavidj54@googlemail.com
  21. Think I’ll be coming along to this as well - should be good.
  22. I completely agree with Tony on the top 5. Have to put myself in first place though!!
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