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  1. @Nikobot @Cosmicsheep Yeah, sorry I meant to say in units of 10. Clanrats are clearly superioder otherwise. And yeah, I think I would also favor night runners over giant rats. They are more expensive though. So I wonder, does anyone out there use giant rats?
  2. Our cheapst screen are giant rats. Does anyone use them?
  3. I see all you people making warscroll for you new heroes. Is there like wascroll builder of some kind that you use?
  4. Sylvaneth has a lot of teleporting shenanigans with their trees. Pretty cool thematic army, will some cool looking models. I've seen people do season themed armies (fall, winter, etc.), which look pretty damned cool! And you're group doesn't play competitive, so why not? Gitz can have some pretty big unis - units of 60 stabbas or shootas. So be prepared for a pretty big paint job. Some cool looking heroes though, like the Loonking, as well as cool faction terrain. As for orruks, if you don't like the aestethic of iron jaws, then you have savage orruks. Limited range of models though, I believe. And of course with Orruk warclans you can combine IJ and savage orruks.
  5. I made a list. Seems kinda fun, and possibly good? I'm not sure what do to with the last 120 points though. Warpfirethrower and a CP? Or Cogs maybe? Soulsnare shackels?
  6. I see people wanting clanrats in units of 60. What would be the benefit of this?
  7. Getting the verminlords back down would be nice too I guess? And I want assasins to be viable... But that would require a rules rewrite I guess. And pherhaps getting WLV down to 80 points?
  8. You might find some answers and examples in this thread:
  9. I asked the AoS community on Facebook. And I've now sent an email to the rules team. Hopefully I'll get an answer.
  10. I got my little girl (4 yrs) interested in Warhammer. I let her choose the models she wanted. Alas , she failed to see the greatness of The Great Horned Rat... We glued two models and then she painted one. I haven't had this much pleasure in being a dad in quite some time. It was such a great bonding experience!
  11. I played va Orruks this weekend. I got of a perfect plague monks charge (see picture). They were buffed with Skavenbrew for a total of 4 attacks each. So 161 attacks in totalt, they turned into 95 saves. My opponent just removed the pigs without rolling 😛 I lost the game 19 to 26 victory points in the end though.
  12. Do rat swarms have any place in our armies? Objective holders? Healing one unit per round could make them tanky against low amount of oppnent objetive grabbers? Oh wait, the swarms would then be outnumbered.... So, any uses?
  13. @Oak7603While I tend to agree, my opponent did not. I think GW needs to clarify this rule a bit.
  14. @GwendarHow did you find the night runners? What did you use them for, and what was your thoughts on bringing them? As for the warpgnaw, I thought I heard it was possible to get RR1's on both to hit and wound, is that true? Pretty cool list!
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