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  1. @EldarainMortal wounds for heroes and the harvester then I assume? And yeah, shooting. Do you prefer stormfiends or acolytes against OBR? Why do speed bumps work well against OBR? @Skreech Verminkingdoomwheel eh ? Hmmm... Might not be to bad I guess.
  2. Played against OBR yesterday, and got smashed. I did one big mistake, and serval smaller. How do you guys handle OBR? Seems to me we can't fight them straight up, so we have to rely on movement shenannigans. Man that catapult is terrifying. And the mortek guards are just so insanely tough.
  3. Interesting. So with that many casters what kind of spells do you typically try to get of? The Bridge and WLV from what you've been saying, and then?
  4. Looks more Brettonian than Freeguild to me. But could certainly be used as Freeguild general. Badass model anyway!
  5. Ah yes. I was missing the "half of his base size" part. Yeah, you're right. That would be more than 9". Ok, so same scenario, but this time the building is only 6" across. With a 9" charge, Nagash gets to position 2, pivots into position 3. He has now spent all of the 9", but can still glide to within 0,5" of the Clanrats because of flying. Agreed? Edit: Excuse my shoddy Skaven math. That would still need a 12" Charge. Ok, so the same scenarion I outlined above. 6" building. Getting to position 2 would be 9", and then into pos3 would be 12". THEN he can slide down to within 0,5" because of flying. Right?
  6. Wasn't Teclis always the ugly brother? There's also something Idonethy about him, which sort of makes sense? Overall a pretty cool model, but probably the weakest of them for me.
  7. Your certainly right that we have to consider more than start and finish. The actually movement is also essential. So here's how I see it: We have to move Nagash onto the building, and then far enough forward so that we can tilt his base into a vertical postion. Let's say the midpoint of his base. Then we tilt him forward to a vertical position. We now used all of the 9" movement. But since Nagash is a flyer, he can ignore vertical movement. So now we slide him downwards along the building wall, until he is within 0,5" of the clanrats. Seen from above this would be a 9" move. For a non-flying unit, we would also have to consider vertical movement, bringing this to more than 9". But since a flyer ignores vertical movement, this is still a 9" move, as seen from straight above. Am I missing something?
  8. Any unit can "stand" on vertical surfaces (even if the physical model can't). So there should be no problem with Nagash ending his move in position 3 in @Isotopdrawing. And since flying ignores vertical distance, then the pink dot would be within 9" of it's original position, which would be a successful charge in that case. Right?
  9. Isn't that the only right way to do it?
  10. In the rules subforum there is the possibilty of up- and downvoting answers. This changes the order that those answers are displayed. In some cases, that makes it very hard to follow the back and forth that oftens occurs in such threads. Can we please get rid of the reordering of answers in the rules section? Example of such a thread:
  11. If you want to go a pure clan (e.g. Skryre), then the general has to be Skryre or Masterclan. And then all other units has to belong to that single clan. The good thing about it, is that it makes certain units battleline (Acolytes and Stormfiends for Clans Skryre). While if you go mixed (i.e. Skaventide allegiance) then you can take any hero as your general. But then only clanrats and stormvermin can be used a battleline. But all other units can come from any clan.
  12. Which can easily be buffed to 4 shots, and given rerolling 1s to hit. And then there's the bravery attack.... Terrifying presence: "Substract 10 from the bravery characteristic of @gronnelgfor each Mortek Crawler currently on the board."
  13. Holy cow! Those are some ambitious goals! Good luck with that! Personally hoping to finish 3-4 units of Skaven in 2019
  14. Recently I played a game were my opponent could see through a hole in a buidling. He could't really "see" the model per se, but noticed change in the light trough the hole when I moved the model. We couldn't really decided, so we just rolled for it.
  15. Per the rules, if any part of a unit sees any part of another unit, then the units have line of sight. My question is about what you guys typically houserule?
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