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  1. 19.3 ENDLESS SPELLS Q: Do things that increase the range of a caster’s spells also apply to the distance at which an endless spell can be set up from the caster? A: Yes. Hello balewind vortex + waprlightning vortex ♥ Edit: Wait a minute - is balewind vortex no longer usable?
  2. Wow wow wow! Weapon teams in hiding do not count as drops? WTF? This will be FAQ right? Everything else in the game that can be deployed on the table still counts as a drop, right?
  3. I seem to remember rat ogors having some ability that made them better on the charge - insanely rabid or something? Does anyone know? Edit: oh, and how do acolytes fare in 3.0? Edit 2: and plague monks while I'm at it 😛
  4. Guys - the Gnawhole FAQ - it says as long a you have hero WITHIN 6" of the gnawhole and a unit WITHIN 6" of the gnawhole, you can teleport. Not wholly within. An oversight? Pretty big otherwise, right? You could congaline a horde unit over to the hole, and still tunnel through reality.
  5. These new rules for Skaven like weapon teams being able to hide in clanrat units - where can I find them? Do I now need an additional book in addition to the battletome?
  6. gronnelg

    Skaventide 3.0

    Has there been stats changes, or are you refering to the points cost?
  7. To my knowledge there are no known plans unfortunately. Skaven are pretty awesome as it is though. Although anything new or updated would certainly be welcome.
  8. Some of my favorite games have been front heavy, but have then been decided in later rounds with small skirmishes and army movment.
  9. @Gwendar& @Riff_Raff_Rascal Thanks for the great replies. Also thank you guys for being so savvy and helping all us plebs suck a tiny bit less.
  10. How do you guys feel about the HPA? I got one for my birthday. I like the model. And it hits like a truck for those 240 points. But super squishy, brackets hard, a somewhat slow/unreliable movement. Does it work?
  11. Hey guys! I'm playing against Slaanesh tomorrow. Here's my list: Here's hist list: (Sorry about the botches copy paste. ) Any help? Aside from screening and putting more than 3 inches between the screens and juicy units, what should I be doing?
  12. I've only tried 6 stormfiends twice I believe. And both times I had a hard time getting them into ratling range. Do you typically just rush them forward to get them into range?
  13. Hey guys! I'm tempted to buy acolytes and jezzails from Punga Miniatures. But they're so damned expensive. Do you think any of those units might be made unplayable, like the warpgnaw verminlord?
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