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  1. Hey guys! I'm playing against Slaanesh tomorrow. Here's my list: Here's hist list: (Sorry about the botches copy paste. ) Any help? Aside from screening and putting more than 3 inches between the screens and juicy units, what should I be doing?
  2. I've only tried 6 stormfiends twice I believe. And both times I had a hard time getting them into ratling range. Do you typically just rush them forward to get them into range?
  3. Hey guys! I'm tempted to buy acolytes and jezzails from Punga Miniatures. But they're so damned expensive. Do you think any of those units might be made unplayable, like the warpgnaw verminlord?
  4. Yeah, I want to keep Thanquol to be able to cast death frenzy with +2, and horde clearing. It's a tough choice though. Going down to 6 jezzails feels like it would make them much less of a threat. Do you think it would be worth it, for that extra engineer? And yeah, I would rather keep the bell.
  5. Hey guys! I previously posted this list, which I really like on paper (haven't gotten to try it yet though). However, I am very scared of having only one engineer, as 5 wounds at 5+ is super easy to snipe, and would really hurt my list. So I'm wondering if I could somehow squeeze in a 2nd engineer. Alternativly, how would you change this list? The goal is an all-round tournament list.
  6. Bell of doom - can it move the turn it was set up? Do normal endless spell rules apply, so that the person going second can move it at the start of the round?
  7. @Gwendar Vigordust on the Stormvermin. Omfg! 2+ 2+ Alright! Thanks for the feedback!
  8. I made a list I really like. I need help with artefacts and traits for the bombardier and clawlord though. I'm not sure what to give to whom. Deranged inventor would make the jezzails more versatile, as they could move without losing the RR to hit (MMMWP is for the acolytes). It's utility is arguably circumstancial though. Vigourdust injector could work on the acolytes I guess? Vigourdust + verminous valor ( it's a really important hero after all). Also what do you think about bomabrdier vs engineer in this case? MMMWP is reserved for the acolytes after all... The clawlord is primarly there to buff the SV, but what about brutal fury + things bane combo?
  9. I had my first game in ages yesterday. I had a grey seer on foot. Turns out wither is a pretty good spell! Have any of my fellow rats had any experience with it?
  10. @AOS_Pete How did you achieve that yellow-green color?
  11. @Nikobot @Cosmicsheep Yeah, sorry I meant to say in units of 10. Clanrats are clearly superioder otherwise. And yeah, I think I would also favor night runners over giant rats. They are more expensive though. So I wonder, does anyone out there use giant rats?
  12. Our cheapst screen are giant rats. Does anyone use them?
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