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  1. Gulug1974

    Pompey Pirates

    Looking for new members! Regular club nights on Wednesdays. Based just north of Portsmouth, ideal for southern Hampshire and West Sussex. Contact Paul at @gulug1974 on TGA or @ugluk1974 on Twitter. we have an active WhatsApp group where you can organise games.
  2. Gulug1974

    Sheffield Slaughter 23/24 Feb 2019- AoS

    Just paid - Paul Marshallsay. Looking forward to it!
  3. Gulug1974

    Bonescon - Guildford - February 8 - 10th

    Just had a look on the website and couldn’t see an aos on the events page?
  4. Gulug1974

    Bonescon - Guildford - February 8 - 10th

    I would be up for this. Nip up the road to play.
  5. @ugluk1974 on Twitter
  6. Will be great to see you. Added to the list!
  7. Yes plenty of space. Would love to have you aboard! I will add to you to the list. See post one for details of payment.
  8. Good question. I am going to say you have to purchase in advance and only use the leftover points for triumphs.
  9. No they can be separate as you might use them with other armies. If you wanted to theme them in a cool way I would consider them as part of the overall best army vibe. Otherwise not.
  10. Is that modifying it? Haven’t got the wording in front of me but in essence yes, a draw means player that went first in last round wins priority.
  11. No worries I feel the same way!
  12. Should all be fixed now
  13. No I have messed it up. Will fix today!
  14. Pack now live on post 1
  15. Great added to the entrants list post 2