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  1. Im 3 games in and undefeated so far:) Yes the "Fight for Profit" triple is total money for this warband,,plant your leader near an objective and blast away with whoever you can!,,stock thunderers are good to keep in range,though ive wrecked with the fumigator and the Aethermatic saw is a face remover with all the extra attacks.Stock Arkenauts are good,though I like run one with the skypike,that 2" range can keep him protected from combat at times.Riggers are a must for the warband,,im sticking with the Mizzenmaster even though hes 265 pts..hes fast enough to get out of trouble and at 26 wounds is likely to get a chance to escape if needed. Overall I really like this warband,the mobilitie and shooting really makes for some varied gameplay tactics.
  2. Yeah I would assume that if he was onboard a boat(having the marine keyword of course) that boat would not be able to flyhigh.I personally would love to have him in an Ironclad..float around the board and delete units as ya go lol.
  3. I know this is a real stretch,,but since GW Added the Bonesplitter and Ironjawz Keyword to the Rogue Idol..would it be out of the realm of possibility for Gotrek to be given the Marine keyword? How would that help out KO`s?
  4. Should work..Fly high is indeed "instead of a normal move"..so if you are allowed to make a "normal move" out of phase then Flying High should work for that phase as well. There of course would be issue with taking balloon units along for the ride since it states "one unit"
  5. Yeah,the army is still just for funzies… That being the case and now we know nothing will really change.I think ill be building a force with a ground contingent led by Gotrek and a 20 block of Arkanauts then throw in a Frigate and some gunboats and Thunderers along with the balloon boss and see what I can do with that.
  6. Yeah,,thats what my group is going to do until GW makes it official.
  7. None of the new warbands in this current release have their runemarks on the allies matrix in the monsters and mercenaries book.GW really needs to get it together on Warcry,,its a great game but just doesn't seem to be getting a lot of support.
  8. So we have the new warbands finally coming out,yet were do I find the allowed mercenaries for them? Im trying to get a tournament going in my area and for matched play warbands,they can include one merc,,which is fine for the original warbands that have the chart in the monsters and mercs book,,but were do the new ones fit in? I suppose I could allow players to choose one based off the AoS armies they come from but would prefer to have an official word on this.
  9. Indeed!..im set on using a unit of 3 bombers.For 200 pts you get 15 wounds behind a 4+,pretty decent shooting at 20" range and the fly over bombing is a serious threat at a fair chance of 3d3 morts..this of course can be done while running and or retreating.
  10. Correct,LVO was not allowing either Tzeentch or KO`s latest books in the event. Also keep in mind that the top Tzeentch player at LVO is a very skilled AoS player and has played the army since its release doing very well overall.
  11. Looking at the BRB rules on Garrisons,it states that a unit can start the game inside a garrison as long as the garrison is in friendly territory.Now of course there are cities that would allow a boat to enter the game in enemy or neutral territory,but since the rule that allows that is part of a subfaction within a specific army then it overrides the BRB and would be fine. That would be my take on it.
  12. When KOs were first released,the build I ran had a block of 20 Vulkites and the Runesmiter with the key that allowed them to backdoor my oponents,,worked pretty well.
  13. Humm...wondering what they mean by "and all the games you play use the updated airborne battles system found in the box." It certainly cant be what was released in WD as that is described as a different game like the one they released for 40k last year. And do they mean just the games played with the models in the box set..or are these "updated" rules going to be added in to the main AoS rules.
  14. This issue I have is(assuming they don't have any terrain or endless spell(like) warscrolls to add) is that KO`s need every bit of help they can get with the condition the army has been in since its release.Their one main build(skyhook spam) that seems to be the most effective doesn't even use any of the ships that were supposed to be a main feature of the army,,this even after point reductions in the current cycle. Khorne got prayers and a terrain piece that have really helped their army out a lot especially when facing spell heavy opponents.These extra features that some armies are getting can indeed be very helpful. Either way,,the army needs a lot of help.Im currently in a very competitive meta in my area,with the current state of the army its literally a waste of time to even unpack them to play a game.Im not sure what the fix would be,though being a high mobility army perhaps they could receive some army wide "hit and run" capabilities along with some wound shrugging abilities..maybe they could become the "Eldar" of AoS or something,,I don't know...
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