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  1. Yep! It's a teaser, so that's intended. The real pictures will come when the model is finished. Thanks for the advice though. Sent from my Z958 using Tapatalk
  2. I love the theme so much. Models are boss as well. Reminds me of a Slaanesh troupe from a 40k novel about Lysander. They didn't travel, but they acted out plays and whatnot for Slaanesh. Sent from my Z958 using Tapatalk
  3. Doing a custom Daemon Prince for my Iron Warriors Legion (40k), but since I'll also run it in my AoS games I figured it would be appropriate to post it here for some C&C. It's not finished. It still needs to be edge highlighted and the base needs to be finished, but I wanted to post a teaser to start things off. The idea behind him is that he was a Chaos Lord that grew jealous of an upstart Chaos Lord in the same Iron Warriors Warband and drew the ire of Tzeentch while begging for power to insure his place at the head of the Warband (a place he wouldn't have held for long), so Tzeentch granted him ascension, wiping his mind and turned him into an automata. Then as the ultimate spite, granted the upstart Chaos Lord absolute command over the Daemon Prince Servitor. Gameplay wise, he's a winged (jetpacked) DP with twin Maelific Talons.
  4. Thanks, bud. Mainly because I've only ever used the same black primer for just about everything. I'm so used to how it interacts with my typical color choices I use, but this project is outside my wheelhouse (Khorne red Ork and Marine armour, and green skin), so maybe this would be a good time to broaden my horizons.
  5. Thank you for the kind words, guys. It's an honor to inspire anyone. I think I'm going to do roughly the same mix with the next model, but I'm going to use some dry brushing or layering after the wash to pick out a few areas and see if it works. Then I'll do a few more, move onto some Bloodcrushers/Chaos Warhounds, then... a Bloodthirster. Sent from my Z958 using Tapatalk
  6. Haha! #whatsbleatinggilbertgrape Seriously, I'll stop. Can't wait to see more pictures and progress@HobbyHammer !
  7. This thread really #goatstheextramile. Sent from my Z958 using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks for that. I'm trying some new stuff with each Letter, so that one I'll try next. This attempt was based black, three layers of Pallid Witch Flesh, detail in Rakarth Flesh and Gorthor Brown, then wash is Reikland Fleshed. After, detail with BftBG. I'm much happier with the gradients achieved with the extra layer of brown, and the switch from Sepia to Fleshshade. I also like the additional use of BftBG. But, I feel like there's still something missing, so I'm going to continue to experiment with other mixtures. Also, that's my weapon mix. I'm going to add more detail into the blades, but that conveys the basic pallet. Sent from my Z958 using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks for all the input guys. The mix in the picture is based black, two layers of Pallid Witch Flesh, a layer of Rakarth Flesh on the bone parts, then a layer of Saraphim Sepia. I agree that the later of Rakarth Flesh isn't quite enough to put some differentiation between the various sections. My main inspiration behind the pallet are the chest bursters and newborn alien from the Alien franchise. They have that bloody fleshy look I'm trying to hit. The bursters are pretty monotone, but the newborn does have a good bit of color here and there. Maybe I should look into some Marauder/Reaver skin tutorials. I believe they're pretty close to what I'm looking for. Sent from my Z958 using Tapatalk
  10. So I had an idea for white Bloodletters that would allow visible patches of Blood for the Blood God, but I'm not sure I'm happy with the mix. And the application was quick and dirty, so that's not that great either. I wanted to post this though to see everyone's thoughts on the subject of alternate colored Bloodletters, your thoughts on my pale version with blood patches, and thoughts on other ideas for alternate colors. So any input is very welcome.
  11. I haven't read the rules, don't play Skaven, but that model would make A KILLER Khorgorath conversion. Sent from my Z958 using Tapatalk
  12. Has the new stat line been released yet? I've been waiting to see how the Khorne Daemons have faired in the transition to 8th. Can't wait to get my hands on that index and the new rules (officially anyways. leaks are great, but I want the books in front of me!)!
  13. I'm happy with the models, I just wish they were Daemons instead of monsters. Same thing with Wrathmongers. But both are just wishful thinking. Sent from my Z958 using Tapatalk
  14. I feel like they are slightly overcosted, but they bring a somewhat tanky unit to an otherwise paper thin army. And if you pick your targets right, they can put out some decent hurt, especially on the charge. I use them primarily to either flank into backline Squishies, or as a tarpit unit. Not going to fluff their nuts though. They aren't super competitive, but I love their models and they tie the army together visually. But if you're not crazy about the way they look, you're probably better off spending the points elsewhere. Sent from my Z958 using Tapatalk
  15. Very similar to my own Khorne list. Yours is a little more well rounded with the Secrator, Cannons and multiple Thirsters types, but otherwise they look to play quite alike. Can't comment on tactics, as I haven't played them nearly as much as my IJs, but I rather like the general Chaos items and traits over the BoK stuff for this army. But there are some nice items in the BoK stuff, so either way you go you'd do fine.
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