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  1. Thanks for your input guys. Lots of good stuff. I’m going with Heroes Black Ark Fleetmaster - General Sorceress - Adjutant Battleline Kharibdyss Hyda 490pts Total We escalate 250 Pts every two weeks.
  2. Hey so I haven’t touched Age of Sigmar since around the time it came out and I’m getting back into it. I’m joining a local escalation league that starts at 500pts and was thinking of running Anvilgard with two Hyrda or Kharibdyss as my battle line . Any experience with these two as to which would perform better? Thanks
  3. Howdy, just wanted to post a small update to let everyone know I'm still alive. I made the mistake of finally picking up Warhammer: Total War knowing full well what would happen. I've been busy running through the Chaos campaign rather than working on my models Aside from that my Warshrine is coming along. I'm waiting for some bits from Brother Vinnis for it. Also I'm looking for some good 28mm scale gibbet style cages if anyone knows any or some 28mm torture tool racks. also picked up my Hellstriders which will be the next project after the Warshrine is done.
  4. I really miss pestigor. I remember trying to prove their existence to the noobs at the local games workshop, even the manager didn't know what they were. So sad we lost God specific beastmen but happy to see them here!
  5. I'm planning on doing quite a bit of conversion work to it. It's going to be labor intensive but will look really cool and thematic when i'm done. Still waiting on some other 3rd party models.
  6. Lol Just realized that "lawnmower" is the perfect metaphor for what it will do to Sylvaneth.
  7. Love these! Always a fan of gore and dirt on models. Boo clean, yay blood!
  8. Finally finished my Knights. I love these models and I think a cav army would be cool... ...but they are an absolute pain in the boob to build. Ya my right boob hurts...TMI hoping it's a sign from Slaanesh for my dedication to perfection by scraping the miles of mould lines off these armored pricks. anywho.... and for my my next project... ...the torture mobile! The ride is slow but the screams are loud!
  9. Well when exalted chariots make a charge move you roll a dice for every MODEL within 1" and on a 4+ their unit takes D3 mortal wounds. That alone is pretty gross and a good way to lawnmower hordes.
  10. Both fiends and seekers are both on my to buy list for swap outs in terms of flexibility but I'm mostly trying to keep daemon units to a minimum as I originally wanted it to be almost all mortal based but decided to throw some demon stuff in for flavor. I think I have plenty of tarpit with the knights and the Warriors but the seeker speed is certainly tempting. Would be nice to quickly pick off warmachines.
  11. Well I should probably start off my saying im not super competative or a WAAC player. One of the reasons I moved over to AoS from the other games was to get away from a lot of that. This is mainly for easy pickup games. As for taking those models aside from the need to fill battleline? I figured a big blob of warriors (who can be marked slaanesh) would be tough to kill and a great tarpit or objective holder with a shrine or sorcerer. The marauders are just cheap blobs of bodies for the same purpose. They can be marked slaanesh and they fill a required spot on my comp.
  12. So i'm still working on those damn knights and i've been playing around with the list to make it a little more scary but also to play more on the Slaanesh theme. I decided I didn't just want a Slaanesh themed slaves to darkness. Still some room for stuff (not much) and I need to fill a battleline. Leaders Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount - 140pts Sorcerer Lord - 140pts Leaders/Behemoths Daemon Price of Slaanesh - 160pts Herald on Exalted Seeker Chariot - 160pts Battleline x20 Chaos Warriors w/ Swords - 360pts x20 Chaos Marauders w/ Axes - 120pts x10 Daemonettes - 120pts Behemoths Chaos BattleShrine - 200pts Mutalith Vortex Beast - 2???pts Other x10 Chaos Knights w/ Glaives - 400pts x10 Hellstriders - 200pts Thoughts? Suggestions?
  13. I'm hoping once I paint them it will give them more slaanesh character. In all honesty though i'm a huge fan of the classic heavily armored spikey warrior so I didn't do much in terms of conversions with them. I'm planning on using some third party stuff and conversion work for some of my more elite units and heroes with lower model counts. The knights and warriors will stay as they are as I love the models and feel they have enough flavor as is.
  14. I really like the highlighting on the skin. It has a very natural look to it. Props on that as I'm super lazy with skin haha
  15. Finished my first unit of Chaos warriors. This big blob of sword and board toting bad asses should be a real pain to deal with, especially with good support. I'm trying to get my easy builds out of the way before I start doing units with a lot of conversion work. These guys were super easy (just stupid mould lines :P) I tried to make them as dynamic as I could given the limitations of the kit. Next up...Horsies!
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