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  1. I think the novels that say Realmgate Wars should be read in order. But the there are the Legends books that seem stand alone but with tie ins. City of Secrets, Pestilence and the Sylvaneth one all end up seeing Stormcast or other things from the Realmgate novels or hardcovers but I don't think they are requirements. Like in Pestilence one of the baddies was at the Glade of Horned Growths which is a battle in one of the early Realmgate hardcovers. So it's cool having read that but has no other bearing on the story. Stuff like that. Hope that helps.
  2. Brayherd are my first love so always happy to see stuff with em! I'm a little nervous about rebasing them though. Is it more then likely they'll end up on 32mms? And for sure that'll be a lot of attacks lost. I may have to take them out to stretch those hooves now that you've put them back in my head!
  3. This is awesome news. Much excited to slog around the Mortal Realms in an rpg.
  4. On one hand I want Nurgle. But, in the other, I have no money left after Tzeentch and Khorne. So anything other then Nurgle!
  5. What have you guys done? I just went and bought; 12 Skullcrushers, 60 Reavers, 30 BWarriors, 5 Wrathmongers and a handful of characters. This is what I get for poking my head in a Let's Chat:. I hope I can make a winning army with this stuff!
  6. Sounds like it could be a decent way to at least get some red on the table. I have Nurgle and Tzeentch, so why not? Thanks fellahs!
  7. Ah, I see! I do have about 15 Knights, 6 Skullcrushers, and 10 Horsemen. So if a mobile force backed by some sturdy Chaos Warriors could work, that could be neat. Thanks for the tips. I'll shut up now and let you guys get back to it!
  8. Thanks for the intel' guys! I have the majority of my Chaos Warriors with Halberds, but hopefully I can sneak them through as Great Weapons if I go through with the repaint.
  9. Hey hey, Was wondering how the Mortal stuff was looking. Having gotten the DoT book it was pretty clear they were pushing Daemons/Arcanites. I'm sure they did the same here, but is there enough there to make playing the old stuff worthwhile. I was thinking of reskinning my StD force into a Khorne one with a few of the characters, but will I be handicapped not having Bloodreavers/BloodWarriors instead of marauders and chaos warriors? Looking through some of the battalion leaks it certainly seems like I'd be going in with much less goodies. Thanks thanks! Edit: Just to cl
  10. Plaguepriest may also be a decent idea. The +1 to Wound against a unit will help your not so fighty PBs. The d3 MW will help the tally since he's also Nurgle. This would also be handy with Plageclaws, I'd think. Since the PCs get a +1 to Hit vs 10+ models, with a +1 to Wound you'd be 2+/2+/-2/d6. I'm a big fan of 5man units of Blightking. Especially when you end up against Order and give the general the +1. However, I'm not sure I'd mix 'em with Daemons as part of their strength is in having the 5++ from the Harbinger of Decay. They also have no rend, which is probably a problem wh
  11. moar plaguebearers! At least one unit of 30!
  12. Hm, well, the "as if its part of their army" is an annoyance. You could say that even though you treat it as part o their army, it is still your army. The setup portion states that units can be set up in their territory 12" from an enemy territory. You don't have enemy territory if you are setting up in the enemy territory. You only have your own territory, and then enemy territory that you can now deploy in. I'm fairly certain the setup portion of the scenarios doesn't say anything about a deployment zone. Its just stay 12" from enemy territory. So you can set up in their territory
  13. Herald of Nurgle to give the reroll 1's for the PBs. Just march in a way to try to affect everyone if possible? Plague Priest, you may be able to hide him behind enough stuff to not get shot, then he can help the PBs do some wounds? Slaughterpriest, may end up a target but that's a unit of shooting not working on your other stuff. If not, he has the chance to force one of their units closer to your slow PBs? Save the 140 and summon in a PB unit if one of yours goes down? If you only keep 100 for Reinforcements, then you'd have 40 points for a Triumph that you will probably fo
  14. Doesn't his warscroll state Territory? In most scenarios isn't the table split in half with each player having half the table as their Territory. They can only Deploy 12" away from enemy Territory. So while your opponent has a 12" "Deployment zone," the Changeling can set up in their Territory, which is either side since half the table is your territory and half is the opponents? So he can set up basically anywhere, EXCEPT for your own portion of your territory in between the center line and your Deployment zone. So you either set him as normal in your "Deployment Zone" or you set him
  15. Bah, those cork bases seem so much cooler then mine. Why do I look at other peoples work! The Relictor base looks really neat. I should probably pick up that fancy basing kit for heroes to use for my DoT to make them fancy as well. Beats just slogging around in the mud. -.- I'll try to keep an eye out for the fire but I never remember to check back after I spew words. Goodluck!
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