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  1. Yeah the knights needed to be more points as they were way to op in the fact you never saw a tk list with out at least 6 of them
  2. As a death player I think certain wizards can only summon certain units based on key words so a morngul can only be summoned by a nighthaunt wizard and add flexibility that a necromancer can take a certain key word with some work other summoning armies could work round similar rules and key words
  3. Minkster

    2k flesh eaters?

    So this is what I'm thinking for 2k FEC list to play for a while idea is the king on ZD can summon a gheist with sword or if I need to help on objectives I have them points to spend on other death units, the king on foot is going to be the one out of GA:Death I know this will bug some people but his command ability is just much better , and the necro is to dance the horrors to get maximum effect out of them.
  4. I think you don't pay points for the simple fact of definition of the English language the GHB rule of reinforcements is that if you add or replace units. The ring says it restores the model if you have an antique table you restore said table back to its former glory if you replace said table then it is a totally different table al together
  5. Hi really like the idea of the tool but this happens in pdf and jpeg format when i open it
  6. I think all courtiers are important and the ghast more so as you don't have to keep your vargulf or king near your ghouls to bring them back if you have the points spare in your list he is worth having really
  7. I have to say I have played FEC for a few months now and as generals handbook came out I'm not sure kings on dragons or terrogheist are the key to the army the courtier's add far more with the regen of units that the Kings can't do by all means have dragons and such in but I'm more and more leaning away from them having a King on top
  8. I have just played a game with a vargulf with the cursed book and he is very good. I had a horror courtier as my general, I'm starting to think the ghoul kings are not the answer to the army working well as a whole in GH as summoning new units with the command ability is a waste much better to replace what you have lost.
  9. I was think a tactical view of the board that they could switch to would be good like you see the old wartime maps or in civilisation the game when you switch to over head view as was hard to pick out what unit was where
  10. Just thought I would get some views on the warlords gt and the coverage of warhammer live TVs on twitch. For me I was at warhammer world on Saturday and the atmosphere was electric and looked a good tournament and I'm loving the coverage on warhammer live tv on twitch hope they carry this on. So what is the views on here on what GW are doing with the tournament scene?
  11. Has to be the flesh eaters battle tomb the fluff is what made me do that army it is just so rich and great
  12. What monster did you order as everything I have ordered that has had the new re-boxing comes with round only and like I say I'm talking way in the future when all armies are re-done and re-boxed they will get rid of the square bases on the web store it makes sense they will save money by not making two different sets of bases and they won't get rid of rounds because 40k uses that system.
  13. Let's be honest GW have answered this question of bases just not in a very direct way. Take a look at all the new models and re-boxing of existing range do they come with square bases no they come with rounds now this to me dictates that at some point the ruling of models have to be put on bases provided will come into effect in the future.
  14. This is a 1000pt list I'm going to try out not sure if it will hack it but can see how well it does soon
  15. The simple example I use for measuring from model to model as being a bad system is Archaon we must all agree being as diffent weapons have different ranges you measure from the tip of the sword, lance, spear etc well if you have a small statute model in combat with Archaon and you measure from the models weapon he can never be in range to hit that model which is just clearly not how GW or any of us want to play the game measuring from base eliminates all of that grey area
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