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  1. And that would be errata i'm looking for, as it would resolve the issue. Do you have the source? Because rules as written firestorm ability interact only with allegiance *ability* not allegiance itself, generating some confusion (mine included ;)). I haven't found any clarification that firestorm army must have Order allegiance, only that it needs to use Order ability. Which, for instance, pure Devoted of Sigmar army does. Only thing they get from their allegiance are flagellants as battleline, while the ability is Order one.
  2. Yeah it kinda was. "When you organise your collection to be an army from a specific city or under the command of a specific warlord, you must use the Grand Alliance allegiance abilities for your army, but you can also use the City & Warlord allegiance abilities on the following pages. Any units that do not have the keywords listed under the Organisation for the army can be taken as allies if they are part of the same Grand Alliance as the army." However given how it is worded there's still some conflict what it actually means. Factions with their own ability must always use it, so no choosing 'Stormcast' allegiance but using 'Order' ability. That is clear. You must use 'Order' army and fill it with whatever you want as long as it's in the city's allowed faction list. But factions without their ability? Can there be an 'Eldritch Council' allegiance army using 'Order' allegiance ability [due to not having any other] and gaining a free city bonus on top of that? Faq mentions only allegiance *ability* not the allegiance itself, But for some it's not so clear cut, especially that warscroll builder lists every city as separate allegiance (which is not the case in the rules, but well, here we are..) And the example provided doesn't help at all, as it mentions Stormcasts and Free Peoples, both factions with their own abilities.
  3. As apparently GHB changed nothing regarding the Free Cities situation, I was wondering about one thing: One of the controversial issues regarding Firestorm rules is if factions without allegiance abilities can use Firestorm ability while retaining their faction allegiance. Ie. pure phoenix temple army but with phoenicium ability on top of their standard Order one. There's no real way to get fully 'official' ruling on this, but has anyone tried asking GW tournament team? We wouldn't get 'is that legal' answer from them, but we could get 'can I use it in official events' one at least. And it's some sort of an indicator.
  4. Fun fact, with new shadow warrior cost, they're now more cost effective when it comes to inflicting ranged wounds than both spireguard and reavers. As long as they shoot from cover, at least (but considering their 12' pre game move, why wouldn't they be in cover?). And discounting the fact that both of that units hold different advantages over them. They're still not great is what I'm trying to say, but definitely have some worth as precise forepower tool. They're also vastly less vulnerable to -1 to hit modifiers than their competition.
  5. I'm actually considering selling my army after it's finished in a few days - not that I don't want them, but it might serve as a sufficient sacrifice to summon a new battletome. We all know updates show up mostly after you get rid of your models ; )
  6. Yeah, while Draconis as a faction probably won't suffer for that, it's more or less the end of dragonlord as an ally. Like *that* was a balance problem.
  7. Looks like they cost 160 now. Always something.
  8. So, what do you guys think about our GHB changes? Dragonlord getting more expensive is, honestly, weird, but with 20 pt discount on dragonblades it should more than even out in Draconis armies. The rest seems to be mostly small discounts, always welcome, honestly. I welcome cheaper Shado Warriors. Still not *good* by any stretch of imagination, but it might be possible to fit them in sometimes. Still, not much for us in general. Might be a bad thing, might be a signt that battletome is near.
  9. I say that if we're not among the 'several factions', this is good. Factions listed here in GHB are those not recieving a battletome/update soon. It would make no sense to give them new GHB rules and instantly invalidate them. GW folks have declared they want to give every current faction a battletome in some way, so high elf remnants are unlikely to be squatted. Combined with all the fluff tidbits about Teclis' army, I'd assume that no update in GHB means that we are closer in line for a new battletome than anyone listed here. Scourge Privateers, Shadowblades and Order Serpentis seem to be losers here, as Covens are getting their update and there's nothing about those two, while we can safely expect most of them to find their way to Malerion's army at some point. Strange thing about Slaves to Darkness though, weren't people fairly certain they're getting their update relatively soon?
  10. Option 3, but mostly because I don't know all the keyword interactions making them Wanderers would entail. If it's nothing weird, 4 is cool too. I played dead Specialist Games long enough to not really care about the official support thing ; )
  11. And 10 more spireguard, leaving us at full 30. Unlikely I'll build more, fitting corsair bodies on archer legs is way harder than it has any right to be. I added some Dark Rider spears to the mix to make the full unit make even less uniform and more horde-like while still keeping cohesion. Some shields are still missing, but will be in place for the inevitable group photo ; ) And I just noticed, I'm nowonly 13 models away from finishing the project!
  12. Alright, fellow Aelven generals, I have an idea to test out and need your opinion. I know that we're playing a losing battle just by choosing our faction, so I know it probably won't win against modern armies. What I aim for is more of an 'what the hell?!' reaction from unprepared opponent with unplayable aelves going out with a bang. Basically list is built around alpha strike. Statistically speaking, it forces around 40 saves from shooting in the first round, with enough movement and range to ensure they have something to fire at. It follows up with nearly guaranteed 1st turn charges with relatively strong hitting things. I saw that general consensus is that 1st turn tends to be uneventful and its often better to go second to increase the chance for double turn. This army goes completely against it, aiming to eliminate support units in the alpha strike and then take the now weakened retaliation to the face reducing losses with their defensive buffs. Of course, then it likely dies from enemy units *still* being stronger, but the shock from the first turn will at least be memorable ; ) For purpose of the discussion let's assume that dawnspire battalion is legal here, as if it was an official GW tournament. Let's also assume that I can't use swifthawk battlelines in free city army, because that also seems do be a contentious matter. 2000 pts, Tempest's Eye allegiance. Skywarden with pennant (general, strategic genious) Skywarden with pennant High Warden (quicksliver potion) *High Warden (gryph feather charm) *Archmage (steed) BATTLELINE: Freeguild guard (10) Freeguild Archers (10) *Reavers (10) UNITS: *Spireguard (30) *Swordmasters (10) Shadow Warriors (10) BATTALION Guardians of the Dawnspire (everything marked with '*' ) Skywardens have enough aura range to ensure everything wounds on 2+ at the start of the game. They're also pretty tanky as far as elf can be, especially with +1 save bonus in 1st round. Especially that being (somehow) neither a behemoth or warmachine, they seem to benefit from look out sir normally. High Wardens have, with Tempest's Eye bonus and command skills, 18+6+2d6(re-rolled) +6 threat range. They're there to murder something generating offensive buffs for enemy units. One being part of the battalion has a charm, so is at -1 to hit. It's a bit of a trap, as I don't really expect him to live, but as he's necessary for using battalion's skill, together with defensive bonus, opponent might prioritise killing him wasting some extra attacks on what is basically a homing missile. If he somehow survives, even better. Archmage tries to put up a shield at safe distance from any unbinders, then repositions to provide cover for the force. With 16 move he will be where he needs to. Freeguild guard are here for battleline purposes and as a sad meatshield. They're can save some hits and are the cheapest option I have. Freeguild archers get their extra move, which together with 1st round speed bonus guarantees they have some target to put a wound on. They would aim for something that aelf shooters didn't managed to kill and left it standing on 1 wound. Reavers: 30 4+/2+ shots is a lot of wounds. They can follow up with a charge where they provide 11 more 4+/2+ attacks and 20 4+/3+ from buffed horses. Their initial threat range is 16+2d6+16 range for shooting and 16+2d6+2d6 [rerolled] for charge. Other units: Spireguard: They rely on dawnspire double move to do that, but together with speed bonus, they have 8+8+16 initial threat range and provide 30 4+[rr 1's]/2+ shots. And after that their shield together with save bonus give them some survivability. [note* if Dawnspire warden survives until my second round somehow, either spireguard or reavers might get to shoot twice. Not counting on it, but it's a possibility] Swordmasters: battalion requirement, bravery bonus for spireguard, 3+ re-rollable save for tanking initial shots. One of the few units actually ment for use AFTER the 1st turn ends. Shadow Warriors: Like freeguild archers only way better with more pre game move, 2+ wounding and possibly rerolling hits. Might be enough to kill a softer hero by themselves. TACTICS: As said before: aim for the 1st turn (I'm at 7 drops. Not terrible. Also, counting on opponents giving away 1st turn due to underestimating an underpowered force ), inflict as much damage as possible concentrating first on buffers then on low save horde units to reduce their numbers and any bonuses they might get from large unit size, endure whatever comes in response, proceed to die in war of attrition but leaving the other player with 'what just happened?' state of mind. What say ye?
  13. Crab people! It's one of the fitst time I've every seen anyone make tyranids fit into fantasy style and it looks great! If you wanted to expand the army beyond what you already bought, consider looking at Mantics' Nameless models [for deadzone and dreadball] - some scifi elements might need removing but many would fit right into your aestethic.
  14. And we're back! Some more things are on their way [actually, the project is slowly nearing the end!] but for now, have some swordmasters: Yes, I count swordmasters as a swifthawk unit, GW tournament support still confirms that battalion is legal ; ) Also, you can see here one of the movement trays I've got for the army - every unit is outfitted with them already, you'll see on the next group photo. Again - bonus points for recognising all the parts involved.
  15. Yeah, 6 out of 10 beastclaw warscrolls So getting as many as possible out of sphinx kit isnt all that unusual.
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