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  1. They did in some sense, but only after CoS came out - option to give those skyhooks easy +1 to hit/wound, extra move, run and shoot and battleshock immunity, together with cheep screens, made them temporarily into the most ridiculous Cities build. Meta impact wasn't huge because for many reasons CoS are a fascinating aberration when it comes to meta and competitiveness in general, but locally, wherever this list popped up, others were forced to plan for it.
  2. They're actually very weak and likely no one will use them in competitive setting. What you see highlights the problems with the Stormcast, though. A lot of units are too weak and they're up for an update soon.
  3. Out of the long list of things in the rules that are not logical from the lore perspective, this one doesn't even place in top 10 ; ) (But the damage coming from magical cart is *not* halved because, and I know it's weird, it doesn't technically deal *damage*. It deals *mortal wounds*. Completely different things :D)
  4. Reducing damage means, that 'Damage' statistic of any attack that targets him is halved. It only works for things that have 'Damage' statistic, so any attacks without a regular statline (say, Storm of Shemtek) are not affected, as there's no 'Damage' that can be reduced.
  5. You can, technically, generate 5 a turn with a single liege kavalos and battalions if you're determined (and that's before single use items and fishing for 6s). Not saying it's in any way an optimal way to build a list, but if someone truly hates characters, OBR lose less than many other factions.
  6. Idoneth cavalry lists require minimal character support (and you need a general anyway - Volturnos could reasonably be the only character you use.). Apart from that, just mass akhelians, sharks and turtles. Not really a horde army as every thing is pretty elite, but you really won't overinvest in characters. CoS Tempest's Eye two-drop cavalry list - you need exactly two characters: a griffon general and a mage on hurricanum. Everything else is just all the pistoliers, outriders and gunhaulers you can get. Gloomspite Troggoth list: All troggoths, all the time. You will need a trogboss, of course, maybe a hag, but everything else can be unit based. It's not the strongest thing to play but it's fun. And, as above, OBR can do quite fine as well, they have extremely solid unit core. I would really advise against using a non-buffing character only. Command points are a resource you're expected to use. By simply letting them accumulate you gain nothing, basically handicapping your army. It's not as extreme as saying 'i want to play without using my movement phase' but it's up there. Keeping it minimal? Cool. Not using it at all? Don't expect to win much.
  7. On the one hand, yes, on the other, up until now it was the only faction in game never to get a new model. It was (rightly) worrying for some.
  8. I came to this thread with exact same intention. But in general, it's nice to finally see a solid proof the faction is not doomed and we'll be getting model updates too.
  9. This is extremely important. A lot of people have been waiting for the proof CoS will be getting actual updates in the future (being treated fairly well in Borken Realms helped, but still, no models) and getting new regular humans for CoS is exactly what we've been waiting for.
  10. The priestess is not terrible. A solid heal that can't be countered... if you feel lucky, because it's also unreliable as hell. She might be usable against unbind-heavy armies where you won't cast this lifeswarm anyway. The mage is not bad, but i don't think his unique spell compensates for the loss of city keyword, especially in the cities where spells and artifacts buff magic. After that it gets worse. Captain provides battleshock immunity for combat units I guess? Not bad, but we don't really lack those. The others are just squishy combat characters that don't do anything else, and there's a reason why Assassin is not popular despite having a better delivery method. Overall, solid meh. But they will be pretty proxies for sure!
  11. The more I think of it, the more I'm certain that this city *needs* to rely on Lumineth to offer something worthwhile. Either units (although something not relying on Lumineth allegiance must be found) or characters for some otherwise unique skills. Mountain spirits seem like a good option, being plain better than our native monsters. Dawnriders work quite well on their own and they're plain better than our own cavalry, Teclis is always worth considering, it's only a matter of choosing *which* endless spells we need to autosucceed... But apart from that, as others said, although nothing the city offers is plain bad, most of the things it does are better done elsewhere. So, i'd say either you find a good use for Lumineth or this isn't a city for you. There's also a matter of battalion. I *want* to like it. Its skills are really good - buffed luminark is a pretty incredible unit. But it's just so horribly expensive... I mean, not only it's expensive on its own, the tax of taking a light mage and mage-less luminark separately is insane, and it's not something anyone should consider doing in regular circumstances. If it turns out it's worth the points, cool. It's a good battalion consisting of only good units. But the pricetag is very harsh. Additional thought, comparing the city to our other 1-in-4 options, Settler's Gain is pretty unique in the regard of 'can have units from another army' being its main selling point. Tempest's Eye works perfectly well without KO (and rarely uses more than some light support), Living City works great with native units and stormcast only, with Sylvaneth being pretty optional, even in Har Kuron, with its extremely limited unit choice, thanks to the spell lore, artifacts, battalion and prayer, DoK are absolutely not needed to make something useful out of it (a single DoK priestess to not waste your command trait on casting prayer is a reasonable minimum, but even this is not mandatory).
  12. Sadly, as the realm artifacts exist, it's not 100% useless right now. You can always give a freeguild hero the Hysh item, so it's unlikely they'll faq it. And, on more positive note, despite some opinions, I'd say Settler's Gain is above Misthavn, power level wise. Due to some interesting combos with Lumineth, for me it's solidly mid tier, possibly higher after new Lumineth tome comes out and we'll figure out some stronger combos. Also, hey, all those flying steam tank conversions people made in Thermalrider days have found their home again! Another random idea, +1hit/wound trait is not terrible for assassin general. Assassin general is a pretty, well, exotic idea anyway, but if you really want shadowbade battleline, having your mandatory assassin do 2+/2+ without any support is not the worst thing that can happen. And you can give him said hysh artifact for free re rolls of 1's, too.
  13. I guess just the standard city lore spells. Doesn't matter, he just needs to cast uncounterable bridge turn 1 and +1 to hit from the city lore and mystic shield on auto 12 after that.
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