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  1. One more thing to add: Helstorms fulfill basically the same role, while being more resilient. It's still relatively easy to put them to 2+ (re-roll ones) / 3+. -2, d3. They get 3 attacks instead of 2, without deteriorating statline, and, in Greywater, they have a) more range, b) don't generate extra drops if you take a battalion c) can shoot twice in the first turn, which combined with their greater survivability vastly increases their potential damage per battle. And not only they don't cost a CP, they can get you an extra one with battalion. I'm not an expert on using artillery, but they seem basically like the same thing but better.
  2. My only question would be how did you manage to get them to shoot more than once, given that it takes 6 5+ save wounds to silence them both. The greatest weakness of cannons is having the 1st edition crew rules making them ridiculously fragile. Apart from that, they're not useless. They definitely hit hard, but as they're premium targets, they rarely get a chance to shine. Why didn't your opponent just shoot them?
  3. Drukhari scourges should be the best fit size wise. Also, looking great even without wings!
  4. Bad news is: Pure Empire probably won't be the most competitive thing ever. Good news is: Everything else. It's still pretty competitive. Out of all the old factions Empire is probably the strongest to run solo. Its models encompass entirety of Freeguild and Collegiate arcane, plus better half of Ironweld Arsenal. That's a lot of units to choose from. Second: CoS is extremely counts-as friendly. All those old Empire units that don't have rules anymore? You can use them! And, as we seem to be talking Hot-pot era, there's *a lot* to choose from! Just for some examples: Empire archers / halflings? They're shadow warriors now. Empire knights? Drakespawn knights. Not the best of our units, but it's there. Horse archers? (yeah we're going old school here ;)) Dark riders. War Wagon? Either one of the wizard wagons, or a scourgerunner, whatever you prefer. Engineer? Cogmsith. obviously. Teutogen guard if you're lucky enough to have those models? Hammerers. With ulric priest runesmith to join them. Imperial ****** dwarfs, because it was a thing that existed? Do they carry guns, hammers, large axes or shields? Because they can be any duardin units there is, honestly. So, yeah. With pure human-only warscroll, you'll manage. With some creative thinking, you get to use basically entire army list, have fun!
  5. Agreed with others: Some outriders would solve a lot of problems this list might encounter, while not diluting Greywater theme in any way. Or maybe a pair of gyrocopters. You need something fast, too many battleplans rely on movement. And longbeards without any other duardin to buffs are a bit wasted. Handgunner base with generals' buffs might be an unmovable center, but it won't do much if enemy can just sit on objectives outside of their range. Also, helstorms tend to perform better than hellblasters, but that's your call.
  6. Time to defend the poor guys again, it seems ; ) Point per wound caused, only shooting unit more efficient than darkshards that we have are irondrakes (against saves 3+ or better darkshards start to rapidly lose their advantage, though. Before petrifex showed up they were much less risky than now). Irondrakes require soulscream bridge to shoot with full effectiveness in 1st round, darkshards don't. In fact, darkshards are only cities shooting infantry that can, with all certainty, shoot something round 1 without sacrificing any buffs. In Tempest's eye they get +1 to wound and extra +4 effective range, allowing for better choice of targets, in Anvilgard they are one of the best recipients for the spray. They also require surprisingly light support structure to achieve full effectiveness (sorceress, hurricanum, optional azyros (can be substituted with command point). Irondrakes require a hurricanum, longbeards and, for best performance, multiple runelords, while being more expensive themselves as well. They might not be the most efficient choice, but they're certainly not bad, and come with additional advantage of blindsiding opponents expecting irondrake bridge lists. Plus, (and I can't verify this, due to lockdown induced lack of updated tactical information ;)) as current broken opponent started switching from petrifex to tzeentch, it's possible that against light armour/million bodies horrors, darkshards turn out to be an optimal choice.
  7. As I dislike big hats in general: If you don't mind angry faces, every DoK player should have a stockpile of the best generic elven helmets GW currently offers - Dark Riders. There's no inherently evil ornamentation on those, and painted to match lumineth armour they would look very good as a more subdued version. Shadow warriors (ask Wanderer players, they should have some) have some great helmets for more elite options. Wildwood rangers for hooded helmets, and even the eternal guard half-helmet thing is cool too. (By the way, the cow-only idea looks great in my opinion. If I wanted a Lumineth army, I'd probably go with those)
  8. One example I remember: https://heraldsofwar.com/documents/call-to-glory-2020-order-lists.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1Mn2ijGjiy3SRQnsEVQZyUeCfAt9-8Q4mj2k9mjMctxABtRCvQ_AmX98Q Tim Neal's list, 8th place at Cancon. Not that bad for a list comprised mostly of seemingly weak units ; ) I've seen dragon sorceress used in Hallowheart lists for channeling too, from time to time, but I'm not sure if it had any big successes. And yet, i don't think aynone has ever made the griffon mage work.
  9. Don't yall dare compare the dragon sorceress to the griffon mage! Sorceress has a unique spell that combined with vitriolic spray simply reads 'deal max mortal wounds', she has both a standard sorceress command ability (which is great) and her unique ability (that actually can give black guard an edge over phoenix guard!) and she can keep up with said black guard huge threat range! And she did well in those strange drakespawn based tournament lists we never thought would be good! I'm not saying she's good, she isn't, but griffon battlemage has literaly none of these things going for him and zero resons to take him over the foot version. They don't deserve to be placed in their own category while he's obviously on his own, unique level of bad
  10. Phoenix guard, Frostheart Anointed, Hurricanum with mage (as incentive to take the cheaper option ;)), handgunners (10 pts, to make crossbows better?), Whitefire Retinue, Irondrakes, maybe? They kinda outclass our other shooters in many lists. Scourgerunners (opinions vary if single or horde price ;))?
  11. I will repeat this over and over again: Executioners are questionable as is (and I'm one of their proponents!) and the best thing they have going for them is their horde discount. The second thing they have going for them is Sorceress' command ability that works on one unit. Multiple small units of executioners capitalise on neither of those. Think of it what you may ; )
  12. Holy hell, it's brilliant. In-universe leader of the bonereapers is like those people who onlybought into bonereapers because they heard they were OP. He only needs a quieter, more skilled but less known officer who actually enjoys being a bonereaper having a string of successes behind his back that are all attributed to Katakros and we're set.
  13. @readercolin, great summary! I'd only add one small thing to Anvilgard regarding artifact selection - it seems like a waste to have a large monster in there and not give it Drakescale Cloak. This is some real survivability boost that other cities may be envious of. And it's also worth nothing that in Tempest's Eye dreadlords start the game with +1 to save. Big deal if you're going second and/or manage to pull off 1st turn charge.
  14. Not entirely correct. Malal had a portrait and description in Warhammer Fantasy Role Play rulebook, right next to Nurgle and Khorne (Tzeentch and Slaanesh weren't in, yet ;)) That makes it semi canon at least. Keep in mind, it was a rulebook where grim reaper was a greater demon of Khorne and gods of Law were still a thing.
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