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  1. I hope your general has a shield because it's not listed and it's a very bad life choice to run him without it. As for the list, it could use some outriders, it's hard to get that many pistoliers in range and outriders can still do some shooting while sitting on the objective closer to your side of the field. Apart from it, it's my favorite kind of TE list ; ) And you have 20 points leftover, consider Suffocating Gravetide. It's not of much use to you as a spell, but hey, if it's either taking it or wasting 20 points, it's basically free, and also, its base is huge. You are faster than most of your opponents, having a mobile movement blocker of this size benefits you much more than them, so you might as well. Worst case, you'll never cast it.
  2. If battle length is not an issue (and why would it be, if we're discounting every other factor basically :D), megaboss will eventually wear Katakros down with his shooting attack (it will take a million turns given it's a pretty bad attack and Katakros regenerates, but still :D). Katakros would have no other choice but to charge after receiving enough wounds to be fully buffed and count on killing megaboss in a single activation, which is possible but not certain. If he fails, even a wounded maw krusha will easily take the reminder of his wounds.
  3. Outriders provide T1 shooting you need. And in any objective game, giving your opponent the first turn is actually great because they have a really terrible choice between not scoring anything in their first turn, or getting all the pistoliers to the face in yours. And if you're facing something that can reasonalby pull off the 1st turn charge, you can go first and charge them instead. Not having double shots but having all the oter buffs in place is still better for you than having their charge-reliant army charged is for them. Especially that pistolier salvo ignores the activation order altogether so whatever you're fighting, it won't have their full numbers AND you have your saves boosted. I found the tournament mentioned earlier by the way, It was Sheffield Slaughter 2020, some of the TE cavalry list games are recorded and give quite a nice insight how it plays. Here's the list: Allegiance: Cities of Sigmar- City: Tempest's Eye LeadersCelestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage (280) - Artefact: Seerstone Amulet- Lore of Eagles: Aura of Glory Freeguild General on Griffon (320) - General- Shield & Lance- Command Trait: Hawk-eyed- Artefact: Patrician's Helm Battleline 10 x Freeguild Outriders (200) 5 x Freeguild Outriders (100) 15 x Freeguild Pistoliers (300) 10 x Freeguild Pistoliers (200) 10 x Freeguild Pistoliers (200) 10 x Freeguild Pistoliers (200) Battalions Aetherguard Windrunners (120) Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs Extra Command Point (50) Total: 1970 / 2000Extra Command Points: 2Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 144 And here you can see them completely rolling a Nagash Petrifex list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Dfli2x5Acs
  4. Bridge is 'more than 9' as well. For the same reason pistoliers can't be used for living city infiltrate->shoot->move thing, which is a shame.
  5. In Tempest's Eye it can be very good, and it's one of very few viable low-drop lists in Cities. You can reasonably put 80% of your army into a single battalion. You have your general/big monster in the form of griffon, pistoliers are kinda-functionally-melee units, outriders do shooting and gunhaulers provide even more mobility and firepower. All you need for this to work is some magic. However! One very important thing when it comes to 1st turn and pistoliers: To work as intended, pistoliers must shoot, charge and then shoot again. That means they can't run this turn, because while TE allows shooting after running, you can't charge after that. This drastically lowers their effective alpha strike range. Another thing,, pistols are range 9. Meaning that despite wide range of charge move increases we have access to (you can pull off +6 if you really want to), pistoliers effective charge range is 'less than 9'. What does it mean in practice? Well, a problem arises. Because most battleplans place you 'more than 24' from your nearest target. You have 12 move, +3 in your first turn. If you subtract 15 from 'more than 24' you are, annoyingly, 'more than 9' from the target, and that's not good enough. Yeah, you can run after that, giving you, with right budd, extra 9 inches of movement but you won't charge after that. You can forego shooting phase and charge even 2d6+6, rerolling failures, but then, you will also only shoot once. So, what you can do with that? Well. 1: Use chronomantic cogs. +2 inches of movement and your pistoliers firepower effectively doubles. However, if you hinge your entire plan on this succeeding, terrible things happen if you fail. (Best way to cast it: either a hurricanum (+1 to cast) which you will find extremely useful anyway, outriders love it, or a sorceress with 10 men sacrificial unit (+2 to cast). Both can, obviously, just roll badly so I hope you're a betting man.) 2: You can likely control who goes first. So you can let enemy come closer, survive their initial shooting and whatnot with your extra saves and such, and then easily reach them turn 1. Maybe even get a double turn. But it hinges on your enemy actually coming closer. Will they make a push for objective? Or do they know you need them to move forward so they simply wont? Be prepared for an instance where all you will achieve with those pistoliers in the 1st turn is some impressive area denial. Which is also a good thing as well, you have outriders and gunhaulers to shoot those guys while they're keeping distance while pistoliers grab objectives. 3: Good opponent will know that pistoliers won't hit him with double shots 1st turn. And may count on you knowing that as well, planning for you to go second. Guess what, you can always go first, move forward, soften his screens with gunhaulers and outriders, charge anyway, buff yourself with general's command and be quite deadly even with just a single salvo and melee attacks. Things pistolier/outrider based lists like: Hurricanum. Every single thing you use gets much better with +1 to hit. Knight Azyros. Great general material, actually. Can provide hawk eyed AND re-rolls of 1 to hit, while simultaneously benefiting from his pistolier honored retinue for not getting himself killed, all that while keeping up with your cavalry. And it allows you to use the griffon as a suicide unit when necessary. Wildform. You want pistoliers to make their charge, +2 bonus is great. Lifeswarm. You generally don't have the numbers infantry based list would have, so healing is always good. Every man counts. Hawk Eyed. Other traits might be good, but when basically every unit in your army shoots, boosting shooting is what you do. I wholly advise trying such a list, it's very fun and it's everything your opponents expect Cities NOT to be. It's fast, elite, hard hitting and aggressive, with potentially very low drop count giving you a huge chance for controlling the early game. And you won't be bored, everything wants to move a lot. If you get stuck in combat, you just retreat and shoot/re-charge. Is there a support character hidden somewhere? Gunhaulers. If there's an objective unclaimed? You just run up outriders there or high-fly a gunhauler if it's far enough.
  6. Sadly, bases are important. As others mentioned, it seems like you're disadvantaging yourself because with 32mm base marauders can't fight in two ranks. But on the other hand, if you want to use them as a screen and, say, stretch them into a line, this line will be 7cm wider for each 10 guys. That's more than 10 inches longer screen for a full unit. Is this better than fighting in 2 ranks? Honestly, who knows. Because it depends on how are you planning to use them. Important thing is, you're turning a unit better at fighting and worse at securing ground into a unit worse at fighting but better at securing ground. In some way a different unit. Can your opponent be certain you'll be using them identically to how you'd be using regular marauders despite their slightly different profile? Or even, can you be sure their different profile won't affect how YOU think about using them? In friendly games it should be okay, but the more you think about it, the more it's because people will let you play your own homebrew unit. Unit very similar to an existing unit, of course, but still a new one. I'd advise using 25mm base to avoid any confusion. Marauders haven't been updated for StD tome and it's highly unlikely they will get update for next few years at least. And, coincidentally, I have some ghur-freeguild guys converted from corvus cabal and they fit onto a smaller bases just fine, you should manage ; )
  7. Nope! Stormcasts gain Hallowheart keyword, making them legible for all the special rules. Tauralon might be actually worth considering.
  8. It's only +3 movement but I'm inclined to agree. In TE knights can easily get either 21 move for 1st turn repositioning (without getting any spells into account) or potential 14+2d6 (re-rollable) charge range. Again, before we add spells. That's very fast for a 2+ save unit and in many cases they'll be able to successfully charge turn 1. As for monsters, It's a bit of a niche choice, but definitely not useless. In TE, both Dreadlord and General are very solid choices (with general necessary for the battalion, which is one of CoS more useful ones). Dreadlord is also useful in Living City and Anvilgard, while General sees use in Hammerhal. Dragon Sorceress has also been used with success in few lists, but with her bad save she is a bit overpriced, even if it isn't to the point of uselessness. Synergies she has with darkling units (that just got cheaper!) are very much worthy of consideration. Poor battlemage on griffon, though. I don't think anyone ever has managed to use him with any degree of success... (or even attempted to use him at all.)
  9. Yup, as you predicted. They're still quite good, though.
  10. Shame about griffon mage, as useless as he ever was. Battlemage cost is questionable, between Sorceress and Incantor (or worse, exorcist) he'll be hard to justify, unless you're really relying on those spells. Which are still better than any alternatives have built in, but is it worth the cost? Apart from that, I rather like what I see. Scourgerunners are still good, only now we'll be taking, say, 6 as a support, not 18 as core, and all the other point drops are welcome. Drakespawn for 130 are quite cheap for the mobile anvil that they are, steam tanks needed this drop very badly, executioners and black guard might be more viable competition for phoenix guard, all the dwarf drops are nice as well. Neither hurricanum nor phoenix guard went up, which we should be thankful for. Cheaper Stormcast (and KO) are a boon to us as well. Be it some heavyweight unit, or ridiculously cheap aetherwings as fast roadblock. All the other elite infantry going down makes Wildwood Rangers even more useless, though. It's a bit disappointing how many prices remained the same, but all in all, I think we've gained more than we lost.
  11. The mounted beast is something on a dracoline / karkadrak level (+2 wounds, low speed, multiple attack profiles) We lack option for a cold one/drakespawn/horse type mount. More base speed, less attacks, less wounds. It matters especially for CoS characters, where anything more than 6 wounds is prohibited from using retinue rules and being an adjutant. Everything I try to build now, cavalry hero wise either lags behind all my cavalry or has to pay almost double the mount's cost extra for speed upgrades to keep up. And it's blocked from using faction's character rules anyway. It's a bit disappointing.
  12. Is anyone else disappointed that there's no real method of building a character on non-monstrous mount? The closest thing to it is buying all the speed upgrades you possibly can and a minor beast to simulate the mount's attacks, but it's pretty ridiculously expensive. I know that game is moving away from those, but there are still some left (Vampire Lord, Scar Veteran, Terradon Chief, Skullmaster even).
  13. It seems to please most people posting in this thread. Many factions have been doing it for close to 30 years now (Eldar, Dark Elves) and most people seem to like it. It's arguably a better way of doing it than making gender segregated units (especially production wise, few torsos and heads on a sprue is much smaller investment than whole separate kit).
  14. You'll notice that most people writing about social justice here are its opponents. Most of the rest writes either that it's good for GW's profit or, mostly, that we just want more varied and interesting models, while entire representation thing is a welcome side effect. There aren't many folks anywhere wanting diversity for diversity's sake. There are however a lot of those who a) want diversity because it's interesting, b) want diversity because they'd like themselves to be represented (not many of them in this thread, but I see that in, say, IG community ; )) and c) those who protest diversity for diversity's for variety of reason, even though it's not really as prevalent issue as they seem to think. most of the, d) group, "i want diversity for sake of others", while seemingly similar to this boogeymen parts of community are scared of, are actually "..because now I can't get my wife/friends/whatever interested in the game". People do things for reasons. "I want that thing I don't care about to be different because now its not progressive enough and I can't stand it" isn't a common motivation ; ) And there's no new diversification policy. What they did recently is reminded people that they've started one a long time ago and it's progressing as they intended.
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