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  1. Unless, of course, you sort those warriors into 30 with axes and 30 with hammers ; ) But, yes, generally, 'this dragonlord is a dreadlord and this one is a sorceress' can get problematic during the game, but 'this dragonlord is a dreadlord and this drakeseer is a sorceress' is totally cool. As long as general size, function and apparent mobility match, all is well. Because of that I would honestly prefer old fighty dwarfs to be longbeards and shooty dwarfs be irondrakes than using them as humans, but as long as it's consistent within the army, it should be ok.
  2. I keep seeing bundling marauders/horsemen and warriors/knights kits together and I don't get it, really. Warriors and marauders are 5-6 years older than the other two, and that's in the time period where plastics quality jumped way forward. To compare - knights and horsemen are contemporary to kits such as stegadon and drakespawn knights, while warriors and marauders are from the same era as brettonia and original tomb kings release. Or skaven night runners. I think they should be regarded separately and no one should be surprised if foot versions go and mounted ones stay.
  3. Necromunda Orlock harpoon launcher is a nice looking substitute and it's much easier to get a hold of.
  4. Why would they even bother with a battletome, then? Now is a perfect time to remove them without all the design work needed to bash them together into a new faction. They *might* disappear, of course, but it will either take much longer [until AoS 3.0 at the very least] or to replace them with newer resculpts. We may safely assume that whatever we're left with after the cull is safe for some time. Oh, look, it's the brand new gryph-watchdog unit or whatever they might decide to call it ; ). It doesn't *have* to use the same warscroll, really. I'm not saying they will do this, but it's nowhere near the scale of problem with, for instance, bonesplitter boss that has its foot modelled into a square base.
  5. Deson't it kind of work both ways though? If lore is created to sell miniatures, one could assume that if something features prominently in lore, they have plans to be selling it? ; )
  6. This one is a bit baffling, given that they left the kit that allows you to build *actual Karl Franz*
  7. That is absolutely correct. If High Elves disappeared together with Tomb Kings and Bretonnia, no would be complaining now and the rage wave of the first squatting would by only marginally stronger than it already was. Also, we'd avoid the entire Dawnspire fiasco that way. It's actually a problem touching mostly people who started playing in early days of AoS. First GHB or so. Nearly no one had a battletome at that point but it was clear that old factions are being rebuilt into something new. The choice of battletome only factions was, limited to say the least and we can't reasonably expect people to ignore 90% of the model line and play one of the 4 or so battletome armies. Most of the ones frustrated now seem to come from that generation.
  8. White lions, skycutter, war altar, loremaster, freeguild archers? All newer than things that formed the core of most of AoS factions. I mean, that would make a lot of sense, but makes skycutter's removal even weirder. People were complaining it doesn't fit WFB aestethic, it *did* fit AoS, had a place in lore, together with shadow warriors, formed basically a core of a minor faction being a dual kit, and the model was one of the last ones made for WFB. I mean, I was weary of potential unit removal and it was literally only old WFB unit I bought as is and without plans of using it as counts-as something else because it was so reasonable to assume this one stays.
  9. I'm asking absolutely honestly and don't want to sound antagonising, really, I just want to know your line of thought better: Do you have a gripe with ogre cavalry units, savage orcs, black orcs, witch elves and other khainites, dryads and treemen, ghouls and strigoi vampires, vampire counts and skeletons, hexwraiths and spirits, lizardmen, skaven, beastmen and daemons of all four gods being kept and expanded into AoS factions as well? If not, what makes a difference for you? Because when I thought about it, only AoS factions not based on old WFB kits are the Stormcast, Idoneth, Kharadons and Fyreslayers.
  10. Weren't they unavailible for a long while when Spire of Dawn was re released? Or am I thinking of original Island of Blood? Not very important, really, I might remember it wrong. Still. Warpfire team.
  11. Metal warpfire thrower has been unavailible for some time before new battletome if I recall correctly. There was a plastic version in the Dawnspire but disappeared together with the rest of the set. Same with the rat ogres, they had to return the older set due to the newer ones disappearing for the same reason.
  12. That brings back memories... In 5th edition my Chaos force could take beastmen and daemons as allies, so I had a few of them because the idea of mixed chaos force was fun and proper from fluff perspectove. So I rejoiced very much when mortals and daemons were merged into a single army in 6th, with beastmen soon joining them. This was a fun time of building a truly diverse chaos force. And the few years later 7th came, and suddenly instead of one army I had three unplayable parts of three different factions ; ) However! It was still not nearly as bad as what's happening now, as back then every single unit remained playable. Just not necessarily together. By the way, I remember designer's commentary from Gav Thorpe in 6th edition Hordes of Chaos book where he apologised that some daemonic units weren't there, bercause chaos had too many units to cram into a single army book, that they will be added later [and they were, in Storm of Chaos supplement!], and for now we can use daemonc beast models as marked chaos spawn and daemon cavalry as marked chosen knights. Not optimal, he wrote himself, but it was *Something*! Compare it to what we're getting today, with the sneaky change in store, too-late-newsletter and 'but imagine all the new things we will try to sell you!' line of response from community page. Yeah.
  13. Positively ancient, some from far away year of 2013 if one can imagine such faraway times ; ). Same time as Glottkin and the rest of large nurgle beasties, year older than such old things as Nagash and the Mortarchs [cool band name, to think of it...] Sorry, just having a laugh, especially comparing it to the fact that the Skaven battletome had 20+ year old discontinued models actually *return* to the line. And beastmen still have THIS monstrosity availible in store I know that it's been few years since, for instance, Skycutter was released, but well, it disappearing means that in two years from now basic stormcast and bloodbound units are not safe either, following the same logic.
  14. When was the last time that unit rules just disappeared with the model? 2nd edition with squats and refreshed concept for Tyranids removing their zoats and squigs? Arguably, necron Pariahs might fit here, but the same codex that removed them also introduced lychguard that filled the same 'infantry with a warscythe' niche, only fluff wwas different. Dark Eldar grotesques suddenly grown to a monster despite previously being infantry sized? Wracks were introduced [without official models for a long time!] filling the same 'human sized flesh construct' role. Imperial guard? Various regiments usedmostly the same ruleset, so all legacy armies are still playable. Even such specific things as the last chancers can still be recreated using a veteran squad. Rough riders might be close here, but they're still playable with official index rules so if you have them, just use them together with the rest. Winged tyranid warriors maybe? Never had a model apart from forgeworld conversion kit, and yet, they still have index rules! So no, what happens now in AoS isn't remotely close to anything 40k has seen in last.. 25 years maybe?
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