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  1. I've considered those too, but, being yet unfamiliar with the Kharadron, how in the world does one make Khemist keep up with them?
  2. Overlords, I have a question for you. What is your opinion on the potential of Gunhaulers in primarily non-Kharadron Tempest's Eye army? Things to consider: They have access to both +1 to hit from Hurricanum and +1 to wound from general. They are a part of a battalion that I plan on using anyway. They get+1 save and +3 move in the first battleround. Additionally, they get +1 to their run move and can shoot and charge after retreating. Plus they have access to a lot of command points for their re-rolling needs. I know they're generally considered, well, suboptimal, but I wonder if under all those buffs they may be more viable. Will adding any Kharadron characters increase their viability? Or, to reiterate: I already have a base for their models due to unfortunate squatting with only a bit of conversion required. How useless they'll be if I include them? ; )
  3. For both it's either sorceress on a dragon on one of the Stormcasts' own monsters. Tauralon is the best fit size-wise.
  4. Even though I've always preferred High Elves, I'd riot if they removed drakespawn instead of dragonblades ; )
  5. As for art, I just realised that there are people who only remember the time when art strived to only reflect the models, and immediately felt old For most of Warhammer's history, the link between pictures and actual model line was a lot more relaxed, I think that what we see now is a result of the same legal fail that made them remove the rules for everything that didn't have a model.
  6. Yeah, true. They're part of a different, if related, problem.
  7. There were a few examples, but I wouldn't call it countless. Poison wind mortar is the most egregious, as it's visible on a group photo even in the battletome that removed it. The rest of the dawnspire counts too - it was marketed as AoS and then removed. Dwarf cannons removed right after giving them mercenary rules. Community article praising Greenskinz boss right after his removal also goes here. Apart from that... skycutter on official art and in malign portents, maybe? Witchhunters in novels? I don't remember anything else being marketed before squatting.
  8. We need a spectrum. Fantastical exists only in comparison to something. When daemon, stormcast and orruk fight, their power means nothing to us unless we know how any of them compares to normal human. Look how 40k does this: They have normal human factions in the world of epic-scale monstrosities. We *know* that imperial guard are professional, disciplined force, they go through rigorous training, both for shooting and close combat, we know their basic gun is more powerful than any modern equivalent... but in 40k stats they're at the bottom. Because everything else is better at everything. But we wouldn't know how much better if it was just 'space marine is very good at everything'. We need 'space marine is way better in every respect than this elite human soldier and can take on several of them in a fair fight.' And now we understand. Also! Normal human faction attracts its own fans, because a human standing against all this fantasy horrors is badass beyond measure. What others achieve through raw strength, mystic powers and who knows what else, they do through teamwork and ungodly amount of determination. So yeah, I think the game simply need a 'low fantasy' faction for the setting to function properly.
  9. I don't know if Sepulchral Guard are the best example here, as when they came out we *already* had an army resembling them [well, not counting the mismatched keywords issue they had at the start]. They are just reanimated skeletons. We have those, as deathrattle part of legions of Nagash. The basic models are a bit lacking compared to the Underworlds ones, but they're still there. So I wouldn't discount the possibility of Kurnothi and now Gitmob armies in the future. And Darkoath, for that matter, despite the StD fans being almost as unlucky in their army choice as Aelf players ; )
  10. Also, Skycutter had its own solo story in malign sorcery and it bought it just, what, a year of lifetime?
  11. I might've been first ; ) They are, however, growing on me - which is good as I had plans for them as my entry to Death alliance. I'll need to see the sprues to see if conversions can fix the issues I still have with them. And the Mortarch's bone thong *will* have to be covered with a tabard of some sort, because seriously, look at it I still think they look funny, to clarify. I'm just more and more ok with this.
  12. I don't think it was ever explicitly said. He was supposed to be Nagash's ancient ally, but the Old World thing might've been only speculation.
  13. You know what, this post actually make me like them. They might have saturday morning cartoon villain style, but yeah, nagash IS this type of villain, with his bone hat and the rest of over the top attire. Now I still think they carry on the spirit of Skeletor, but your take on it made me okay with this
  14. They do, however, very much *look* like beefy skeletons due to their tyranid exoskeleton look thay have going for them. And if someone doesn't like it, 'fluff says they're not skeletons' doesn't make it ok ; )
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