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  1. Has anyone seen SCE painted in 40k Raptors scheme? Google wasn’t helpful (or me not smart enough 🙃)
  2. This post , when I first saw it, is the reason I want to try. Looks so awesome
  3. I think will crank out the airbrush and try a knights excelsior scheme. Always wanted to try white armor and I think I can live with the gold edge highlights.
  4. Definitely switching, my only regret with SCE was going the gold way. I really do not like painting metallics.
  5. Could some of you please recommend me a few painting guides / inspirational resources for Tzeentch?
  6. Personally I don’t care, I got myself in a state where I am pretty good at controlling my purchases.
  7. It this normal on IOs that the Thread summary is always shown as 2ns item in a thread?
  8. Some more warlord titan scale aos models like the khorne dude on dragon.
  9. I only feel cheated because I still get no code in the printed book for the app -.-
  10. No way? Where is this discussion ? I need to see it. And I thought 2020 had it all 🤷‍♂️
  11. I will try to keep my painted models "forever".If I think I might stop playing I would put them in storage and if the day comes I need them again , I can get them :).
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