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  1. Check the battlefield section right above the faction terrain section. There it says 6“
  2. Hmm how would that work? Doesn’t rules say 6“ distance between terrain pieces?
  3. It is until GW explicitly words the rule that it isn't
  4. The CA adds 1 attack to the Draco's Claws not +1 to hit. I think you confuse that with Pride Leader trait. Both in combination are probably the hardest hammer we can get on the charge.
  5. Only 1 time use per unit, so not that powerful but probably still worth a try now with cheaper desolators.
  6. Hmm couldn’t be more obvious that GW has probably a huge vanguard stock which they need to get rid of. Anyhow don’t need to buy anything new at least.
  7. How do you plan on reliably bringing them in?`9" is a lot, even with re-roll With Evo's I prefer 10, kinda tells your opponent your aren't here to f**k around.
  8. Aww cute, complaining in an competitive environment. Next time give them some cheese in addition to their w(h)ine
  9. Haha, gonna make those share holders happy 😆 but tbh I kinda suspect something like this will happen. Make older models viable and push sales.
  10. As a SCE main player - do not buy them until GHB 19 is out!!
  11. That's a beautiful color scheme, do you mind sharing it?
  12. Sorry i got the postings wrong, i was like how did he test 2 lists in 1 hour 😝
  13. How did you test the lists so fast? Make room for at least 1 additional CP, you don’t wanna drop those evos and get caught pants down rolling a <6 so switch 1 Judi to Libs i guess, better 2 , then you can reroll in case of 1,1 or have 1 CP left to avoid BS if necessary.
  14. I only know of the celestial hurricanum which gives +1 to hit additionally to the Lord O.
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