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  1. Am I correct to hate myself for having used black primer although I need to mostly base zandri dust / caliban green 🤮
  2. Hmm kinda sounds you gave the game away here? Cogs + DT feels like you could have killed a lot from him? edit, forgot about the Gristle CA But cool report and awesome to see evos on dracos 😍
  3. It should be only air with acrylic paint, so as long as you wear a mask I see no issue the box should pull the "fumes" and overspray in the filter. However maybe open a window or make sure no one else is in the room while you use it - and tell me how it goes with the airbrush In case you want to save some monies (consider diy ) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8icaEXJeAQw
  4. At first I was like that guy is crazy, then I remembered math and turns out 42% isn‘t really that bad , thanks for making me think 👌
  5. Gotta add a few pounds when you always drop from heavens 😂
  6. I wouldn’t run a drake without ignax scales, and make the evo‘s a unit of 10. 5 are usually too squishy. Tell us how the list played looks like real fun
  7. I gotta say the comet is a real work horse and can severly cripple an army (mine included ) 😍
  8. What the actual f**k That is insane, I love it
  9. I thought about that a day or so before I decided to not buy it because of transporting issues What I came up with was a custom box made of cardboard, and a foam "core" where you can put the pieces in so they don't touch each other and then just shove all in the box and feel miserable carrying that around
  10. Do you know by chance any good tutorial which would explain how to layer the skin of horros/flayers or big naked bodies in general. I tried it but had to switch to full basecolor/ shade 😬 because it looked really awful even from like 1m 😆
  11. Idk about power creep but I think the increase in MW is due to GW trying to make the game a little faster.
  12. Regretting it already, nearly poked my eye out twice with the long stabby thingy on his wing during test painting
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