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  1. Thats pretty much true for every shooty list when you are on the receiving end .
  2. You roll a D3 for each unit. Each , every , any , google it and show the details to your opponent:) grammar
  3. Thats so awesome, after having fitting issues with the first 10 I build, I will definitely follow this here and see if it makes it better
  4. Would say no, it’s an ability and has no missle weapon profile.
  5. Pretty much all of my shiny roid boys. But I still love them 🥰
  6. Rules say the first hero to receive an artifact ... has to take soulthief. So he was probably second to receive one
  7. Wow those are nice, if I could just get the hang on how to do such awesome contrast. The purple / magenta clothing is super nice. Is this by chance Kimera magenta?
  8. 9th - all info on the page http://www.ecksen.com/eto/#/tournament/77
  9. Thats great, I always overread that somehow
  10. Is the Skybolt Bow from the Drakesworn Templar an addional weapon or exclusive? And the +1 to hit would be for missle and melee attacks from the Dracos?
  11. They are probably still counting the bucket loads of money the made and can't be bothered at the moment. Maybe later...
  12. Hmm, Rework or remove the double turn points as separate download or small cheap booklet Rework user experience from the aos app Battletomes need to be in synch for the edition, can't be that some armies are just fu***** because their tome was early in the edition Rework the aosfaq email approach and actually answer stuff, I pay for your sh** I expect an answers to my questions. Faction terrain, either we all get it , or no one.
  13. Totally agree, it’s so important that they somewhat survive the counter attack. The cogs never came to my mind, so thanks for mentioning:) I usually mystic shielded them + castellant.
  14. No, they just make a move and not a charge move.
  15. The thing is, GHB was done last year, that update should have been ready to distribute at the flip of a switch.
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