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  1. Something else which came to my mind... Would be super nice if all bases get premade magent mounting holes.
  2. He looks like he is super mad because his mount didn’t invite him to the orgy it is heading to. I can’t stop laughing about this sculpt.
  3. Can you remove the ad‘s for subscribers maybe?
  4. Hmm gonna postpone Tzeentch a little longer, those might me lure into Destruction.
  5. Omg this teclis model is probably the worst in the aos line 😂😂😂😂 how can they mess up so hard
  6. I would appreciate it if they made sure to avoid the extremes regarding powerlevel when they bring new armies. Azyr App is such a nice thing, but execution is horrible. UX is poor, e.g manually adding stuff to my battle No synch with warscroll builder for armies, or between iOS / Android for the books Keep points and warscrolls exclusively in App and separate Book/PDF , would allow much faster adjustments. Make physical warscrolls have a "sleeve" on the backside where we can print and put in the latest version -> wouldn't invalidate them when a warscroll change happens and we still get a nice warscroll Bring Combo-Tomes: Buy physical and Azyr book for a discount. 1 time use codes in the physical book.
  7. The airbrushing trailer vom gw made me cringe so hard. he nearly poured the paint over the cup 😂😂😂
  8. I am only pointing out what is written in the rules. I am not going to discuss with a bunch of crazy ork players if it’s legal or not - that is the TOs / GW job
  9. Core rules clearly state a „charge move“ happens only in charge phase so no pile in later Same as with stormcast birds, they „move“ and make no „normal move“ hence they can move within 3“ of a model. In the end TO / Faq has to clear this .
  10. I will always remember the WhiteDwarf where Fyreslayers played against Daughters. Daughters did (I think 100) damage to the fyreslayers and wiped a unit completely. Guys in the batrep where like, oh didn't know they do that much damage, but cool. After I read this, I was convinced that they do not playtest properly / care.
  11. Correct, wounds are allocated at the end of the combat. So you can NOT heal them in your first encounter if you start with full wounds.
  12. What makes you think GW staff is more qualified ? They don't give a rats *** about that, they have to push sales. A yearly poll kinda says it all. If AoS tourney scene would unite, we could actually push back if needed. Right now nobody cares at GW.
  13. I have the creativity of a stone... could you please share some cool basing ideas for tzeentch with me ?
  14. Kinda sounds beer and pretzels competitive but i get your point
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