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  1. I mean if you get your longstrikes off, and your dice don’t hate you , you probably crippled your opponent anyway so I kinda feels thats Ok without the AqB.
  2. Totally, its funny how they pushed our shooting with the decreases. I kinda get the feeling this was on purpose , a strongish shooting army is needed to balance things out in tourney scene.
  3. I would say the sum of all changes will determine it’s future playability.
  4. @Sedraxis scions isn’t anywhere as good as you say imho. If the -1 to hit stayed till next BR i could agree. But now it is just a 27% gamble, if it goes well nice, else you get caught with your pants down if you don’t get the DT and your unit is dead. Getting on an objective mostly also only works when you start first which is also not that easy considering we usually have a lot of drops and a lot of battleplans are also not in scions favor.
  5. My diaper garbage bin is 60% full - i bring the supplies / restock 🙂
  6. So based on the alliance page, SoB are the "last" unreleased faction, you think we are done for a while and enter a state of refinement / polishing of the already released factions?
  7. If that happens, GW will be burned to the ground by an angry mob
  8. With the GHB20 on the horizon, what you all think SCE yay or nay ?
  9. @Slave2Chaos Thanks for your suggestions, I will go the 20 20 route, make the most sense . Issue is I have no list in my mind, more or less started a CoS project flying blind buying stuff I liked 😆
  10. Hmm I am undecided, I have already 10 Sisters and 10 Shadow Warriors built and still have 2 boxes left. Should I go for 20 each or 30 Sisters 10 Shadow Warriors or vice versa
  11. I just threw up a little thinking about one of those lumineth accidentally becoming a stormcast.
  12. You are forgetting the prime, with exploding hits that dude alone - if your dice are with you - can wreak havoc
  13. Finally picked up my boys from the studio, can't wait to play them soonish
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