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  1. Well , if we play that way we wouldn’t play at all? At least gotrek doesn’t take a whole phase of the game away from me like nagash does.
  2. Always wanted to paint a half naked dwarf, so gotrek it is for me then
  3. Sure, especially if you could kill the unit and charge again.
  4. totally like the models, but fec is enough dead for me
  5. thats what i did after rolling 11 twice in 2 games, but had to stop because friends really disliked it ☺️ but as soon as i feel comfortable enough building and painting my drake i am gonna play a lot of skyborne slayers because it looks awesome on paper ❤️ i basically get to field the coolest models and loose with style
  6. tbh i would really like it to be a once per game mechanic.
  7. Zero value. I wrote it off as one of the many things their playtesting team forgot.
  8. They can‘t or most of them can‘t. They loose, they mad. Humans tend to take the easy route.
  9. Tbh - I think this list could work out, I am not sure many players would know how to deal with the hurricanes and ballistas on the board. Napkin math says you should do 27 wounds with them
  10. Mobility for the evocators, and the shooting can also be nice
  11. The anvils list should look something like this: Anvils of the Heldenhammer Stormhost 2 Incantor Heraldor Veritant Knight Azyors 3 * 5 Liberator 9 Longstrikes 10 Evocators 2 Aetherwings 1 CP / Endless Spell / 3rd aetherwing ( I took a CP but didn't need it, so next time I will get 3rd aetherwing ) Basic idea is to use the stormhost ability and shoot with longstrikes / attack with evocators in your hero phase. Veritant for teleporting and aetherwings for charge denial / swooping around maybe grabbing an objective, Incantors for 2 auto dispells. I recently played the anvils list, and it is awesome but also super tough to get right but I think I will stick too it and practice for my 1st major tourney. If you plan on winning tournaments I wouldn't bet on a stardrake, however it is just an awesome model so why not built a awesome looking fluff army and have fun too
  12. Had my first games with them today and I think they are not for me. But i will surely enjoy painting them - especially the hidden fapping arm from the leader ☺️
  13. As a SCE player I know how that feels. They either blow everything of the board or feel like shooting tooth picks at your enemy
  14. Ha, after having played 2 games with anvil strike list today (first time ) , I have to say I am motivated again. Still have no idea what I am doing but I love the way it plays. Went 1:1 against Khorne, super fun games. My biggest issues currently is kinda placing the longstrikes correctly (tips anyone ? ) and I finally overcame my fear of loosing evocators and started playing them aggressively - which went funny. Game 1 I lost them all to 2+ save buffed skullcrushers and game2 they were okayish. But it is super hard ( at least for me ) to place them in a way that they get into the action effectively. Liberators suck hard time,but kinda do their job. The birds are the sh*t . mvp's in both games , crazy how you can completely lock down charges - especially in crowded areas. I might stick to the list for Prague GT 2020 and keep practicing.
  15. Roided up people in shiny armor At first i was hmm they look nice and simple to paint, now it is the challenge to win a game here and there. I need 2 more Dracothian guard then I am finished with them.
  16. Am I getting old or are the images really that bad ? I can't decipher anything
  17. Hmm, having seen how toughness works in KT I wouldn’t mind it tbh but I also don’t need it.
  18. I know, the trick is it doesn’t matter what GW is doing - there will never be a full agreement on things 🙂 and both of you just showed that perfectly 🙂
  19. Damn thanks for the hint, just saw 100 points for that ****** 🤔 forget what I said.
  20. Can you decide now please? 😂😂😂😂
  21. Iirc the forbidden power terrain can be used from all factions, although not as good as a real one the objective shielding should be doable
  22. Now I can’t get a picture of T-Rex “playing” the guitar out of my head 🙃👍
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