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  1. Am I too picky or are the paintjobs on warcom for the dragons just meh? I mean Vince did great but the orher ones 🤷‍♂️
  2. If you are a spineless freebygrabber sign it, else just buy it yourself because if you are so bad at your job that you need stuff a week upfront quitting is probably the better option.
  3. Aren’t they supposed to do that because they are publicly traded?
  4. Awesome, GW failed to deliver the WS cards to my FLGS , so no new Battletome for me on the weekend
  5. If I get a favorite option ( requested via feedback form ) which puts my purchased tomes on top of the list i can see myself use it more. Or in the army list when I want check a warscroll I need to tap the unit and then top right. Why not just swipe left or right in the list directly. Saves a step. As of now it’s clunky at best but I believe it’s incredible hard to create a great UX for an app like that. BattleScribe makes me cry everytime too 🙃
  6. Thats an added bonus for them, the main goal is to lure people in
  7. I am using the Vexillor as a test model for Astral Templars color scheme. Could you help me on how to do the banner, kinda lost here. Was thinking something with Sotek Green, or should I just do like the one on the page and use magenta instead of blue?
  8. Any reason for having 20 vindictors other then just pure greed because they are dirt cheap right now?
  9. Just realized the Knight Judi and Chariot are also push fit kits. Isn't push fit usually only for big box stuff?
  10. I mean what are they expecting? We are talking about dragons here.
  11. Wait , i have w+ too. Loggeg out and now I can’t view anything from orks.
  12. New orks says needs codex to see ability
  13. I really love playing when both armies are painted but would never exclude someone or turn a game down when the minis aren't painted ( probably would have 0 games then looking at my pile) but I also respect it when someone doesn't want to play against the grey tide.
  14. I hope they keep printed ones. I can't help myself but all the Apps and Digital BTs were ****** and had the UX comparable to a knife in the face.
  15. You could try battlescribe for research. It is a little bit clunky in the beginning though.
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