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  1. I wonder if we'll keep Darkshards, Bleakswords, and Dreadspears as three seperate units or combine them together?
  2. I think it would be good for holding objectives if nothing else. Appropriate for the dwarfiest of trees.
  3. What does everyone think of Ironbark? Thematically I like them a lot and I think I'd rather field them (or Heartwood) once I paint up my Sylvaneth. They might not be the most competitive choice but damn the torpedoes! Having said that, I'd like to know what everyone's thoughts are on Ironbark. Even if it's "Ironbark sucks and you suck for using it".
  4. I'm pretty crushed; the high elf dragon sold out right before I got paid. I was hoping to paint it as a gift for a friend. Should have gotten it sooner; now the option is gone.
  5. I think that if we were getting new models (other than terrain and endless spells) we would have been given hints to lead with.
  6. @Kaleun You. You have a great looking army and a great avatar. I tip my bonnet to you.
  7. Insult to injury, after Asuryan revealed that Malekith was the true Phoenix King. Isha: "Isn't Malekith the one responsible for thousands of elven deaths?" Asuryan: "Yes I'm high Karen, what does it matter?"
  8. That's what I was wondering. I think the cities may lose their keyword restrictions - why would they remain? Firestorm was a campaign book that pulled units from GA: Order. Cities will have their own warscrolls, some of which are the only members of their keyword now (Devoted and Swifthawk, really). If keywords remain how many unit choices would, say, Hallowheart have compared to Anvilgard?
  9. Believe it or not I did. And before that I played both Bretonnia and Tomb Kings. One thing that hasn't been brought up: with the range being so severely trimmed down, does anyone else think there's a chance the cities might lose their keyword restrictions?
  10. I'm just going to use the discontinued stuff as stand-ins for stuff that's remaining. It's not perfect I know, but when life gives you lemons...
  11. My biggest problem now is figuring out a paint scheme. I'd originally toyed with the idea of painting them in Stormwind colors, but I don't know what color I'd pair the blue with for quartered Freeguild uniforms. I don't like Freeguild uniforms to be monochromatic because I hate the damned pajama party the guard are all invited to. Though I guess I could paint them as salmon-colored onesies, like they're a bunch of prospectors.
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