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  1. Huh, I never realliy noticed those. I remember when it came out I thought it was brilliant but never picked one up.
  2. I expect a new tome next year (Fyreslayers and Kharadrons both got updated three years after their initial release, I believe). Having said that I don't think we'll get any new units in the tome other than the Khainite Shadowstalkers (I think (and hope)) and Morgwaeth's Blade-coven.* Speaking of, the fact that Morgaeth and her Coven are listed in the updated points leads me to believe that they would have been released by now if not for the machinations of Clan Pestilens. I look for their announcement every weekend. *Edit: and maybe a terrain piece.
  3. Ugh, tell me about it. At my hospital - because it's been around for so long and is expanding so damn quickly - we'll have multiple terms for specific functions and everyone seems to insist that no, their own nomenclature is the only legitmate one and only idiots use anything else. I have to say, GW really understands how my brain works. I can't stay excited about anything for very long and I think I'm about ready to cycle back around to being interested in Lumineth again.
  4. Don't they have a big reveal planned this Saturday?
  5. Don't expect much. No new reveals or much lore.
  6. Everything changed when Archaon attacked. Only Teclis, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the Idoneth needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years later GW revealed the new Teclis.
  7. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/03/03/seraphon-the-rulesgw-homepage-post-2/ Can I be the first to say wow? Because wow! Starborne are the Seraphon we know: Bravery 10 and Lords of Space and Time. Coalesced are much more primal. +1 attack to all their Jaw attacks and -1 Damage to all incoming hits (minimum 1) Then there are subfactions: Dracothian's Tail lets you teleport units in from reserve. Fangs of Sotek give Skinks 3" extra movement first turn. Koatl's Claw give Sauri +1 to hit when they charge. Thunder Lizards is the all-stegadon party they've hinted at. More info on it soon.
  8. It's a win for everyone! Just as the Great Plan foretold!
  9. "Seraphon are back, and they’re lizards again." Wooo!
  10. If they go the Slaves to Darkness route they'll probably buff saurus at the expense of skinks. That's just a possibility, though. All I know is I have a bunch of skinks and saurus... saurses? Sauri? Anyway, they're hideous so I don't want to use them.
  11. "Farewell, friend. I was a thousand times more evil than thou!" Anyone else remember that Elric (and Arioch) had stat lines in D&D? I remember my first exposure to the Elric series was paging through my parents' copy of... Deities and Demigods, I think?
  12. I knew that was what you were doing. I just thought you might be curious to know more about Moorcock and the effect his works had on the old setting.
  13. Very much this. I mean, Michael Moorcock is so much of an inspiration for a great deal of Warhammer fantasy... you could argue that his work is more of an inspiration than Tolkien's (beyond the basic formula of humans, elves, dwarfs, and orcs). I mean the concept of Chaos (in the form we see in Warhammer) is almost ripped wholesale from his works. You know why Chaos is represented by the eight-pointed-star? It's to represent the myriad of possibilites that Chaos represents. (The gods of Order were represented by a single arrow). Personally I prefer Age of Sigmar's setting because it lets me go wild creating my own narrative for my army. It inspires the same feeling that DMing did; I get to create a place, a uniform, a mini culture for my faction. Frankly I couldn't do that so much in the Old World. I was playing in a world which already existed, which had defined boundaries. The Realms are so vast and so weird by comparison. I don't have the same narrative restrictions I once did.
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