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  1. Beasts of Chaos have always been bad. It's our thing. The editions may roll on but we're an unchanging constant, with a legacy of suckage that hearkens back to the World-That-Was. The unsung, uncelebrated servants of Chaos.
  2. The Hordes Dracodile is one of my favorite models from any range.
  3. I lost money betting that we were going to be the last faction previewed. Well not really, but I would have.
  4. So my cavalry are going to be drifting into melee? Hell yeah!
  5. If you've got a problem with Terror Gooses you've got a problem with me and I suggest you let that one marinate!
  6. I'm all over these Mordor Orruks! Bring it on! I just hope my LFGS has a couple of Stormcast players psyched for the other half of the box!
  7. My man's just getting ready to eat a whole pumpkin, you know?
  8. Well, there's our squigdog mount. And quite a face on that one! I can't wait to see it.
  9. I wonder if Radukar and his court would be decent allies for other Death armies?
  10. Here's just a thought, but what if these Kruelboyz are given rules in Broken Realms: Kragnos? If they're being added to the Warclans range it'll be like the new Lumineth models that came out with BR: Teclis. After all, Kragnos goes up for preorder the same day the Dominion box is revealed. I know Dominion is the launch box for 3.0 but it would give us rules. I may be way off, of course, but it's a theory.
  11. I just realized, they can't be part of Warclans because they aren't Orruks! The name of the tome is "Orruk Warclans"! Ha! Pack it up, GW!
  12. Judging from Whitefang's reactions to your two posts, it seems like our new greenskins ARE in fact a part of Warclans. Not sure how I feel about that personally; I've always felt a bit like Warclans is less a soup tome and more like two separate entrees where you pick one and can include some of the other but why would you because the flavor would be off. But I'm also an Incredible Dingus.
  13. I can't decide whether I like that or not. I mean I suppose the alternative is likely an independent army with a small range.
  14. "Tired of bland, boring cereal?" "Wow, the Celestant-Prime!" "That's right, kids! And I'm here to tell you about new Sigmar-Os cereal! Sigmar-Os is forged to be part of a balanced breakfast, so you can grow up strong enough to stand tall before the God-King himself!" "Wow! Tastes like faith!" "And try new Sigmar-Os Oops! All Lightning!"
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