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  1. I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying vanilla BoC. It's how I'd prefer to run mine as well, and I'm curious to know what sort of advice you'd offer, if you had the time and/or inclination?
  2. It's sadly par for the course for beastmen. GW doesn't really seem to bring their A-game for what they seem to consider the Chaff of Chaos faction. I think Josh Reynolds lampshades it pretty well in "The Black Pyramid", where the beastlord Ghosteater expresses frustration over how the beastmen are insignificant in the eyes of human worshippers of Chaos and even the gods themselves.
  3. Kind of. In my opinion (for what little that's worth!) I think Endrinriggers could be paper tigers with a repair ability, so it's risky but potentially rewarding to throw them into combat to defend the ships they work on. Skywardens I think should have a more melee-focused profile. For crying out loud, they're dirigible-wearing whalers on the moon that spear dragons while the ships guns do the killing.
  4. I'm hoping Skywardens become the melee unit we've been asking for.
  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's feeling the chaos chickens. I mean, conceptually. As having a place in my lists. I don't grope chaos poultry. Any more.
  6. Do Untamed Beasts allies add much to the army? I know BoC get pre-game movement from Ungor Raiders already, but I still want to try and get them to work if only for fun. I already plan on allying in some Furies and maybe the Ogroid Myrmidon or Hypnocat.
  7. I'd like to make Spire Tyrants work. It's interesting that they have two models that swing at 3 attacks per segment, and the +1 to hit is almost guaranteed with Lagertha flexing at them (which is how I imagine the Warqueen using her command ability and you can't stop me). I wish we'd gotten a little more from the Warcry warbands. Obviously I didn't expect much but it would have been nice if they'd been less of a non-contender when matched against regular Marauders.
  8. I hate to be a bother, but is someone willing and able to take a picture of the Path to Glory page for me?
  9. It's odd to me that Deceiver went up 20 points. That wasn't a popular Verminlord variant, was it? Variantlord?
  10. Thanks! I don't have a Verminlord, Screaming Bell, or a Warp-lightning cannon so I was pretty interested in the boxes set. And extra Clanrats are always nice. Damn, I think I sold myself on it.
  11. Is the Corrupting War-Swarm a good value for someone who doesn't want to use Plague Monks? I know how good Pestilens is, I still don't want to use them.
  12. I plan on doing an all-Marauder, Cultist, and monster list. Don't plan on using any models in chaos armor. Pray for me. The Warqueen buff is interesting and it certainly makes me more pleased than I was for Spire Tyrants. I was pretty uninspired at first. I support Wulfrik's transition. You go, queen. Warqueen.
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