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  1. Beautiful bases, specially the ones with water puddles.
  2. Thanks for the close up pics. I remember that tutorial, it looks great on bigger pieces aswell.
  3. Any chance of a close-up of the ice chunks you painted on the woods base? They look really good.
  4. Thanks for the recipe. Do you have any pictures of the rest of your army? I have a soft spot for Black Ark Corsairs and would make an army of them if GW ever releases something else.
  5. I can't believe the Carnifex fit on a Mournfang base!
  6. For my Fyreslayers battles (and painting) I listen a norwegian folk band called Wardruna. They make an awesome nordic epic music that really fits with my army (IMO)
  7. I'm also interested in AoS tundras and frozen regions. Are there any Realm of Battle rules for these areas?
  8. I also use GF9 snow, but I mix it 50/50 with PVA Glue and then apply it to the base. If you are interested, I can show you some pics to see the result. Cool paint scheme, I specially like the red and the Grubta's skin/fur.
  9. Those familiars look great and seem really fun to paint. Khorne is pleased with your offering, Tzeentch maybe not...
  10. What an awesome and fully painted army you have! I'll have to try this narrative-matched games, the standard matched play scenarios lack a bit of drama. A question for you forge-brother...where can I get one of those Ur-gold IPA's? (you made my day with that comment)
  11. Those are the best painted and converted Treelords I've seen. Awesome job.
  12. I'm also working on a playlist for my Yceslayers mixing themes of movies and videogames that remind me of winter, cold and epic battles. May I suggest Manowar's Hail and Kill for your playlist?
  13. Sir you have an excelent musical taste!
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