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  1. Even if you have the 3in rule that you can‘t come within of 3in wühle flying than just Lift your Model 20 in over the Table while Mobbing. So you are not comming in conflict wir the 3in rule. Well the rules say you can move a flyer as much as you want it does not count as move if you go upwards. Case closed! 😅
  2. For example Heros have only 6“ reach with the 3 standart Abilitys. A General have 12“
  3. Thank you, that means a lot to me. I‘d preferred the blue-ish scheme over the red bc red is everywhere in my Army. Also there are a some red Parts (the Armorplates). I think it‘ll fit in my Army. Well i will see it in about 4 weeks when he gets his first Battle. 😊
  4. Okay it‘s been a long time since i was here. But im back with a bang.
  5. Nice coloures I really like them. But you could work a bit more cleaner. For example the gold in the shield's, the eyes, claws and jaws a bit more depth. Just do some practice and you'll get this pretty fast. Keep up up the good work. ??
  6. ? nah i'm not like copy&paste. But thanks for the offer. ? Think i'll find some other coloures tha'll fit. It's not that i don't have much choice. ?
  7. Meh ****** you. Had the same idea with the colores with mine KO's. Now i have to think about an other one. TbH after such a long break, really impressive work. Hope to see more from you. ??
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