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  1. Need clarification please, so to be sure that i am undestanding it correctly. I am rolling 5 dices,needs 4+ and gets 1 1 4 5 6 are the two 1 auto failure and the 6 auto success? and if that is correct if i could get to reroll 1s and my opponent gives me -1 to hit would the sequence goes as: rerolls the two 1 and gets two 6s so i then have as my roll 6 6 4 5 6 as the three 6s are auto success before modification ,the -1 to hit modifier doesnt affect them . and then comes the modifier -1 to hit to the rest two dice 4 and 5 and become 3 and 4 Am i understanding it correctly?
  2. How can you set up a sylvaneth wyldwood in an Order Allegiance army in a matched play?
  3. So,if i am getting this correctly If i have a save value of 4+ and i have reroll failed saves from sisters of the thorn for example and the enemy model has rend -1 When i roll my saves any 4s count for succesfull rolls and thats because i havent applied the modifier for rend ,so i cant reroll it because it is considered succesfull and i can reroll only 1s,2s,and 3s. After that i aplly the modifier of -1 rend and all 4s are failures. Am i saying it correctly
  4. Generally we will use portals to transfer the units from one platform to another.I will in time give a more detail description to anyone that is interest of how we will play the specific terrain.Thanks alot for your kind words bro!!
  5. I will!we are painting the terrain at the moment and when they are finished i will upload the pictures!
  6. Xerox is right about the chains.It was the only way to have the chains stay where we wanted them
  7. now thats a wonderful idea!Me and my gaming club would be more than happy to participate!!
  8. I am painting my blightkings now and when i am finished i will field Glottkin on the battlefield!
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