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  1. Nixon

    Path to Glory Campaign

    Bow and blade By Roar Part 1 In an unknown century of the Age of Chaos, Melarchos lived as the son of the village chief in a small settlement in the Nulahmian Kingdom in Shyish. The village didn't have much, but they survived and knew to lock them self up when the pale mistresses passed through on moonless nights. Melarchos grew up no stranger to hardship; when his father was killed and his elder sister taken by the creatures of the night when he was fourteen, he didn't weep, but helped his mother with the farm. When the draught killed their crops, he foraged into the dark woods with sword and bow to keep his family alive. Two years later, the council of elders voted him the new village chieftain. His rule was harsh and in most other realm he would have been called cruel, but his stern laws made seed safe in the granary and his skills with bow and blade kept predators from the livestock. It was not to last.....
  2. Nixon

    Path to Glory Campaign

    The Traveler By Spiky Norman In the wake of the The Traveller, the very fabric of reality stretched twisted and tore, and horror followed with it. In his path sickness and death follows as a trail of withering decay across the lands towards his unknown destination. ...As the child kept on a feverish ramble about the man having his eyes and mouth sewn shut, the worried parents grew more and more desperate as they themselves started to burn up...
  3. Nixon

    Path to Glory Campaign

    The Free People By Grønlykke ”They will hunts us down and hang us for treason... but not if we find it... Then we will be heroes and more important... we will have a fighting chance!" The bald priest whispered to the two other men around the table. Dieter looked at his two old friends for a moment and drank from his beer. "Let's do it! I am only a Captain of the City Guard, but I know that Maas Saxen and Leopold Plecken will follow me... so that is 10 handgunners and 10 guards." Franz Braunsweiger emptied his beer and called for another round." Very well, you know I am in as long as it involves driving Gisela.. happy days ahead!” Udo frowned ”It will not be happy days!! It will be noticed that we... and especially that dammed tank of yours is missing... and people will not be happy..." Franz was about to said something about his beloved steam tank, but new beers where brought to their table and they all went silent. Dieter still smiled and then said "What a group we are; A fighter, a priest, and a crazy steam tank commandor set for saving the world...” They clanked their tankards together and drank before Dieter continued ”I will steal the war banner to night and by dawn I will walk out of the citygate with Mass and Leopold and their men and then you will follow when you can... it is settled then... lets change this bloody war!"
  4. Nixon

    Tales of Gamer

    When the Tales of Gamer was first introduced I jumped straight in. I knew that I was going to build a Sylvaneth army. I had just picked up some Ironjaws and had started getting into AOS. But the annunciation of the Sylvaneth made my go and leave the Ironjaws for later. My goal is to have 1000 GH point worth of models finished by the end of the year. Hopefully I will also have played in a Path to Glory campaign and participated in an upcoming tournament. But first here is my great cunning plan: July: Tree-Revenants 22.5 £ Branchwych 14 £ Total 36.5 £ August: Sylvaneth Treelord Ancient 25 £ Sylvaneth Dryads 25 £ Total 50 September: Kurnoth Hunters 35 £ Kurnoth Hunters 35 £ Total 70 £ October: Sylvaneth Dryads 25 £ November Durthu 25 £ December Catch up. Sylvaneth Wyldwoods 18 £ January Basing and Flocking Sylvaneth Wyldwoods 18 £
  5. Hi Well, color theory is one thing. What actually works well in concept with the models is a bit different. Magentas complementary color is green, but Im not sure green is the right color for Stormcasts? If you are going with the silver and magenta, and I think you should, you should probably do the wings in a neutral grey or near-white?
  6. Nixon

    Path to Glory Campaign

    Well we are going to apply points per model, so if you were going to start out with Ironjaws , you could bring the Megaboss and some Ardboys at 18 points each. Im not even sure we will be using the army composition rules from GH? I will go and ask @Spiky Norman, he is our rulez guy.
  7. Me and my gaming group is preparing for a 'Path to Glory' campaign. We are not going to roll our Warbands, but will instead use the points from matched play. The first goal is to write a small introduction of the Warbands and to name the Hero. We will be starting out with 300 points a build from there. Warbands are gathering for the coming storm. The forces of Orders have secured the Seeds of Hope, but the Chaos gods are never contend and never truly defeated. Lord Nurgle is preparing for an onslaught of unknown proportions and bend on tainting the Realm of Life once for all. War is upon the Mortal realms and champions must now muster there forces in an epic 'Path to Glory' Daemons of Nurgle By Spiky Norman ...the dull, hollow ringing of the brass bell and accompanied with an incessant wet coughing was the sound of contagion, spreading slowly but inevitably like the rainstorms in the distance... Sylvaneth By Nixon Esyae was patrolling the borders of the forest. It was her duty, as a Branchwych of the Silveroak Glade, to make sure that the newly sprung forest would not once again become tainted by Chaos. The Radiant Wood had sprung to life and the spirit-song was growing once again. But a slow humming was starting to form and the soothing voices of the spirit-song was turning into something different. The Leader of Clan Lothian was calling, Esyae was duty bound to answer, it was a song of war. It was time once again to muster the Wargrove and purge the taint.
  8. I have gotten some work done. I just love painting Sylvaneths, no hard edges, they are just so much fun to work on. I will soon have plenty of models to field in my groups upcoming Path to Glory.
  9. If you tone down on battledamage and ad a red-brown, darkbrown shade to the blue armour it might do the trick.
  10. @Dez better late, then never. Great looking models. I really like the way you have expanded the Megaboss kit.
  11. @VylitasTheUnboundThey look great, but you should really think about how you apply blood, to make it look more realistic.
  12. Im in! Im going to paint some more models for my Silveroak Glade. I will be adding a unit of 10 Dryads and a Tree lord ancient. Army - Sylvaneth Month 2 Budget: £50 (+ £13.5) Month 2 Spend: £50 Start Collecting Sylvaneth Remaining Budget: £13.5
  13. @cb_rex Amazing paintjob, I really like how you use yellow and blacklining. Great color balance.
  14. You my friend must be rated R. Welcome to my Wyldwood.
  15. Welcome to the forums! Make sure to post some pictures of your miniatures in the gallery. Auf widerseen!
  16. Well Hi! And welcome to the forums, always nice to have a fellow Scandinavian around! Hope that you will find the time to get your Moonclan ready for battle. See you around. /Nicolai from Denmark
  17. Sorry to ask this, since Im not part of the event, Im just curious. Where in the GH can I find this? Nice event Chris, hope to do something similar here in Denmark sometime.
  18. Just finished my Branchwych. My goal for month 1 is reached. For month 2 I have ordered the Start Collecting Sylvaneth box.
  19. Thanks for the write-up, its really helpful. I was just wondering what a good 1000 point army would look like? Im new to AOS and have yet to play my first game. I have been playning WARMACHINE & HORDES for the last few years, so I know how important comboes can be, but I also know that when Im learing a new game, its good for me to keep the complexity down and not be to reliant on too many comboes. So If I should build a 1000 point army, what units should I look at, if I want easy to learn synergies? And Is it worth paying the points for a battalion at this level? Thanks!
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