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  1. The Darks gods seems to favour there sons. Its bloody awful. Enjoy your stay and welcome to the forums.
  2. Nixon

    Malchy say "Hi" !

    Welcome to the forums. I will definitely check out your Instagram. Aos28 in not something Im into, but I always enjoy other peoples conversions.
  3. Nixon


    Welcome Darek! Enjoy your stay and stay Dark!!
  4. Nixon

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Just played my first game with Nighthaunt. Vanguard size, Knife to the heart against the Devoted of Sigmar. I actually managed a turn one charge using up a lot of command point to rush forward. Only problem my heroes got left a little behind. That was my first learning point, Nighthaunt heroes need to stay close. The game turned into a long grind, and in the end I could not remove enough Flagellants to actually reach the objective. That was my second learning point, use flight to move deep into the enemy zone fast. I very much enjoyed playing Nighthaunt, and I'm looking forward to my next game and expanding the army.
  5. Nixon

    Hello from Ontario, Canada!

    Welcome my friend. I am looking forward to seeing more of the Wildermornes.
  6. Its Nighthaunt now. But I predict that I will return to Sylvaneth at some point.
  7. Nixon

    The Gnarlroot Wargrove marches to war!

    Great job! Congrats my fellow treeman.
  8. Nixon

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Thanks for the cheat sheet! From someone who is still struggling to remember alle the special rules.
  9. This is a hard question to answer. One is good for me the other is good for the game. What I mean is, of course I what a new battletome for my army even if it got one recently and I also want new and exiting moldels. I would love the design team to spend all there time on my army of choice. That just would not evolve the game and the setting as a whole. I would like GW to give all factions the AOS treatment before returning to updated ones.
  10. Nixon

    I h*** my Sylvaneth

    A lot of tried and tested strategies revolve around using the woods. It becomes a problem when some one else can decide whether or not you can use these strategies. Be that an opponent or TO that makes house rules og sets up the terrain. The Wyldwoods has become a dilemma. Use them and be a that guy, use them not and you are not playing your army to its full potential. Its bad design.
  11. Nixon

    I h*** my Sylvaneth

    I always try to set up the terrain so that there is limited space for Wyldwoods. And I often play the Wyldwoods like "area terrain". It makes no sense that a huge monster cant just crash through. But I would really love if GW would take a closer look at how the army synergises with the woods and how it impact the enjoyment of the game.
  12. Nixon

    I h*** my Sylvaneth

    Mostly because of the Wyldwoods..... I have a decent painted 2000 point army but only two citadel woods, not even enough to make a complete wyldwood. I think the woods a purly designed, the way they block movement is crazy and I really dislike needing them. So what can I do and how can we sway GW to something better with the Batteltome 2.0, if and when it arrives?
  13. Nixon

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I am very excited about the new rules, everything spoiled so far sounds like an improvement. At first I was hoping that GW would do away with the doubleturn, but now I have realized that it is just me thinking to conservatively.
  14. Nixon

    Sylvaneth 1k and 2k advice

    Hope someone comes along to help you out. I have played a few 1000 point games. It is a struggle to get a good synergi going. Dryads, Treelord and a unit of Kurnoth Hunters is a good start.
  15. Nixon

    Tales of Sigmar - Tale of Gamers - Month 6

    6 months and the army is completed. My initial goals was to paint 1000 points. I ended up doing a little more. Eventually I will add a few more units to bring it to 2000, but for now Im going to take a break. Thanks for cracking the whip.