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  1. Hi I usually play with two of the old Wyldwoods and some home made ones, I actually xeroxed my painted Wyldwood bases. I think most people can understand that logging six woods around is somwhat a logistic challenge.
  2. Hi friends Im going to my first tournament since the "new" Battletome came out and Im looking for some advice. Im going for a Heartwood list, that will be far from competitive, but it is based on my current collection . I am of course going to make the best of it with what I have. So what do you think of this loadout on my heroes. Branchwych with Regrowth, sticking to Durthu. TLA with Spirit-song Stave and Verdurous Harmoni to resurect hunters, cast more forest or what ever is required. Branchwraith with Dweller below, to go up the board for later Dryad casting. Branchwraith with Throne of Wines to stay put and cast Dryads in home forest.
  3. Hi There Just a quick question. In Heartwood, would you play Durthu as your general and should it have the horn or would it make more sense to give it to another hero?
  4. I must confess that I am a Sylvaneth hobbyist and not a Sylvaneth GT player. But it was really nice of you @scrubyandwells to post here again. I value your insight. This goes for you as well @Landohammer. Thanks.
  5. Just to make sure that I have more flexibility in casting Dryads.
  6. I was just wondering if any of you have had any succes with list that contain no Dryads from the beginning? I was thinking about running a list with two Branchwraiths and Spites for Battleline. Any suggestions.
  7. How durable are the models? I would really like to paint and play with them, but they look like there's lots of potential for them breaking. Lots of real thin plastic.
  8. At 500 points you are missing out on a lot of synegies. I would say that you should think of it as a learning game or a narrativ game and not be so concerned about balance. So either list would do fine for me.
  9. I think you should get the book and see what glade will suit your playstyle. But you cant go wrong with Gnarlroot. With 3 Heroes and a small army you will get at lot of millage out of the re-rolls of 1 for attacks. I would get two Wildwoods or find a good proxy.
  10. For a 1000 point list i would go for something like this. (Based on my collection) Allegiance: SylvanethLeadersTreelord Ancient (260)Branchwraith (80)Branchwraith (80)Battleline5 x Tree-Revenants (80)10 x Dryads (100)Units3 x Kurnoth Hunters (200)- Scythes3 x Kurnoth Hunters (200)- GreatswordsTotal: 1000 / 1000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 200Wounds: 67
  11. I was just wondering if there are any good listes that does not need the Wyldwoods to compete or are fun to play?
  12. I just love the Tree revenants, they where the main reason I even picked up the Sylvaneth in the first place Have they been a disapointment? Yes they have, I dont know how many times my unit of 5 have charged in and died horrible. But after reading through the last posts, I am considering, that I might have look at them wrong. If I played more games than I do, I would probaly get better results. As a casual gamer, I need stuff thas is easy to use, the Tree revenants does not fall in that categori. More investment more output seems to be the case. Thanks. (sorry for bad english)
  13. Thankfully the Wyldwoods can be used as regular terrain. Personally Im glad to see them go.
  14. It might sound like I am repeating myself, but I really hope that GW will come up with a new terrain piece for Sylvaneth, the Wyldwoods are a pain, and slow down games. That said I find the new hero very interesting, from a collectors perspective that is, for now.
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