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  1. If you take the catapults consider taking the whippy dude (can't remember his name off the top of my head(necrotect?)) to make them fire twice. My mate does that to me all the time. It sucks to verse haha
  2. Crispen

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    Has anyone tested the fangs of sotek battalion? How did you go if you have? Been thinking about taking it to a tournament in August and wanted to hear how other people have been faring with it. Thanks!
  3. can you not still use these points? https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Compendiums/warhammer-aos-tomb-kings-en.pdf
  4. Crispen

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    Hi guys, just wondering if the forgeworld plague toads of Nurgle get the disgustingly resilient? I took a look around the maggotkin book and also the tamurkhan list and couldn't see anything. Thought I would ask though in case I missed something. Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. Crispen

    Nighthaunt Special Character Rules Revealed - Thoughts?

    There is a reddit thread with pics from the new ghb. If you google it, you should find it
  6. Crispen

    Nighthaunt Special Character Rules Revealed - Thoughts?

    I like the new heroes. The +3 to cast for the grimhauler isn't so bad, might come in handy for a clutch endless spell and he is pretty mobile with a 14inch fly move all for the cost of basically 3 troggoths (in current edition). Being a wizard he also becomes more useful still in some of the new scenarios where only wizards and characters with items can capture the objectives. Still the other two seem much better, I especially like the craven king. He potentially kicks out some decent dmg with a bit of support from a spirit of torment and guardian of souls (hitting on 3s re-rolling 1s, wounding on 2s) I personally don't think they will add all that much more mortal wound survivability past the deathless 6+ sve. There might be an item here or there to up to 5+ for a character, but can't see it being better than that.
  7. Crispen

    Share your successes

    I went to a 1 day event last month where beastclaw raiders won. It was 4 games at 1000pts. His list was: Huskard on stonehorn 4 mournefang 2 mournfang and I think 2*3 yhetees. When I spoke with the guy his strategy was to charge the 4 mournfang and his huskard at the same time, triggering the mournfang to attack out of sequence using line breakers. He tabled or came close to tabling most of his opponents. Hope that helps!
  8. Crispen

    Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Cool, I just wanted to make sure. Thanks for clarifying
  9. Crispen

    Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Hi guys, I've been looking to see if there is a restriction on what port Brokk can be in, but can't seem to see any restrictions. Could I include him in any then? Thanks in advance for the help!
  10. Crispen

    Chaos Warriors of Nurgle

    These look great! Really love the bonesplitter shields and weapons. the colours you went with for them really tie in nicely. Have you had a chance yet to play with them in your Nurgle force?
  11. The other day I was lucky enough to get a battle in with my mostly gitmob army. We were playing 1250pts and my list was: Gitmob shaman Troggoth hag - general, rock eye 40 gitmob spearman 60 gitmob archers spear chukka rock lobba 5 wolves My friend was using the new death and he went with: Vampire - armed with an orb that provides an additional 6++ necromancer wight king - axe 40 skeleton spearmen 20 grave guard 10 black knights We rolled up scorched earth. I deployed in a large castle with my minions forming a thick wall around the troggoth hag. Off to my left was a multilevel ruined building that I was able to hide my shaman in out of sight and capping my far left objective was my wolves. I placed my artillery back from the frontline as I wasn't sure how fast the new black knights moved. I knew they used to be able to get a turn one charge in that bone legion battalion thing. My friend deployed centrally, hiding his wight king and necromancer out of line of sight from the artillery (he didnt realise the rock lobba doesn't need line of sight). His grave guard were placed on the far right to move up the flank. He game me first turn and I move my wolves forward, daisy chaining back a bit so I can still cap my objective, my spearman move up on the right of the unit to get my far right objective and I move a few archers forward to cap my central objective. The spearchukka kills a black knight and the rock lobba's rock bounces off the vamps head. I also get mystick shield off with the troggoth hag on the spearman and inspire them. The gitmob shaman fails sneaky stabbing on the archers. In my friends turn he's able to bring the knight back, he also casts mystic shield on the black knights and uses the additional attack command ability on them. Everything moves up, with the wight king just failing to be in range the objective on his right (my left, across from my wolves). Turn 1 score 3-2 to the gitmob. Turn 2 priority goes to me (thankfully). I manage to get mystic shield off on the spearman and also inspire them and sneaky stabbing on the archers. I can see that the black knights will be in in his next turn, I was worried about the potential casualties since he goblins are pretty flimsy so move the spearman up a bit to ensure he can't get within 3 of my middle objective. I also manage to ramapge my wolves forward with the gitmob shaman. In my movement I run my wolves onto his right objective and hold my left objective with the shaman, I manage to kill 2 black knights with combined artillery and a few stray gitmob bow shots. At the end of the turn I burn his objective for 2 His turn begins with mystic shield on the black knights and healing the two I killed back. He also gives the black knights an additional attack with the vamp command ability. He also manages van hels on the black knights. Everything moves forward again, except for the wight king who moves over to charge my wolves. Charge wise he manages to get the wight king into the wolves and the black knights into my spearman. He decides to activate the black knights first who after saves kill 26 goblins! I remove the goblins from combat with him meaning he won't technically be in combat, so isn't able to pile in and attack again with van hels, the wolves do 4 wounds to the wight king who in return kills one and they pass their bravery. Turn 2 score 8-3 to the gitmob We roll for priority and the gitmob manage to win it again! Things were looking good from a points view, but bleak on the battle front. I imagine this is going to be every game I play with this army haha. Anyways due to the way I removed casualties I wasn't able to shift my spearman into coherency, so they were stuck where they were. I inspire my archers and hag curse the black knights, I also get sneaky stabbin off on my 60 archers. The troll hag also rock eyes the black knights. Movement wise I move the archers up as far as possible towards the black knights staying out of 3, and then am able to shift the troggoth hag within range for her vomit attack, shooting starts with both artillery pieces going into the black knights and killing 1, troll hag kills another, gitmob archers kill 2 more. Not enough... I charge with the archers killing another 2 and losing about 5 or so in return. His turn begins with mystic shield being dispelled by the troll hag (forgot to use her d3 mortal on a 4+ when dispelling a spell), he arcane bolts a wolf off with the necromancer. He's able to heal back 4 black knights with a combination of grave sites, the hero within range and the hand of nagash 5+ thing. He moves the grave guard up and the along with the skeleton unit (daisy chaining back to keep his centre objective). Charge wise he gets the graveguard into my spearman holding my right objective and the vamp is able to get into the archers. In cc he picks the black knights to attack and rolls pretty average killing under 10. I next pick the spearman who kill a couple of graveguard, he goes with the wight king who kills another wolf, I do nothing to the wight king with the wolves thanks to the deathless save after he fails his armour saves! He then picks the graveguard who kill all the spearman bar 3 after battleshock. The archers manage to kill 2 black knights and cause a couple of wounds on the vamp who kills about 4-5 in return. He's not within 3 on the right to take my objective and also doesn't yet have the numbers to take my middle objective. Turn 3 score 10-4 We roll for priority and this time the death get their double turn... He fails to get van hels off on the black knights, and arcane bolts another wolf off. He provides another attack to his graveguard, he doesn't move to take my far right objective for burning, but instead decides to move everything into the centre to try and table me (which is looking reallllll likely at this point haha). charge wise he manages to get his Necromancer into my gitmob shaman with a bit of a long charge and the graveguard into my goblin archers. we move into the combats and he chooses to activate the vampire lord first as he was surrounded and looking like he might die, he kills a few goblins, nothing too bad though. In return I kill a black knight (who were back to full), the vampire lord and 2 grave guard. He manages to bring me down to 34 goblins with his combined attacks. The wight king attacks and leaves only the wolf champ alive who is finally able to kill him! My last turn we discuss the battle and realise I'm going to win no matter what happens in the battle. After speed playing the last few turns the black knights end up taking the objective and burning it on the archers, I kill the necromancer on the left with artillery and arcane bolt and the troggoth hag takes my right objective Final score 11 - 8 - gitmob win He managed to kill: 40 spearman, 60 archers I killed: vamp lord, necromancer, wight king We spoke about the game and unfortunately due to his army composition he was always at risk of having his objectives burned by my wolves. Having to hold his middle objective with 40 skeletons meant I was able to hold on and not get tabled in the mid game. He was also more timid then he needed to be with his heroes due to my artillery, in the end with the double deathless save he didn't have to even worry about the artillery with them only managing to kill the heavily injured necromancer. The black knights were a pain for me to deal with, with sneaky stabbin I can cause about 20 wounds with all my shooting after a 4+ sve, but the double deathless sve + regen options + mystic shield I had no chance of ever killing them haha. A fun game and I look forward to my next one! Which will be against the same friend, only he'll be using his wanderers. So will be good to see how long my characters last when faced with some decent long ranged shooting and re-deployment tricks. Crispen out!
  12. Crispen

    Black Knights vs. Blood Knights

    My friend used a unit of 10 black knights being followed by a vamp with some orb that gave them an additional 6++. throughout the game they killed about 80 goblins and I killed about 11 of them, at the end of the game there were still 6 black knights on the table thanks to the regen haha. They're really tough to kill with hand of negash regen, followed by two grave sites he setup basically in my deployment zone followed by the vamp. On the charge they were killing between 20-30 goblins. The first charge he did killed 26 goblins with mystic shield on them. You really need to completely kill the black knights in one go, which isn't so easy with crypt shields and a mystic shield sitting on them. On a side note the changes to the wight king made him much less punchy, 5 goblin wolf riders sorted him out, which before would never have happened with the d3 dmg.
  13. Crispen

    Blightwar all Done!

    Awesome, looking forward to seeing those blightlords!
  14. Crispen

    Swamp to do list

    Thinking more on the list, might drop the gitboss and 3 trolls for 2 spear chukkas. Need something to try and pin cushion these little synergistic characters running about.
  15. Crispen

    Blightwar all Done!

    The Nurgle models look great! The only thing about them is they seem to not pop that well when placed together. The work on the green seems to be lost a bit when you stick em all together. Maybe some more yellows or oranges would help? Just adding critique since you asked for it haha I also really love the night goblins with the skin tone. They remind me of mole rats.