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Gloomspite vs New Khorne



Hi guys!

So I've been working on trying to design an army that incorporates spiders and Troggoths and still have an edge. The playstyle I enjoy is having a solid front for an enemy to hit and then to try and pick them off with shooting and monsters. After some play testing the list I came up with was:

Scuttleboss - General, monstrous mount, the black fang

Troggoth hag - gryph feather charm

Arachnarok with spidershrine - gift of da spider god

madcap shaman - hand of gork

Gitmob shaman - allies

3*5 spider rider units

2*3 fellwater troggoths

60 gitmob grots with bows and slashas - Allies

Spider rider skitterswarm battalion

Comes to 1950

8 drops

The army does well in games like take and hold and border war as there is less movement involved and I'm generally able to move up either behind a spider screen or grot screen and shoot and bash things to death as they try to take the objectives off of me. This isn't really the army build to run the scuttleboss with the load out I have, you'd really want to take the totem artifact as well on the arachnarok to make his mortals go off on 5s. The scuttleboss' purpose is to make the spiders battleline and to be a target, as most people want to kill him once you let them know his potential.

I went to a tournament yesterday, but unfortunately we had a lot of no shows and the event didn't go ahead. I did manage to get a game in though against the new blades of khorne! His list from memory:

Bloodthirster with flail and the item that allows him to strike first in combat

2 slaughter priests

1 blood secrator

2 x 10 blood reavers

1x10 blood warriors

2 x 5 wrath mongers

2 x 2 skull cannons

wrath axe judgement and the skulls judgement (not sure their name)

the new piece of terrain.

He was also using the tribe that allows him to re-roll 1s to wound against heroes and monsters for daemons... Super good against me cause I have a lot of both haha.

Mission was relocation orb - Also another tough one for me as my army is a little static, but I do have hand of gork to make up for that.


So I've never faced khorne before and this is a new book on top of it. I roughly knew what dmg and save most things had just because I've heard people talk about them or from a general sense due to playing the game for a while. I underestimated the skull cannons though, with wrath mongers + killing frenzy + bloodthirster buff + tribe buff they're getting 2 shots each, hitting on 2s re-rolling ones, wounding on 3s re-rolling ones against monsters and heroes.

Here is a pic of our deployment. One mistake you can see here is I place my gitmob in the middle, blocked completely by those little houses from shooting anything haha


Here is khorne deployment, he places the skull cannons on either flank so they can freely shoot most of my army


I deployed first and gave him first turn, since the orb was in the middle of the houses and his guys are slow. I felt reasonably confident he'd get less than 10 in range of the objective and we'd agreed that the rooftops weren't impassable, so my spiders can end their movement on them.

In his turn he deals 9 wounds to the troll hag thanks to me luckily saving one D6 worth of damage. At this point I thought that maybe I was dead in the water haha.



Picture above is my turn 1. I run 2 units of 5 spiders in and around the buildings to grab the objectives, the 5th spider from the unit on the roof is actually on the side of the building to maintain coherency, the bluetac just wouldn't keep him there. I get the double mortals on the scuttleboss and try to make a play by hand of gorking him behind enemy lines. I was originally aiming for the bloodthirster and then Keith reminded me that the blood thirster strikes first... So I change targets to the blood secrator. I fail the 9inch re-rollable charge unfortunately.

Score Khorne: 1 Gloomspite: 3



We roll for the turn and I take it to try and save the failed assassinate by the scuttleboss haha. The orb moves over to the right into no mans land. I decide to hand of gork my arach to grab the objective and then as I'm placing my model decide to go for the stupid play and place him to support the scuttleboss haha. I try for double mortals on the scuttleboss, but its easily shutdown by the blood thirster who has +2 to dispel


Sorry for the pic, is a bit blurry haha. But this is how the charge ends up.

I also get sneaky stabbin off on my gitmob, mystic shield on the hag and thanks to the moon  moving onto my quarter I heal 4 on the hag. My spiders on the roof and around the buildings sprint over to no mans land and nab me that objective.

In combat the scuttleboss only hits twice from himself and the spider with no mortals proc'd, in return he's eaten by the skullcannons who then are able to shoot and kill the arachnarok before it gets to strike (16 dmg caused!)


We go into Khorne turn 2 and he basically stays put except sending some blood reavers in the the spiders on the left in the picture above, and some more blood reavers into what was left of my 10 spiders after the wrath axe + bloodboil was done with them. We kill a bunch of reavers, but not enough and khorne are able to score.

Score Khorne: 4 gloomspite: 4



I unfortunately can't quite recall the events that happen from this point. I believe khorne take the turn leading into 3 and you can see above the objective is on the far right.

He retreats out his blood reavers to grab it and charges his wrath mongers to kill the 3 spiders chilling next to the wrath axe. His cannons on the right take out 28 gitmob this turn with a combination of shooting and battleshock. 


I've missed turn 3 pic for my turn, but above is the beginning of turn 4. You can see in turn 3 I tried to hand of gork my madcap shaman onto the objective, but I couldn't place him within 6, so I had to burn a command point to auto run my gitmob shaman to capture the objective.
Score was : Khorne: 5 gloomspite:7

Going into turn 5 he wins the roll off and goes first. The orb moves into the middle of his army... At that point the dream of winning on points was dead. So khorne have the major victory.


He wins the roll off and I can't do much except to start shifting the trolls around the outside of the building towards the objective. In his turn he flaps the bloodthirster over and above you can see he's looking at a gap where my troll hag used to be. He did 12 dmg with the flail and took her off. He didn't bother with the charge on the troggoths as he strikes first and had killing frenzy on him, thus ignoring my -1 effectively. My gitmob took 5 mortals from the wrath axe and would have fled due to battleshock.

In the end I had my moonclan shaman and gitmob shaman left and he had most of his army. Was a fun game though and Keith was great to play against. If you're interested he put a short form battle report here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1HvHUvuAUA

I think I might have still had a chance if I kept my arachnarok and scuttleboss back and if in turn 5 the orb moved out of the middle of his army. Its a lot of maybes though and his skull cannons may have just dealt with those two units in any case.

My take aways from the game were:

 - My army doesn't do enough damage and isn't taking advantage of the tricks gloomspite have, like the overlaying modifiers to hit.

- The spider riders in the battalion are worth it. 10 inch move ignoring terrain for the purposes of movement is huge in objective play. 5 of them aren't that easy to remove either and with the large base size are perfect for screening.

- Scuttleboss is not so good without totem or moon support

- gift of da spider god possibly a waste on the arach, should have gone with something that effected the enemy.

- Wrath Axe is pretty good! Killed 10 spider riders and about 15 or so gitmob

Thanks for reading! I'll head back to the drawing board and see what I can come up with... I am mighty tempted to go Slaanesh and try and get some vengeance on these khorne fellows...


Crispy out.


56289379_372854653308814_7789924739014721536_n (1).jpg

56505502_387196662010030_5898437492796817408_n (1).jpg


56691540_323688805002217_2819915414467772416_n (1).jpg



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With so many Spiderfang in your ranks and 50 points to spare, you might consider a Scuttletide for fun and profit.  Either as an area denial or to muck things up right alongside your spiders. ..and you'll STILL have 20 points to spare 😁.  A 6" move predatory spell that your (spider) troops are immune to, cast to place anywhere within 6" of a terrain feature, roll 6 dice, 5+ result in mortal wounds against units that end a move or charge within 6" of the Scuttletide...there are worse ways to spend 30 points 😉

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23 hours ago, Ravenista said:

With so many Spiderfang in your ranks and 50 points to spare, you might consider a Scuttletide for fun and profit.  Either as an area denial or to muck things up right alongside your spiders. ..and you'll STILL have 20 points to spare 😁.  A 6" move predatory spell that your (spider) troops are immune to, cast to place anywhere within 6" of a terrain feature, roll 6 dice, 5+ result in mortal wounds against units that end a move or charge within 6" of the Scuttletide...there are worse ways to spend 30 points 😉

Yep Agreed. That would have been very nice against his setup  and also on this table. Will try it next time they do an aos tournament there.

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